Iggy Pop is essentially dead.

Iggy Pop is ageless and not sixty-four as American Idol press releases would have you believe.    This oversight about Iggy Pop’s age occured  because the former galm rocker is actually dead and has been for nearly seventeen years.  You don’t age when you are dead — at least according to doctors and morticians who have examined his corpse.

“Iggy died a long time ago,” said a source close to the former no-talent British dope addict.  “He keeled over at a bar in the West End.  They have put him back together mechanically but if you sniff him you can smell that he is actually a preserved corpse — just like David Bowie.”

Iggy Pop is a fucking nothing who is only getting popular again because he’s old and fucked up and the kids today don’t know that in his day Iggy Pop was a 4th string rock star.

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