Ben Affleck’s Wig Obvious at Golden Globes.

[BEVERLY HILLS, CA, USA 7:55 PST]  Ben Affleck won a GoldenGlobe and was quickly congratulated by confirmed bachelor, GEORGE CLOONEY, who did not mention the fact that Ben’s wig has moved forward several millimeters since the last time he appeared on the screen.

It was very nice of George — the confirmed bachelor — to not mention about the wig.  It shows that he and Ben have a kind of brotherhood and a really close friendship, but medical people — –one in particular — wonder if George Clooney is really helping his old friend by not bringing the wig issue to the forefront.

“The wig on Ben Affleck’s head is gradually moving forward,” said Dr. Sheldon Hartunis MD, a dernatologist who specializes in skin diseases related to wigs and hairpieces and extensions.

“Ben Affleck’s wig has a very severe frontal hairline that makes it appear that the hair is moving forward, but in this case the appearance that the wig is moving forward is not an illusion.  It seems that the wig is gradually being placed lower and lower in Mr. Affleck’s forehead.  This is not an uncommon thing and a simple tug from the back will be enough to fix the problem. 

“What bothers me as a physician is that Ben Affleck’s wig is heavy-handed in the front.  It’s a wall of hair — a fortress, and that is not healthy.  The thickness of the hair in the front not only looks unnatural, it prevents air from flowing over the head in a normal way and leads to a build up of body heat that can be very damaging to the internal organs of the wig wearer.”

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