Photo of Man Inside Python is FAKE! Full story here.

pyth2Facebook morons who like to “share” stupid and fake things are basking in the glory of their sharing-stupidity this week. The latest photo the Facebook morons are sharing depicts a big, fat, engorged python –and they love it.

Something is inside that python, so naturally the morons are at full “sharing” throttle.

A normal person would think that a python so big and lumpy would be enough of a story all by itself.  Pythons eat really big stuff,  but that’s not enough for the Facebook Share Morons of the World. They had to add just a little spice to the story.

According to the photo that’s floating around, this python swallowed a drunk doctor who fell asleep outside of a bar in India. The ingested doctor is seen as an amorphous lump within the python.

Does it matter that the same exact photo is captioned with the gruesome story that the a hapless Chinese man was eaten when he was attacked in a rice field or that a Vietnamese family was hunted down and eaten — one by one — by the python, The lump on the right side of the python would be the mother.

What’s the truth? The truth is that this is FAKE!  The picture of the python who swallowed a human being — a drunk doctor — a Vietnamese family — a Chinese rice farmer — is FAKE!!!!! 

The photo is real, but where have you people been for the past 6 years? This photo has been around since 2007 and each year the lump inside the snake has been described as being the ingested remains of various different Third World human snake food.

Of course, would love a world where pythons did nothing but eat third world people, but sadly this is just a photo of your garden variety python in some shitty country and it’s trying to digest a goat that was fed to it by mentally deficient people somewhere in southeast Asia — probably Indonesia. Poor python.

“The truth is that what we are seeing here is a python who swallowed a small goat at town in Indonesia. The huge engorgement that seems to be human shaped and larger than a goat is digestive fluids and lymph fluids that surround the animal while the intestinal tract tries to break it down.said Dr. Raj Pan Patel, a veterinarian in southwest India.

“This python ate a small goat as part of some ritual, and seems to be having trouble with the digestive process,” pyth1

“If you look at the first picture carefully you can see how the enlargement which is actually the shape of the ingested goat and a lot of digestive fluids, is far too down into the alimentary canal and the swelling is an attempt by the snake’s digestive system to shrink this massive meal so that it can pass it out. Often a python will have something lie within in like this for months and this is when a python is most vulnerable. It can hardly move and it can become prey for other snakes or crocodiles. This snake, if left alone for 15-30 days, will have a good chance of passing out the undigested remains. Otherwise, the python will die from exhaustion or will be attacked by other predators. You can see here how the python is already on the defense with its head raised, but that energy will run out quickly if he does not excrete this mass.  I was told by a relaibale collegue that this python is privately owned.”

So — use your common sense when you see a photograph on Facebook or one of those other moronic websites that spread this stupidity.

When someone shows you a snake and a slum in a third world country, do you expect to hear the words “drunk doctor?”

Right there the moronic Facebookers should have realized something — but they didn’t — they don’t. They never do. The moronic Facebookers who like to share stupid and fake stuff, never ends. It will go on forever because the average person is a moron. This is why exists — to show you that there is no end to human stupidity and dumbness.

2 thoughts on “Photo of Man Inside Python is FAKE! Full story here.

  1. Quote: [“Right there the moronic Facebookers should have realized something — but they didn’t — they don’t. They never do. The moronic Facebookers who like to share stupid and fake stuff, never ends.”]

    Ain’t that the truth!! The same FBers eagerly spread old and revamped Urban Legends as gospel. I used to comment telling them it was bullshit, and even provided a link explaining how lame it is to keep perpetuating these fallacies “Urban Legends”…. Still SMFH

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