Atheism As A Mental Disorder or Illness? New Studies say, “Yes.”

New information from a 22-year old study at a German University has many psychiatrists and psychologists throughout the world wondering if atheism is a sign or warning of a more serious mental illness already present or in the process of developing.  Doctors are searching for a gene that might cause a correlation between serious mental illness and what they are calling “overt atheism.”

The study began based on a student’s observation about Catholic Saints and this motion picture—>: Deus ExMachina.

For the time being psychiatrists and research psychologists in Germany and Switzerland are calling this medical anomaly, “The Misfit Syndrome.”

Doctors at the University in Hamburg have been investigating the connection between religious beliefs and overall mental health and the results of the study have unnerved even the most stoic scientists, physicians and researchers.

Originally the study was an obscure student investigation about the power of prayer over illness — a study which eventually showed that prayer had virtually no effect on the eventual outcome of a disease process —  but something happened along the way in that study that pushed the study into another direction and into the hands of research physicians, clinicians, psychotherapists and various professionals in the field of social science.

“Overt atheism, in other words, atheism that is professed as a way of life by some individuals — a manifesto of sorts —  was found to be a common component inherent to many people suffering from other forms of severe mental illness,” said Dr. Hans Zimmermann MD PhD

“We started to notice that many of our experimental volunteers — those who were defiantly atheistic in their beliefs — were also suffering from various forms of dissociate disorders and social adaptation manias. This came as quite a shock to us as we studied patient after patient because for years we have been led to believe that religious zeal was often a patently obvious sign of mental illness, but in fact this is not the case.  Quite the contrary.

“The individuals we have  studied, especially those under the age of forty who actively participate in open debate about their own avowed atheism, or people who are very strident about their atheism are heavily prone to mental illness — and most of the illnesses are quite severe.  This was not a handful of subjects who were studied, mind you.  There were 17,809 people in the study.  It was a very large model as far as psychological experiments go.”

Until a neurotransmitter or a definitive brain anomaly can be identified and positively identified as a trigger, Dr. Zimmerman and his colleagues have given this condition a temporary name — “The Misfit Syndrome” — owing to the fact that nearly 100% of patients studied who professed openly about atheism also had other severe social adaptation issues and many major forms of mental illness that kept them from interracting normally with other people in general.

“The Misfit Syndrome” as we have described it in our literature that has yet to be published, is actually a profound psychosis in and of itself,” said Zimmermann. It should be understood that atheism alone is not a mental illness, but overt atheism — the need to profess one’s atheism and to openly debate the existence of a deity of any kind — is almost always a sign of serious mental illness.  Many people walk around without a thought about a god or creator and these people are essentially athiests.  These people do very well.  The overt athiest, however, people who openly state, ‘I am an athiest,’ and then go on to debate their anti-religious issues, are, according to 22 years of intensive research, often very unwell as far as mental illness is concerned.  I say ‘unwell’ because aside from the obvious mental illnesses we have observed, we have also seen a vast amount of yet to be understood mental abberations — strange things that often pass in polite society as someone being ‘odd’ or ‘strange’ or what one of our American doctors called, ‘oddballs.”  Naturally it sounds very unscientific but the mathematical computer models are there plainly staring us in the face and we have no explanation.  It’s baffling.”

Dr Zimmeramann’s 22-year study has also concluded that latent athiests are not interested in discussing their non-belief simply because they are either unaware of it or the part of the brain that causes the Misfit Syndrome does not exert any influence over their thought processes.   The overt atheist, or those who are believed to be suffering from The Misfit Syndrome, may carry a genetic defect — and that’s the rub.  Where, and what is it — or does it exist at all?

“Of course people will argue with our study and say that we are pushing religion but nothing could be further from the truth,” continued Zimmermann.

“The study is virtually infallible and after nearly thirty double-blind studies we cannot come to any other conclusions. 

“For example, facial symmetry, or that which we call beauty in some cultures, is overwhelming lacking in the overt atheist.  Does this mean that the face of overt athiesm is an ugly face?  We are not sure, but evidence seems to point in that direction.  One obvious physiological connection we have been able to make is that women who had excess body hair or round or plethoric faces, were very prone to pronounced and blatantly overt atheism top the point of millitantism. 

“Some will argue that a person who is ‘unnattractive’ as far as Western tastes go will gravitate towards issues of anger and anti-social behavior and often that kind of anger will manifest as a hatred for the concept of a god or deity or creator.  They might blame the creator and by denying the existance of a creator, they are denying their own ugliness.  I do not mean to imply that one has to be ugly to be an athiest but there is an inherent inner ugliness that the patients percieve about themselves They may be quite attractive but consider themselves to be ugly but overall the people we studied were not blatantly attractive physically.  Another factor to be considered is that a person who exhibits the Misfit Syndrome may be inclined to intentionally seem unappealing.  They may be intentionally unstylish or unkempt.  There are so many comorbities and variants that it may take years to create a scientific model that projects 100% accuracy with regards to how this all applies to western beauty.

“We have found that to be true in about 97% of the cases.  You never have any medical study where 97% of your results are positive.  It’s almost impossible to make a mistake with numbers like that.  Something is going on here and the common thread with almost all overt atheists is serious mental illness or an inclination to develop a profound mental illness by age thirty-five. 

“It’s hard to accept something like this — something like the results of our study — in an enlightened society, but there is no getting around the scientific proof. Every variable and every model that has been used comes to the same conclusion.  People who openly do not believe in a creator or a greater spirit and opt to debate it as part of their definition of self, are almost always suffering from a serious mental illness, and if they are not currently sick, the odds are nearly 100% that they eventually will become mentally ill. “

Dr. Zimmermann’s studies also divide common mental illnesses into categories wherein The Misfit Syndrome is common or uncommon.  He defines them thusly:

“Anxiety disorders that manifest as social phobias or panic disorders are very rarely seen in overt atheists.  Anorexia and bulemia are also rare in the overt athiest, but much more serious ‘mental unwellness,’ such as schizophrenia and serious forms of socipathology are very often seen in the overt atheist with percentages approaching 100%.  In other words, people who proclaim to be believers are more prone to the more mundane Generalized Anxiety Disorders or various phobias, but overt non-believers suffer from much more profound mental issues and sociopathologies.

“The overt atheist can only efficiently associate with other overt athiests and when confronted with the companionship of ordinary people, they recoil in anger and hostility. 

“A quick study of the Occupy Wall Street people — one where we used previously proven mathematical models — showed us that the most strident ‘occupiers’ were not only overt athiests, they were also suffering from various mental illnesses that one would normally see only in a psychiatric ward of a hospital and not on the streets of a major city.  It’s amazing that there were fewer violent confrontations that we would see in a mental facility.  

“We believe that the open-air atmosphere of the Occupy Wall Street movement gave those with The Misfit Syndrome the room they needed to spread away from each other and thus quell what could have turned into an all-out athiest bloodbath– for lack of a better word.  The problem is indeed quite serious and we hope that genetic testing will identify the gene responsible for The Misfit Syndrome.  If we can find that, we will have made great strides against mental illness.”




49 thoughts on “Atheism As A Mental Disorder or Illness? New Studies say, “Yes.”

  1. Wow, 22 years of research and Dr Hans Zimmerman has yet to publish a single paper! Obviously, not a believer then in “publish or perish”, hmm? And what’s even more amazing is that “Damien” managed to stumble across unpublished research that no-one else has ever heard of that confirms his belief, stated on the homepage of this site, that “overt atheists” really are social misfits! Gee what are the odds of that??

  2. What are you talking about, you god hating creep– you’re living proof that the study is spot on — it’s all over the news in Luxembourg and Belgium — learn to Google shit in other languages, you stupid, American fucktard!

  3. Something like this is all over the news?? If that’s true why not provide some actual proof. Seriously, that would make more sense then carrying on. I’m living proof the study is true? Funny, I didn’t read anything about the study mentioning how “fucktards” (whatever they are) can’t google in other languages. Is that one of the things that was in the Belgian news – “Study discovers Fucktards don’t know how to use google”? Yes very likely. Strange things is, the supposed study associated atheists with antisocial behaviour – and that describes you to a Tee, Mr. Damien. I’m stupid am I? You don’t even know what country I’m from, for some reason you ignorantly assume I’m American, based on I know not what. Seems pretty stupid to me. Honestly, someone questions the veracity of this nonsense and you’re response is to vomit out abuse. And this is supposed to convince me that you are somehow a better person, when that’s the best you can come up with?

  4. You know what, I decided to take your challenge and look up some Luxembourgish and Belgian newspapers. I searched Luxemburger Wort,
    Guess what, zero results for “atheism”.
    I searched Expatica,
    A number of interesting stories mentioning atheism, yet not a single mention of Zimmerman’s headline grabbing front-page news story. Funny that. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough, or I’m just too much of a fucktard to find something “all over the news”. If you would be so kind as to provide a verifiable link to a story in a Luxembourgish or Belgian newspaper I will retract my claim that this whole study is made up. Not much to ask really if it is in fact “all over the news”. Although why something like this would be considered so incredibly newsworthy that it would dominate the media over there, I don’t know. But still the burden of proof rests with you, particularly considering how I am supposedly a stupid fucktard for not knowing about this.

  5. Do you see your mania about this? Are you aware about how much this has angered you? This proves the point of the study. You are a functioning autistic atheist – this was even discusssed in Discovery magazine.

  6. Note the anger — the need to preach atheism and an intense need to be heard as an atheist — it’s truly a sickness.

  7. Why is it that the extrme atheists always have Irish names — they’re fucking simple-minded. No wonder the English push them aside. YUK

  8. Do you have any self-insight at all? You ask me how much this has angered me? Yet you are the one ranting and raving, calling me rude names, and even making cheap insults about my nationality and my family name. At least I have the guts to use my actual name, rather than posting under sock puppets. You call me sick? With your bigoted and idiotic ravings. I made fun of your article and you were the one who responded with narcissistic rage. You cannot substantiate any of your ridiculous claims, even though I said I would retract my statement that your story was hoax if you offered some proof. Now you are claiming that it was published in Discovery Magazine! What next, are you going to say that you have won the Nobel Prize? To tell you the truth, you have not actually angered me, merely baffled me with your crass stupidity. Honestly, how you can keep up this ludicrous pretence is beyond me. Who are you trying to convince?

  9. Let’s see….
    Scott, well-reasoned and working off evidence, or in this case research that disproves the original claim.
    Damien and his little alter ego…insults and nothing else.
    Sort of speaks for itself.

  10. Do you see how you wig out, Scott? Do you see how your zeal about your hatred for any thought of a god for anyone has overcome your judgement? Do you note that this website is designed satirically so as to prove that the ersatz “medical stories” would be or could be, in a sense, real? Do you get that? Do you see how a dopey story about a university study on atheism, and my subsequent role as the vox populi against you has pretty much eliminated the need for a real study on the social behavior of avowed atheists? You’re on stage — right now — and you’re performing for an audience and you don’t even realize it. You’re an accidental actor and you’re quite good at it. I’m an even better director because I am the one who coaxed you into performing brilliantly. Now if only I could get Doctor what’s his name from Germany to show up and debate you. But I suppose that would be far too much for one boy to ask. It would be like expecting a pony for my birthday. Don’t ever change. You make this dopey blog worth writing. I’m serious. On another note — your own blog is boring as all shit and it comes from Australia — but you write vitriolic things about America’s elected officials — why do you do this? Because you are an angry son of a bitch who wouldn’t get 2 hits a year if you talked shit about the great Australia — (yawn) — you are truly sick — and I have proven it. I have completed my study. Thank you.

    Damien LeGallienne

  11. What alter ego? There are two Damiens/Damians who run this show — Damian DuMaurelle and Damien LeGallienne. Also, we hire outside writers to write important stuff — things outside our realm or areas where we cannot penetrate to the inner sanctum. We are both Americans of Belgian ancestry and we both live in the USA. There is no conspiracy or tricky aspects about this website — all one needs to do is READ about the website instead of having a goddam stroke.

    There are no alter egos aside from the fact that I lazily use DuMaurelle’s (DDM) REPLY window because I am too lazy too open my own — which is why I write my name whenever the answer is from me — okay — now go believe in god or something, you frigging psycho.

    Damien LeGallienne

  12. > Do you note that this website is designed satirically so as to prove that the ersatz “medical stories” would be or could be, in a sense, real?

    You’re so deep.

  13. Yes, well one’s mind tends to develop when one is not exposed to the heavy metals and antimetabolites in the old soil of Helmetta.

  14. where we can find the original research ….in what scientific journal it was published and in what issue

  15. Not sure if it has been published yet because the study is/was ongoing, but this is where it is supposed to appear by November 2013. Nezavisimiy Psikhiatricheskiy Zhurnal (The Independent Psychiatric Journal)

  16. Thank god im agnostic then… *Phew* dodged a bullet there

    Anyone who cares to engage this idiot of a website and person is purposefully feeding the troll

  17. Three cheers for fake claims made by a guy who says he’s the only one who ever found this research and the only one to get an interview and the only one who knew about the research and the only one who wrote an article about it and the only one who acknowledged it!
    Sorry dumbshits, Atheism isn’t an illness.
    It’s the idiots who believe it that have the illness.
    If you bought this load of crap, do everyone a favor and drink some bleach.

  18. Austin Petty! And you call yourself a man of God! Maybe you, Austin Petty, being a godless douche bag, don’t have access to information because you’re a little prick — at least that’s what I was told by my sources in Peoria, Arizona where you are looked upon as a monster. Doyou see the godly forces you are up against, Austin? Do you?

  19. Figured that this had to be some kind of satire, seeing as to how the ‘study’ that this was based off of wasn’t linked to at any point anywhere. Turns out, hey, I was right – except that it was ‘designed satirically so as to prove that the ersatz “medical stories” would be or could be, in a sense, real?’

    I do love the irony, by the way, of the way that the article says “This was not a handful of subjects who were studied, mind you.” and then move on to use Scott’s personal preoccupation with pointing out that the article is flatly untrue (presumably out of boredom) as evidence that the article could be theoretically correct, even though it’s not true.

    Regardless, I have difficulty taking a webpage with the “Mars Attacks” aliens at the top and the tagline “A website dedicated to human stupidity and dumbness” as a credible source.

  20. If you read between the lines you can see that THESE people suffer from “Mental Religious Syndrome!” But don’t worry, there is a cure for this. Try opening your eyes and start believing that which is real. And if these people took the time to open a Peer Reviewed book on Evolution they will see that THEY are wrong.

    You can’t prove that your god exist, but I can prove that Evolution is real.

  21. Hi. If you don’t mind, would you post a link to the source for this information. I have been searching the internet and can’t find anything showing information about these studies. This is pretty groundbreaking information and I would like to learn more about it.

  22. Oh man, you almost had me. I do have minor anxiety issues like 95% of everyone out there but I am one damn good looking godless SOB. Seriously it’s crazy how much play I get despite my obvious glaring flaws. (Heathen and anxious.) maybe instead of “ugly” you could get more generalized like: always feels tired or doesn’t achieve up to their potential. Same old crap astrologers get away with telling us. Cheers though mate have a good one!

    Ohh or just lazy. Everyone’s lazy right?

  23. Then perhaps you are not a card carrying atheist — you simply do not believe in god. the study was about people who use atheism as a conversational piece and a way of life and social interraction.

  24. This study isn’t something new. It’s always been quite obvious to us normal people that overt atheism is some sort of mental disorder . You can see that in their behaviors and in their arguments.
    I’ve had lots of debates with them. If there is even a bread crumb of evidence for God they will deny it and ridicule it.

    A great example amongst many is the shroud of turin.
    Most if these idiot atheists still cling to the now debunked 88 carbon dating tests even thought it was invalidated by a non-believer chemist.

    There have been numerous correlations between atheism and autism of some sort. It has been found that most atheists score very high on the Asperger’s syndrome quotient test .
    You can see the symptoms in some of these atheists on this thread.

    Lets be more kind and understanding to atheists just as we would towards anyone else that has a mental disorder , they really can’t control how they behave.
    I mean are u gonna judge a mentally retarded person? No

    Hopefully one day medical science will find the cure for this disease and set them free 🙂

  25. So causally scrolled through and trying to get the gest of things; you created an article tell how atheist are antisocial, and debate constantly, though isn’t that logical sense in all but a few European Countries they are a minority? As with most social minorities the vast portion simply do not interact fearing confrontation, while a smaller part of the group debate claims against. Admittedly some do not cultivate their answers in productive ways.
    Also I was unaware anyone had perfect symmetry without using Photoshop, while I hope this was an addition for humor. It is concerning that proposing a physical characteristic could allow religious or political zealots to use it as criteria to “witch hunt” atheist. As history reflects, misuse of such information could be tragic.
    Based on your posts I would imagine you believe faith is a solution to “Misfit Syndrome.” If so which one? Personally it seems there is a lacking of community for these misfits, which ironically requires a feeling of acceptance even if their ideals are contrary to the majority. To point to DDM June 1 post “there’ll be hell to pay” is not an olive branch, but a warning like a blunt weapon.
    Atheism is a hot button issue for the mere fact that it isn’t theistic, a common error is that Atheist hate god, while true most come from monotheistic countries, it is also true we do not support ploy-theistic cultures either. We cannot support any religion as there is not clear evidence for any of them. I can say personally it took 20 years for me to collect my thoughts and decide for myself how to believe and why. I am not as poetic as Dawkins, nor have I developed my dialogue to properly, clearly explain myself, but that is due to having to be cautious not wanting to offend theist with cruelty rather prove that I am human and subject to the same rights. I have seen plenty of occurrences where religious individuals claim atheists to be less than human. Fortunately those I have confided in are moderate and did not open reprimand me for my ideas, in fact they actually inquired to understand more, certainly a more productive approach than saying, “stupid, American Fucktard.” I would suggest if you wish to understand atheist ask questions to atheist who show an interest in dialogue, a very social aspect, and determine for yourself if they are any different.

  26. Atheists don’t hate god — they hate themselves and people who believe in god. They also wrote long and annoying letters to the editor. Listen, whatever your beef is, take it up with the scientists who did the study. I am only a reporter like Jim Rosen — hunted, despised, living like an animal.

    What I do know from having written an article on the subject of facial symmetry is that in most cultures, facial symmetry is how the human mind discerns beauty. Google it for yourself.

  27. Actually I questioned and hated myself more when I was trying to find God. I do tend to feel hatred toward primarily very intolerant theists who charge people without a need for God to be sub-human. Which ironically is a very human response. Many of my friends are actually moderate theist and we get along just like anyone else. Sadly you do have the point that many online postings are over generalizations, incomplete context usage, and a hind of slander, though this true with most postings.
    It’ll be interesting to see the article when I comes out, I’m curious if they had any peer review or at least documented any possible errors in they analysis.
    You are right sadly people who do reporting tend to get put on the chopping block, you picked an interesting subject but perhaps if you clarified your input from the yet released study would take things down to simmer instead of fry. It is unfair to you do be pinned completely to the study if there are any aspects you hold reservation against.
    I have no doubts about symmetry being an part of labeling beauty, but no one actually has it as far as I know, while it may be the scientist words and not your own, its a flawed system determination.

  28. Towards which part? I personally care about details but that is a quark of mine.

  29. What I am trying to say is that you have to get your allies and your enemies to duke it out on here. I am only the reporter.

  30. This study is bullhorn.It’s about as scientifically accurate as when people thought playing Dungeons and Dragons made kids commit suicide. Yes, lots of atheists are social outcasts. How can they not be when the inanity of religion is the social norm? When even your own family considers you a social outcast, how can you not develop mental issues? I bet the overt atheists also own cellphones and eat fast food. Maybe cellphone toting, fast food eating kids run the risk of becoming atheists. This so-called research is a joke.

  31. Not surprising at all. Most atheists behave like they have autism. I just laugh at them and pity them when they start throwing temper tantrums.

  32. Bottom line: we atheists terrify most believers because we are a threat to their faith. Hence, the desperate need to hand wave us away.

  33. Shut up, you moron. You’re not a threat to anyone’s faith. You’re like a misfit child who acts out in anger and self-loathing. You just waved yourself away with your smug stupidity. NOTE TO MY READERS: This is what I must do to rally against stupidity and dumbness. This idiot – XaurreauX – believes that there is nothing, yet he has to defend that nothing. Do you see the dumbness inherent to that mission in life? Seriously.

  34. Neither The Big Man Upstairs, nor any of his personal staff, are in any way associated with this dumbfuck “Damien.” Please ignore and carry on. You’re making me look bad, kid.


  35. This is bunk! Atheism a mental disorder? Let me guess…it came from a religious source?! No wonder it doesn’t make any sense! Atheism is a relationship with reality! There are 4,200 or so religions & around 5,000 gods being worshipped by humanity! & not one of these supposed gods has ever convinced me that any of them exist! god & satan are ancient manmade characters that cater to the gullible & naive! (religious folk) It may sound harsh…but it is what it is! May reason…science & rational sensibility lead the way! Not myth & superstition! (religion…belief in a higher being & a devil residing in the bowels of the earth…lol)

  36. Your anger and vehement denial of god or any concept of intelligent design is a sign that you have other mental issues, Shawn. You know you do — don’t tell me you don’t.

  37. What are your sources for this article? I am not able to find anything about Dr Hans Zimmermann.
    Normally, at the end of an article, there should be a post of references but I am not seeing any here.

  38. It’s an ARTICLE, not a fucking thesis, you moron. Face it! Picking apart the story to suit your atheist mental sickness is not going to help repair your misbegotten life.

  39. Hey, Phillip — I have already traced a lot of vandalism to this website from your IP address. Be careful what you wish for. I can afford to sue you into the poor house…and I will do it. This is a COMEDY website, you moron. Go away. Nobody wants a sicko like you around. Now I have to fear for my own safety because a mentally sick demented moron like you doesn’t like an article – a joke – that was written 12 years ago? I have alerted the authorities here in Belgium — you are considered to be a serious threat. I know your real email address and have reported you to your employer. Any more harm to my website and I will come to the USA and press civil charges against you. I can afford to do that — forever.

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