Cryogenic Frozen Man from 1987 Brought Back To Life in Newark, NJ.

cry“Dr. Gordon Dupont is the first cryogenically frozen dead person to ever be unfrozen and brought back to life.  He is doing really well — it’s incredible. This opens the door for a new kind of ‘afterlife’ but the inevitable consequence is death from old age — and there is no getting around that finality.”  [Dr. Raymond Tote-Tundy MD].

The question has been asked for decades and now we know the answer.  Can a person who is frozen when they die be returned to life when a cure for their disease is found?  The answer is yes, and it happened last week in Newark, New Jersey USA.  The story of  Dr. Dupont’s life is already being made into a major motion picture. 


[Asti, Italy PRESS SERVICES INT 4:33pm GMT] – Since the 1950’s, people with incurable illnesses have paid to have their bodies frozen at the time of their death with the hope that they would be defrosted when a treatment or cure for their cause of death was made available, but the whole idea of freezing and defrosting the dead has been a dismal failure for over five decades.

Recently, however, an American dentist who was frozen in 1987, has been brought back to life, and while he has some mental and physical rehabilitation ahead of him, he seems to be none the worse for wear.

It’s best to first explain what this is all about.

In the early years, the procedure of freezing the dead was not very well understood and almost all of the bodies frozen before 1974 have been discarded either because the primitive freezing process of the body had totally destroyed the body, or more often than not, the funds for keeping the body — often as high or higher than $60,000 per year — had simply run out.  Family members who  paid the bills often passed away, or surviving children and grandchildren lost interest in supporting the upkeep of a frozen person they didn’t know or care about.  Even those who left behind endowments and trusts for the upkeep of their frozen bodies have either run out of funds, or courts ruled in favour of family attorneys who contested wills that provided for the maintaining of a dead relative.

In the mid 1980’s the science behind freezing the dead began to change.  Scientists and doctors learned a lot about the preservation of the body, and part of that learning had to do with the fact that actual freezing was not the answer. Today we call it “CRYOGENICS” and it’s now viewed as real science, and after the recent success at a private facility in Newark, New Jersey (USA) the whole concept of life after life has a new meaning that will forever change the way we look at life and death.

“When you freeze a human body, or virtually any living creature, ice crystals form in the cells, and, like shards of glass, each cell is punctured and destroyed.” said Dr. Raymond Tote-Tundy MD, an expert in Human Cellular Preservation at an unamed private facility in Newark, NJ, USA.

“In the early years of what people commonly know now as ‘cryogenics’ there was more damage done to the body during freezing than would have been done had the body been allowed to decay naturally. 

“Many of the frozen corpses looked like decayed remains within a few months because virtually all of the cells of the body were destroyed by crytalization.  Skin was blackened and faces were skeletonized.  It was dreaful, but people still signed up for this in spite of the fact that they were well informed about the shortcomings. 

“Back in the 1970s and early 1980’s, we had hundreds of frozen pigs and sheep to disply to potential clients, and for the most part, these animals did not paint a rosy picture. Prospective clients knew the risks, but in spite of the hard proof that this freezing craze was simply just that — a craze with a bleak outlook — thousands of wealthy and not-so-wealthy people signed on with the hopes that they could be ‘thawed out’ in the future and brought back to life.  As was expected, this ‘freeze now and thaw later’ was a dismal failure.  What we have now in many parts of the world are rows and rows of frozen people who are just frozen people and nothing more.  There was and is no chance they could ever be revived if they were frozen prior to 1987 when most facilities started using the new procedure.  

“Nobody was hoodwinked or coaxed out of huge sums of money.  Those who signed up were psychologically evaluated whenever possible, and it was determined that most of them simply did not expect to actually be brought back to life, they just did not want to decay in the ground or be burned to ashes.   It was determined that more often than not, people did not fear dying so much as they feared decaying or burning.

“Naturally there was money to made off of this and many entrepreneurs jumped in to provide this service.  There was nothing immoral or illegal about it.  If you would like a blunt analogy, cryogenic facilities were and still are just a new kind of funeral parlor.

“In late 1985. however, a team of scientists discovered that they could circulate a certain fluid throughout the tissues of the body that prevented ice from forming those sharp crystals that pierced cell walls and destroyed the body.  That’s when cryogenics went from being a funeral parlor for the frozen to a real science.  

“A new alcohol-like substance from amphibian nature changed the face of the whole industry and suddenly real scientists and physicians started to get interested.  I was one of the most interested ,and now, 27-years later, my instinct was correct.  We have taken a frozen dead man and revived him and he is doing well.  It’s nothing short of amazing.”

Without going into all  the medical jargon, here is a brief summary of what happened that turned dead human meat into real life frozen dead people who could come back to life.

A chemical very similar to the anti-freeze you put in your car was discovered that moved the macbre world of cryogenics into the world of real medicine.  Researchers learned the key to success came from examining a species of frog that freezes and thaws itself from season to season.  It seems there was a substance secreted by a gland in the frog’s abdomen that prevented its cells from being shredded apart by the shards of ice that would normally form in a frozen cell.  The researchers in Newark used this chemical and now we have the shocking but true results. .

“We analyzed the frog cells and found that the chemical was a very close cousin to polypropyline glycol — a simple anti-freeze — but it was not toxic and easy to duplicate,” continued Dr. Tote-Tundy.  “For every person we freeze we need to “milk” about 600 frogs.  We breed the frogs in tanks in Canada and then we expose them to cold oxygen mists to encourage them to secrete the liquid.

“The frogs mature rapidly and in less than six months a lab can go from having ten frogs to ten million under ideal conditions.   Each frog secretes about 300 milligrams of the substance per day and after the frog starts to secrete less, we release them back into the wild. 

“We embalm the dead person with this bioactive fluid at the moment of the client’s death — or as close as possible — and we freeze the body in gradual stages.  We drop the temperature at first to near freezing (32 degrees F) and then a little more and more until we reach the temperature of about minus 200F.  Subsequently we immerse the body in a vat of liquid nitrogen wher it is maintained constantly. 

“Last month we defrosted our first patient who we felt could be helped and the results have been nothing short of amazing.”

The patient in question is Dr. Gordon DuPont, a fifty-fifty year old dentist from Canada who was one of the first people to have this frog alchohol procedure done when he died during a failed heart valve surgery in August, 1987.  DuPont had set up a trust of $4,000,000US so as to make sure that his costs would be covered for at least 50 years or more.  Today, Dr. DuPont is alive, and while he may have suffered a few minor stroke-like symptoms, he is expected to make a full recovery.  He remembers nothing about anything that happened during the 25 years where he was legally dead.

“Gordon DuPont was a special client,” said Dr. Tote-Tundy.  “When he signed on for the new procedure, he requested that he be given a chance to be brought back even if he was part of an early trial.  We didn’t simply hand pick him but we did take into consideration that his condition was now treatable and he was a viable candidate.”

TheDamienZone did a little investigating and we found out that DuPont had indeed died during surgery for a defective heart valve.  He also had a hypertneive crisis on the operating table and he was declared dead at 11:09am GMT on 21 August 1987.

“It is important to note here that Dr. DuPont died under the near perfect circumstances for a potential cryogenic patient,” said Dr. Tote-Tundy. 

“He was in a major university hospital and the surgeons had not yet cut into any of his vital blood vessels.   As per the instructions, his incision was closed with something very similar to what one would commonly refer to as crazy glue.  With minutes his entire head was dipped into ice and water and cold saline was difused throughout his entire circulatory system.  This put his brain and carotid arteries at a near freezing temperature.  His heart rate was zero and his brain activity was erractic and then essentially nothing — the same event you would see in any patient immediately after death.  The brain does not die instantly but you have a brief window of a few minutes,  and even that is a very dangerous amount of time, but when you lower the tempertaure of the brain to a very low temperature, you get a nearly three minutes of time.

“After we infused Dr. DuPont with chilled saline, we then ’embalmed’ him thoroughly with the N-65 PolyStat.  Over the course of 15 days we lowered his temperature gradually until he was fully immersed in liquid nitrogen.  His body was wrapped in a protective and form-fitting synthetic wax.  He was dead.  He was 100% dead and he was frozen.  Today he is alive and with the use of a cane he is walking around and discovering a whole new world.  “

It is to be mentioned here that while Gordon DuPont was being defrosted in stages, a team of cardiologists repaired his damaged heart valve — the original cause of death — and they also removed a small tumor from his adrenal gland that had caused the extreme hypertension that actually pushed him over the edge.

Dr. Tote-Tundy explains why that tumor killed the patient.

“Dr. DuPont had a badly damaged aortic heart valve but he also an undiscovered benign tumor of the adrenal gland called a pheochromocytoma was what actually killed him. 

“These adrenal tumors are outrageously rare, and when a person shows no outward signs of this disease — the symptoms of which are too complicated to get into for the sake of this article — the tumor reacts violently to anesthesia.  It even reacts to the slicing of the scalpel blade.  When these these tumors feel threatened in any way, they secrete a hormone that constricts blood vessels so tightly that blood pressure readings go off the chart.  It’s as though they know that someone is trying to remove them and they react violently to prevent it.  There was no way to know that Dr. DuPont had that kind of tumor and essentially the hypertensive crisis caused by that tumor is what killed him. 

“Patients who have symptomatic pheochromocytomas have to undergo weeks and weeks of drug therapy to put the tumor in a sleep-like state so that an operation can be performed to remove them.  Usually the person makes a full recovery, but in Dr. DuPont’s case, this was not the case.  His blood pressure reached 360mm/290mm and that stopped his heart and all attempts to shock it back it would have been in vain.  He had signed the cryogenic certificate before going into the operating room, so you can see how his case is a case where all the ideal conditions came together. The fact that he died was of course not ideal, but the fact that he died where and when he did was what made it possible to bring him back.”

So now that you have read all of this, you might ask, “Why is this defrosted dentist not world news?”  The answer is simple — nobody asked, and these cryogenic facilities are not equippped to handle the millions of people who will swarm in on them when this comes out.

Think about it.  The guy has been dead for 25 years and now he is alive. His wife is now 83-years old while he is a youthful looking middle-aged man.  The New York Times is supposedly doing a story about him for release in a few weeks but aside from that, there has been very little mention of this within the USA.  The same procedure is expected to be performed next week in Paris on a 27-year old man who died during surgery to remove a bullet from his spleen.

Dr. DuPont has now started to walk about in Newark and recently he visited a shopping mall in Menlo Park, New Jersey where he was amazed by places like Old Navy and all the modern things we take for granted.  So far this story has received very little press but in a few weeks this will be the talk of the world.  His grandaughter Nancy who was 6 months old when her grandfather “died” is now 26-years old and getting ready to teach her grandfather all about the wonders of her cell phone and laptop.

“Dr. Gordon Dupont is the first person to ever be unfrozen after death and he is back to life doing really well. This opens the door for an afterlife, but the inevitable consequence for all of us is death from old age — and there is no getting around that finality — at least not yet.”  [Dr. Raymond Tote-Tundy MD].

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  1. Do you have any sources you can site? You would think something like this would be more out there to find info.

  2. Or better yet, links to other articles, or where you got your original information?

  3. THere are now two defrosted human beings but one is terribly brain damaged and I suspect that one is being squished in the media. I cannot give away the sources. It will be headline news very soon. Be Patient.

    Damien DuMarelle
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  4. This scientific breakthrough has nothing to do with politics or Canada. But thank you for that witty and charming comment.

  5. No, it’s not a joke. So far the American press has steered away from this story and now there are 2 others ( one was a failure).

  6. This article is as fake as they come, don’t believe everything you read on the internet kids. For one, none of these people in the article actually exist. Also, the “sources” for the images, main article, and claims of a motion picture are hilariously unfounded. This blog is a sad copy of The Onion that tries to fool dumb people while taking itself way too seriously. (Just read the about section of the site.) GG

  7. If the website is a sad copy of The Onion, wouldn’t it have tried to make the story humorous or snarky? Personally I don’t find The Onion to be funny and it’s fallen from fashion, but still it tries to be funny. There is nothing funny or snide or untrue in this story. The only thing that is untrue is that some names are altered so as to protect the parties involved in some cases. This story is 100% true, and next week when this story is publicized in the mainstream media, what will you say? Will you comae back and say that you’re sorry for being an asshole? The answer is — no you will not because assholes are only happy when they’re being assholes.
    Brian Ackerman MD
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  8. Not too far from you in Catalina Vista, a woman who was frozen in 1990 has been thawed with amazing results. You will see more of this as breaking news within a month when there are national press conferences in Washington DC and in Bern, Switzerland — there’s nothing awkward about it.

  9. Funny its been two years and I still cant find a single thing thing on the web about this guy and the also the girl DDM posted.

  10. DDM is not a PERSON. DDM is Damien’s Direct Mail – you need to find the people mentioned in the article but that’s nearly impossible because the names are changed slightly or entirely to ensure privacy. If you look under Barnabas Medical, you might be able to figure out the parties involved. Mainstream media will pick this story up by the end of summer 2015 or perhaps January 2016.

  11. how dare uoy sir, make accusanktions that im im not good brained, why if i were there id wet slap yor silly sack from the poopy side forward!!!!

  12. and i dont care if this this thread is around a year old , ive been preocupided , but im back out there and im loven every minute of it!!!!

  13. “Just wait until this makes headline news!!” Damien crowed, eye twitching as he leered at those who demanded sources and facts to back up his ludicrous fabrications. “Just you wait!! I’ll show you!! I’ll show you all!!!”

    Four years later, though the fabrications still have yet to make headlines, Damien continues to convince others, and perhaps himself, of his delusions. “He’s alive and living in Seattle!” He cried, eyes red-rimmed and bloodshot, the look of a madman glinting in his disconcerting gaze. “Y-you’ll see!! You’ll all see!!!”

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