Insiders agree: “Joey Lawrence is getting more hair transplants.”

TV actor Joey Lawrence has been dogged for nearly two years about his shaved head.  It has been suggested that he is bald or seriously balding but he has makeup people paint on a hairline that would suggest that he has a full head of shaved hair.   Whatever Joey is doing, it looks weird and unnatural and now sources close to the star say that he is enduring the spray on look as he undergoes grueling hair transplant sessions. 

“Joey plans on suddenly letting his bald head grow out but he has to wait a year or so for the transplanted plugs to take root and start growing.” said a cameraman who often works with Joey Lawrence on the set of his new show, “Melissa and Joey.”

“We try not to shoot Joey from behind because even though he has a nice ass, he has scars on the back of his head from where the strips of hair were harvested.  Joey has been very lucky with the plugs but the doctor created a somewhat unnatural hairline in the front and he has more of a vampire peak than a natural flowing hairline, but his doctors say that will be fixed later with micro grafts of individual hairs.”

Joey Lawrence has taken a lot of ribbing about how silly his spray-on hair looks but it seems that when his transplants grow in, he will have the last laugh.  Of course the laughs will not come from the audience who attends a taping of “Melissa and Joey” because the show is unbearably unfunny.  Maybe Joey should get a hair transplant live on TV as part of the show just like that actress did years ago when she got a real life face lift while playing her character on a daytime drama (soap opera).  That would get people to watch.

6 thoughts on “Insiders agree: “Joey Lawrence is getting more hair transplants.”

  1. Hair transplant “rumors?” LOL — get a grip. He has had so many hair transplants that he’s in negotitaions to be a spokesman for Miracle Gro.

  2. So, you’re aware you don’t have to shave your head to get hair transplants, right? He had the same widows peak when he had a full head of hair, so I don’t know where this source is from saying his doctor did that. And, if he was spraying on hair, why would he choose a weird pattern? I find it highly unlikely that someone with that much hair growing up and even in recent years, plus all of his brothers have a lot of hair, has suddenly gone bald. That doesn’t even make sense. The people that I know for a fact have done it you aren’t talking about because it’s really hard to tell. It would make sense that a guy famous for his hair would shave it off. A lot of actors who are famous for their boyish looks start dressing and looking like homeless people because they want people to take them seriously and not focus on what made them famous. None of the pictures including the candid ones look like a spray on tan. In fact, most of them he has stubble or hair grown in. You can’t spray that on. He’s just a dude with a weird hairline and a bad Ryan Seacrest dye job.

  3. Listen TR — He had what they call “scalp tinting” and in the UK the procedure is very common whereby a bald head is made to look like a shaved head with stubble via a special process. Seach it out on Google if you don’t believe me. This is what Joey tried to pull of and failed because it looked like his head was dyed by friggin Grandpa Munster. So he had a lot of hair when he was a kid — and yeah — he went bald — happens all the time. Some guys go gradually bald over the years while others start to thin out at age 18 and are wiped by the time they are 25. Take my word for it – JOEY WENT BALD AND GOT A ZILLION HAIR TRANSPLANTS– and that is why tight shots of the back of his head (over the shoulder shots) are not used in Melissa and Joey because it is very eay to see the ear to ear scar from where all of his donor hair was harvested. If he lets his own hair grow back on the sides and back, this donor area will be hidden but with a shaved head it is VERy apparent. Take a look at singer Jakcson Brown in 1976 and then again in 1986. He went from a mop head to a baldy — it happens to 37% of men like that way. 66% lose hair gradually as they age to age 50 and nearly 100% are very thin by age 75.

  4. I love Joey Lawrence BALD,hair , hair plugs WHATEVER!! He’s is sexy as hell anyway he looks!

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