Lena Dunham Wins Golden Globe Because She is PLAIN and KIND OF FAT.

Even the Hollywood Foreign Press has fallen prey to what TheDamienZone calls, “The Gabourey Sidibe Syndrome.”  The voted Lena Dunham as best actress simply because she is fat and plain and her dress looked like drapes at a Puerto Rican wedding hall.

Lena Dunham hasn’t really shown any talent — she’s just fat and kind of homely in a plain Jane kinda way, and for that she rewarded.

Truth be told, none of the nominated actresses or actors in any category have ANY talent whatsoever, so why not give the award to the lard ass, right?

The stupidity and hypocrisy in Hollywood has reached epic proprortions.  The Damien Zone has nothing against Ms. Dunham, but she should refuse the award because she is being treated like a jolly fat pet chimp.

“The Red Carpet is all about being thin and chic and sexy,” said producer Mildred Sclafani, “But when they get down to the nitty gritty, Hollywood people are always acting — even if they talk about the weather, they’re acting.  So in pite of the fact that Hollywood glamor is all about being thin and beautiful, they give the award to the show with the fat girl and they give the fat girl an award all to herself.  Why don’t they just buy her a bucket O’ Chicken for chrissakes!”

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