Clarence Dupnik is Stupid.

Of course this Arizona shooting  is a terrible tragedy, but to say that a shooting like this anything other than the work of a madman is not only irresponsible, it’s stupid.   Isn’t the sheriff supposed to be “in control” not only of the situation, but himself?  He sounds like an idiot with his theories.    Why doesn’t somebody tell this idiot to shut up? 

The articles are being craftily worded so as to suggest that it was a Tea Party hit by using ancient Sarah Palin quotes about Rep. Gifford’s seat being targeted as one of the seats the Tea Party would have liked to take.  Of course they put the word target in parentheses to make it look like Sarah Palin advocated shooting Gifford.

The dopey sheriff Clarence Dupnik is lighting a fuse and adding to the “political vitriol” that is said by some short-sighted people to be the cause of all this — but we have see this before — a nut goes crazy and it becomes a political drama.  Oswald shot Kennedy and it meant that Communists were taking over the world — in reality, Oswald was a misfit just like this idiot who shot all these terribly unfortunate people.

It is what it is — a lunatic shot people — there is no reason to try to word articles or opinions so that it looks like this was a Republican hit on a Democrat.  It was a sick and demented person committing a sick and demented act — and people who think otherwise are sick and demented as well.

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