Lesbian Waitress No Tip story is a LIE? Is Dayna Morales a Liar?


Lesbian Waitress No Tip story is a LIE? Is Dayna Morales a Liar?

“People tell lies all the time, but I think you tell them better than anyone.” [Rhoda Penmark, “The Bad Seed” 1956 ]

“NJ.com — an offshoot of the Newark Star Ledger — the dumbest newspaper in the USA — ran the story as though it was the story of the century. This piece of mindless stupidity and poor judgement was written by Sergio Bichao — a possible graduate of the Ding Dong School of Dumbness.  How could the Newark Star Ledger not have seen through this 100% bullshit story?

How is it possible? 

It’s possible because the Newark Star Ledger is a journalistic nightmare of stupidity and dumbness — and that’s what TheDamienZone.com seeks to expose.  Back in the old days, when people had to learn real journalism and write real stories, the Newark Star Ledger was a premier newspaper. Now it’s written by people who couldn’t pass a standard aptitude test.”  [Damien LeGallienne]

So…the lesbian-marine-waitress who supposedly got stiffed on a tip and instead got a hand-written lecture about how her lifestyle was wrong, has been exposed as a liar?

You mean she made up the whole story about not getting a tip?  In other words, nobody really wrote anti-lesbian insults on their tab in lieu of a tip?  Could it be?  Is it possible that the lesbian waitress is an attention starved crazy person?  No….really?  You mean she wrote that stuff herself? Really? Holy shit, dude, this can’t be true.

Sorry folks, but it’s sure starting to look like the poor lesbian waitress who was so greatly hurt and demeaned by “evil, gay-hating Christian restaurant patrons” is a frikking liar — and maybe even a psycho.

Of course I knew it all along. I predicted it and I said so openly on my Facebook page — but no one would listen to me.  I saw through it from the very first, but of course the crazy morons out there in DimWit, Everybody-is-a Victim, USA attacked me.

I was lambasted as being anti-gay, in spite of the fact that nothing I predicted had anything to do with the former marine-turned-waitress being a lesbian. I am not anti-gay.  I am anti-bullshit and I am anti-dumb.  Anyone who couldn’t see that Morales’ story was a complete fabrication is a moron.

Of course there are people who simply wanted this all to be true because their entire raison d’etre is based on looking for hatred where it does not exist.  They live to be oppressed and accused.  But, a lie is a lie is a lie, and when the lie is exposed, the venom is injected.

Here’s a suggestion for all you morons out there who believe everything other morons say. Go rent a film called “The Children’s Hour.”  It’s based on a play written in 1935 by Lillian Hellman, and it was put to the movie screen in 1961.  It’s a ground-breaking story about throw-away lies and their inherent consequences.

Starring  Audrey Hepburn,  Shirley Maclaine, James Garner, Faye Bainter and Miriam Hopkins, The Children’s Hour tells a story  about how some people often make up lies because they’re not happy or they’re misguided.  It’s about how a simple lie can totally ruin the lives of innocent people.

In real life this kind of stuff happens all the time because scandalous lies are the most believed ones.

A lot of people are inherently unkind and cruel. They like this kind of stuff and they spread it around like a cancer. They can’t face the truth about anything — especially the truth about themselves.  Bitchy lies are so much fun — until they’re about you.

Okay so what’s this lesbian waitress story all about?

It’s about a girl who needs attention.  She joins the military, and when that gig is up she returns home to a ho-hum life as a run-of-the-mill waitress.

So, because she’s probably a mental case,  she makes up a sob story that causes all kinds of simpletons to rally to her defense. They even donate money to her because she was so wronged by those pesky evil Christians.  The waitress never said anything about evil Christians.  The people who came to her defense did because that’s what they do to live.  That is their oxygen.

dana2What’s it called when you get money donated to you because of a lie you made up about something … uh…oh yeah…FRAUD!

I think that’s a crime, but so far the tip-stiffed lesbian US Marine has not been convicted.  So far she hasn’t been charged and she probably never will be.

Here’s what happened.

According to Dayna Morales — the proudly lesbianical waitress in question — a family stiffed her on a $100 tab because they did not approve of her lifestyle.  This all happened at the Gallop Asian Bistro in Bridgewater, New Jersey.

When the patrons  should have left a tip, they instead scrawled (according to Morales) the message — “I’m sorry but I cannot tip because I do not approve of your lifestyle and how you live your life.”  This isn’t what really happened, but it was reported as the truth because Morales was taken at her word.  Nobody had the brains to figure out that she might have invented the whole story.

For some strange reason, Morales waited until the family LEFT the restaurant and then took a photo of the alleged note and published it on the eternally moronic pages of Facebook.

But wait a second. When a waiter gets stiffed on a tip — don’t they usually chase the patron out into the parking lot?  Doesn’t the manager almost always come over and demand a tip?  Why did Morales wait?  Well….you can guess now.dana

Of course Dayna Morales’ story fit all the criteria of stupidity and mawkish dumbness — and  it went viral.  Every virtue-signalling imbecile in the world rallied to the defense of this poor lesbian soldier who was wronged by those evil, gay-bashing Christians.

But it didn’t really ever happen.  It was fun while it lasted — at least it was fun for the morons who believed it.  How frigging stupid are people?  I mean it.  HOW FRIGGING STUPID AND GULLIBLE AND DESPERATE FOR ATTENTION CAN PEOPLE BE?    It’s mind boggling that this story even got past the front cash register at this stupid restaurant.

I am going to keep telling you over and over that it didn’t happen because there are a lot of readers who don’t read properly. They see only that I am taking pokes at an alleged “lying lesbian waitress” who, in my opinion, is indeed a mega-liar and a girl who either created a story that got out of hand, or maybe she needs medical help.

There’s nothing wrong with being a lesbian, but what about the lesbians who are really beat down in life because of their lesbianism? Are they forever going to be labeled as people who make shit up to get attention? Probably.  And that will be Dayna Morales’ legacy?  Because of her stupid story, nobody will believe anything like this again.  It might even open the door for real life non-tippers to save a few bucks.

Ironically,  the people who rallied to Morales’ defense when they thought she was a wronged lesbian, will not do anything to help her now that they found out she’s unwell in the head.  There’s nothing interesting about that. There’s no charity or Go Fund Me page for that kind of aberration.

Morales is on her own now. She’ll never be remembered as the girl who lied about getting a hate note instead of a tip or anything like that — she’ll just fade away and keep getting more body ink.  Eventually that little hair spike in the front of her head will turn gray and she’ll walk down the aisle in a tuxedo and marry the gullible girl of her dreams.

So anyway — you should have seen the comments that poured in from the masses when the lesbian waitress was wronged by the evil anti Christian non-tipper family.

Naturally, the officially mentally retarded Asbury Park websites and newsletters, had to get in on this, and then it all exploded into a frenzy of hot-mess-gay-equality-abysmal-trashiness.

For those of you who don’t know, you will kindly note that Asbury Park, NJ is an absolute dump. It might be the cheesiest city in the USA.  It’s a shit hole to end all shit holes. There is nothing dumber or creepier than Asbury Park.  Every year they host a huge Zombie Festival on their seaside promenade and they don’t have to change a thing to prepare for the event. They don’t have to make the town look post-apocalyptic and they don’t have to change their clothes or faces. It’s all ready-made. It’s already an off-the-rack monster-ville. It has its own unique variety of stupidity and decrepitude and atrociousness. It’s even worse than the Gowanus Canal dolphin people — that’s pretty hard to be — but I digress. [Damien LeGallienne – TheDamienZone.com]

Finally, the people who allegedly stiffed the lesbian waitress out of her gratuity were tracked down, and guess what — they produced the REAL receipt and they had indeed left Morales a 19% tip.  Their credit card proved it.

Did Morales make this all up? It sure looks like it.  Not only did the diners leave her a tip — they never wrote any nasty message about Morales’ “lifestyle” or anything like that.   I so love it when I am right — I was soooooooo right about this.

Of course her bosses at the restaurant didn’t fire Morales straight off because they have to let the truth sink into the minds of the morons who worship the sacred ground of the wronged lesbian, Thy have to be careful when they tiptoe around this lunacy because a lot of STUPID people gave money to this Morales person — lots of it. What’s going to happen to that money?

Supposedly Morales is going to donate it to the Wounded Warrior Project because that sure beats going to jail for fraud, but what about the people who don’t want to donate to the Wounded Warrior Project?  What happens to the money donated to her by people who wanted to help a wronged lesbian?

So what’s the “Morales” of this story?  The Morales (moral) of this story is that you must VERIFY your frigging sources when you report something in a major newspaper no matter how shitty that newspaper might be.  The moral of this story is to use your brain.  If you couldn’t figure out that this was one big bullshit story from the very start, you should not be allowed to even write in a coloring book.

15 thoughts on “Lesbian Waitress No Tip story is a LIE? Is Dayna Morales a Liar?

  1. I personally know dayna. I worked with her in a restaurant in west nyack New York. I grew close to her because she was a hard worker, and she was friendly. I quickly found out that she is a liar. She claimed that she has a son and that she was raped by her father and that her mother was helping her raise him. LIE 1 her alleged son was her biological brother. She then announced to the staff that she was diagnosed with brain cancer and had 3 months to live. Also claiming that the cancer was at its last stage and was splattered all over her brain. She even went so far as to shaving her head claiming that she is undergoing chemo therapy. I believed her which is why I am furious right now. Our staff sympathized with the loser some went wig shopping spent meaningless time with her that we will never get back. And one staff member fell in love with her and went so far as to donating his savings to her. And funny thing is she claimed that her fiancé at the time who went to school in florida broke up their engagement because of the cancer and that was a lie. Do not believe that girl. Restaurant accountability is simple, if u leave a tip I enter it into the system it shows up on your bank statement, I can also print out a new copy of your receipt if I lose the original which I think she did.

  2. Thank you, VBella — THANK YOU!!!!! — this is what Dr. Frangia Skell already knew when she tried to tell the truth about Morales but was shouted down by gay activists. I appreciate that you wrote this. Please share the story as much as you can so that people know the truth and that 95 year old Dr’ Skell is no longer barraged by hate mail.

    Damien LeGallienne
    Editor – TheDamienZone.com
    Brussels, Belgium
    Dallas, Texas.

    Please go to the damien zone facebook page and like us.

  3. VBella, please leave that comment everywhere that has a story about this woman. A local Rockland county paper found other sources stating she is a long time liar. I don’t think she expected this to go national but naturally when it’s this big the fraud is discovered.

  4. I’ve been following this story for a few days, and a link led me here. I like your writing. You are getting bookmarked.

  5. “But wait a second. When a waiter gets stiffed on a tip — don’t they usually chase the patron out into the parking lot? Doesn’t the manager almost always come over and demand a tip? Why did Morales wait? Well….you can guess now.”

    Actually no – customers who stiff servers usually get away with it. It isn’t the manager’s duty to demand a tip and I have never seen a customer be chased outside for not tipping. So this point of yours isn’t valid.

  6. “When a waiter gets stiffed on a tip — don’t they usually chase the patron out into the parking lot? Doesn’t the manager almost always come over and demand a tip?”
    If you stiff your BILL, then yes, you get chased. But if you stiff on a tip, nobody chases you. While servers rely on tips, they are still entirely and wholly optional for the customer.

  7. I too am glad that VBella posted her comments…wow! I think that the lesbian that cried wolf has been outed (pardon the pun) as the fraud she truly is. You were right Damien and she’ll now been known as “that sicko whack job” that thrives on lies and can’t be trusted. Makes you wonder how many other lies she’s come up with over her lifetime to make herself seem credible. (I hope the slandered family sues her butt off) Her family must be SO proud of her–what a mentally deficient loser she is. Dayna No Morals wanted attention? Welll..she’s got it.

  8. Thanks you for the servers who commented and set me straight about the fact that non-tippers are obligated by anything other than shame. I apologize for that mistake. I must say, however, I drew that conclusion while eating at a restuarant in Manhattan. The waitress whispered something to the manager about a pair who had just left and the manager went out onto the outside pation and demanded a tip. Then they got into an argument in Turkish.

    Damien LeGallienne
    Editor and good tipper !!!!!!

  9. Yes it’s sad to see things like this happen. It’s the world we live in and this is just an exposed sample of everyday occurrence and perhaps her true colors will be exposed as well.

    What’s just as sad is this amateur author and his “axe to grind” mentality who refers to everyone as either a moron or stupid. After reading his excerpt I would suggest taking a few remedial English classes as he is the one who is perceived as the moron in this “story”.

  10. PS: What a loser. Get a life and stop worrying about everybody else and how they should behave in your eyes. I stumbled across this site by clicking on a link from another page (by accident). I’m never surprised at how many disturbed people there are in this world but I can say you are one weird nut who would argue about anything and uses profanity to compensate for a lack of grammar skills, probably physical endowments and definitely mental capacity.

  11. Tee Craw, the PURPOSE of the website/blog is to EXPOSE the moronic and the stupid and the patently dumb — like you for example. You obviously cannot read or copmprehend or see beyond your own limited and narrow scope of awareness so you blame the author and attack his skills as a writer. Think about this for a moment. YOU are sitting out there in the dark commenting on a very thoughtful commentary. Let me repeat that. YOU are commenting on something you read — something written by another person — and the best you can do is to pretend that the writer has poor writing skills. On the contrary, tee craw. You’re one of the morons. Imagine how talented the writer must be to have easily plucked you from the vapors and used you as a stooge to proove that the average person is indeed a moron. In fact, like many of the people who comment, you’re the truest and most innocent of the morons. You are their patron saint.

  12. LOL….you had me at “the dumbest newspaper in the USA”.

    Also tee craw is probably the writer from said paper…

  13. and now.. a new article that says dayna no morals has been suspended from her latest job.LOL…geez,who could’ve seen that coming? Wonder what’s next for our little fraudster?

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