Identity Of Man Who Stole Penguins Puck From Child REVEALED.

kid8-year-old Tray Dobson couldn’t have been happier.    He had just had dinner at his favorite pizza parlor — Cheese Geyser  — with his family and the rest of his evening would be spent at a Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game.  It doesn’t get any better than that….or does it?

kid1During the game, the former Penguin coach, Dan Bylsma reached up over the glass to toss the young lad a puck.   No sooner had the puck floated towards Tray’s open hand, when a fat and sloppy slob jumped up from his seat and stole the puck from the little boy.

More pics of theft here — Dave’s  Conversation with Hockey thief,

This kind of thing has happened before.  A lesbian psychologist from Quebec stole a baseball that was thrown to a little girl and some big gorilla pushed an older woman like a rag doll to get a home run ball from the bleachers.   What is going on with people?

kid2The newest BAD GUY in the world or puck-baseball stealers is a local guy named Leif Bakkenstern,  who was somehow able to quickly  jostle his 52-inch waist and overhanging stomach out of his seat, reach out and steal the puck before the excited child had a chance to even reach for it.

Luckily, little Tray was rewarded with TWO game pucks and a genuine team jersey.   The guy who stole the puck was treated to a toss from the arena.  It seems that the crowd got more and more hostile with him and officials thought it would be a good idea that he be asked to leave.

“They asked me to leave because I was a disturbance in the game.  Can you believe that,” asked the puck stealing and bald-headed Leif Bakkenstern as he headed for his car followed by security officials from the arena.

In spite of the security guards telling him to shut up and drive away, the tub of lard continued his rant which was recorded by Dave Mattea who has more of this rant in its entirety on his website —> Dave’s  Conversation with Hockey thief,

“I reached out and grabbed a puck and now I am a monster.  What do you do when you see a puck or a baseball coming in your direction?  You reach out and grab it.   That’s what I did and I am not sorry I did it.   Now they’re making a hero out of that little brat.  Why should he get stuff handed to him just because he’s a kid?  When I was a kid I got shit.  My father worked as a nightwatchman at a brewery and we never had anything.  I picked up a hockey puck at a department store once when I was a kid and my father slapped it out of my hand. But  we are good solid citizens who have spent a whole lot of money on hockey tickets.  What has this little kid really contributed to society?  Can you answer that?”  

Leif Bakkenstern lives only 2 miles from the arena and has been going there for years.

“I go these games…hundreds of them  Let’s see those security guards add up how much money I spent on tickets, and that’ not counting the hundreds of hot dogs and hamburgers and pizza and french fries and the occasional beer that I spend my money on there.   This kid, who does nothing but go to school I guess,  thinks he deserves a puck more than I do?  The team thinks that he is so so so special that he gets all these gifts and I get nothing?  Come on, be serious will ya!  I bet if he was in a wheelchair or retarded or something he would get a new car and lifetime box seats.  That’s what’s wrong with this country.  Everybody has some kind of affliction and they get special treatment, but what was this kid’s affliction?  He’s just a dopey kid.  Jesus H. Christ!”

Spokesman for the hockey team or the commission had no comment and it is not know if Brakkenstern has been suspended or banned from the arena.

2 thoughts on “Identity Of Man Who Stole Penguins Puck From Child REVEALED.

  1. I’m sure that kid will grow up to contribute a lot more than that fat ugly,slob, drunken does to society. What a jerk. He thinks just because he had a bad childhood gives him the right to be an assh*** to everyone he comes across as an adult, boo hoo get over it!

  2. When a grown man acts like that he should be escorted out and told not come back! The way he responed to the whole thing is deplorable! Shame on you for being such a terrible human being!

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