Wolf Blitzer and the Oklahoma Atheist.

blitzer“I think that the woman in question (Rebecca Moore) showed a kind of infantile or childlike lack of social skills and we shouldn’t look any deeper into it.”  [Millicent Carlisle, PhD.]

A few years ago TheDamienZone.com did a story about avowed atheism and how it often ties in with mental illness.


In that story we quoted a few of the research scientists involved in the study.  Many research physicians are calliing this a “Misfit Syndrome” and it describes the personality strangeness wherein many of the character flaws inherent to the average person who encourages and embraces atheism seem to be mutually shared.

Usually when a scientific study is the source of a news item on this blog, the story eventually gets shuffled to the bottom of the deck, but this time it’s different.  The American face of the atheist who suffers from a Misfit Syndrome was thrust into the faces of the American public when CNN mainstay Wolf Blitzer had the great fortune to accidentally discover one of these misfits in the middle of Red State USA and the rubble of a great twister.

While digging through the rubble of the deadly Oklahoma tornado in search of a story, Blizer stumbled upon a woman named Rebecca Moore who was carrying her infant son.

Rebecca, the epitome of what the scientists describes in their study about the face of atheism, refuted Blitzer’s questions where he implied that she must be thanking god for her good fortune to have survived with her baby, but Rebecca, acting very much the part of the misfit, said, “actually I am an atheist” and left Blitzer a bit dumbfounded.

“Blitzer probably didn’t realize that out there in the world of trailer parks and guns and monster truck shows, there are still people who have the Misfit Syndrome.  Perhaps he was condescending to assume that all people in rural Oklahoma were god fearing Christians,  or perhaps he, as a Jewish man of faith, was awed by the devastation and was genuinely touched in his soul to see the young mother and her baby standing before him —  safe and sound amidst the rubble of death and destruction.  Whichever the case, the woman was a misfit of the highest order, and to proudly state that she was an atheist in a situation like the one in which she was found, is all the evidence one needs to understand that what that old study tried to prove — The avowed atheist is often a misguided and godless misfit.”  [Millicent Carlisle PhD]

Was Rebecca Moore right to say what she said?  She carries the genetic characteristics of someone burdened with the Misfit Syndrome but did she have a right to say what she said, or are there times when something so controversial be kept to one’s self?

We asked Social Scientist and author of the book, “How to Keep Your Tact and Manners in a Godless Society”  Dr. Millicent Carlisle, her opinion on this issue.

“I think that the woman in question showed a kind of infantile or childlike lack of social skills and we shouldn’t look any deeper into it,” said Carlisle.

“Obviously this is a situation where you have variables in the equation here that are gone with the wind, so to speak.  I don’t know what she should have said to Blitzer but had she had the time to prepare, or had she read my book, she would have known to say, “Let’s just say that I am thankful.”  If she put a smile and an emphasis on the word ‘thankful’ she may have gotten out her message and still not said something that seems to have caused an uproar of sorts.  The same applied to Wolf Blitzer who should have not assumed this woman was a believer of any stripe.  Naturally a lot of reporters tend to become maudlin in a situation like this, but he was caught off guard.  He was in the moment as they say, and he offered his maudlin sentiment to someone who would not or could not buy it. 

“I think the old advice that many of us have heard from ages is always true.  It is indeed always best not to speak about politic or religion in certain situations.  You can add the devastation of the tornado as one of those places.  On the whole, however, I would say that Ms. Moore was more socially inept than she was militant but you find that a lot with liberals and especially liberal atheists.  Imagine how much that woman must hate her life living in a hick town like that and having to live with people who believe in god and guns?   Whatever the case, she should have not admitted to her atheism — it was poor manners on her part but it was also poor judgment by Blitzer, but it shows that he still has a heart no matter how urbane he might think he is after all these years as the face of CNN. “

Damien LeGallienne reporting for TheDamienZone.com.

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