What’s Really Wrong With Hillary Clinton? The Watermelon Diet Lie?

hillary2In my opinion, the press releases about Hillary Clinton’s condition do not make sense, and to me they sound like Liberace’s “Watermelon Diet Lies.”  [Damien LeGallienne, TheDamienZone.com, 31 December, 2012.]

One thing about old Damien LeGallienne — that’s me — I can smell a fishy story from a million light years away, and as far as Hillary Clinton’s concussion and her delayed admittance to a hospital for a blood clot goes, I will bet a million bucks that something is really, really wrong.  I know that something is really, really wrong simply because the whole Hillary Clinton story, from her fainting spell to her newest blood clot and bouts with severe canker sores, makes no sense.

Here are a list of five things that top doctors thing might be wrong with Hillary Clinton – Diagnosis Possibilities for Hillary’s symptoms.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was admitted to a New York hospital with a blood clot following a concussion in mid-December, but why wasn’t she hospitalized for that concussion?  Why wasn’t she initially hospitalized for the “severe dehydration and exhaustion” that caused the fainting spell which caused the concussion which led to the blood clot?  It doesn’t add up.

Hillary Clinton is not some stupid teenager who tried to imitate a stunt from “Jackass” and got banged up. She is the Secretary of State of the United States of America.  Why was she “recovering at home”  from something so serious? What did her doctors do; put a steak over her eye and tell her to take two aspirins? Again, it does not make sense.

Her spokesman, Philippe Reines, said the clot was discovered during a follow-up exam on Sunday. Uh — really? Why did they finally decide to examine her head with a CT Scan?  After all, she was simply exhausted and dehydrated?  Come on?  Be serious!

“Secretary Clinton’s doctors discovered a blood clot had formed really close to her brain, perhaps stemming from the concussion she sustained several weeks ago,” Reines said. “She is being treated with anti-coagulants and is at New York-Presbyterian Hospital so that they can monitor the medication over the next 48 hours.”

Medically, this is totally stupid.  A blood clot has nothing to do with a concussion unless you’re talking about a blood clot beneath the skull.   People who fall and hit their heads do not suffer from agonizing canker sores.  This is pure insanity.

Of course if you are confined to a bed for a long time because of a head injury you might develop a blood clot in your leg that can travel anywhere in your body, but how many people who lie in bed for a week with the flu go on to get a blood clot that requires hospitalization?   Moreover, how many people are so badly dehydrated after a long flight that they faint? How many of the few who do faint and bang their heads are not admitted to a hospital?  I would assume that just about all civilized people the USA are admitted to a hospital for smething like that?

If you faint and bang your head after a long flight, do you simply get up and dust youself off and head on over to the baggage carousel?  I don’t think so.

How many people who get so sick from dehydration go on to faint and fall and hit their head and get a concussion and are then not admitted to a hospital?  How many dammit!  The answer is ZERO — unless you live alone and you don’t have one of those “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” gadgets.

If all of these dopey press releases being issued by Mrs. Clinton’s gang are true, then Mrs. Clinton’s security people or her underlings or even her family, can all be charged with a crime — “FAILURE TO RENDER AID.”  She had to be pretty darn sick to faint dead away and bang her head.  Sounds to me like she dropped like a stone or something really nasty happened and it’s being covered up.

Who wrote the script for these stupid press releases?  It all sounds like a bad episode of “House” — and just about all of the medicine you see on that dopey show is totally unrealistic  — but not as comedically unrealistic as this Hillary Clinton story.  So, what te hell is really wrong with Hillary Clinton?

Something is screwy about the whole thing.  In my opinion something is very wrong, and the guy in charge of covering things up is doing a really clumsy job.

The latest thing is that she has some really bad canker sores and she can’t talk .  Be serious.  Do you know how bad canker sores would have to be to disrupt one’s ability to speak?  Even World War 1 soldiers with TRENCH MOUTH could speak — what the hell is this canker story stuff?

The State Department declined to give specifics beyond the aforementioned totally absurd statements.  Why?

Okay — here’s the thing.   If there is something medically wrong with Mrs. Clinton, there’s nothing wrong with her wanting a little privacy, but wouldn’t it be better to say that “Secretary Clinton fell and was hospitalized for what doctor’s are calling a slight concussion.”  Why go through a whole rigamarole with — “she was severly dehydrated” — “she fainted” — “she hit her head” — “she has a concussion” — “she has a blood clot” “she can’t talk about it because she has canker sores” — ???  What’s next?  “Mrs. Clinton is an alien from outer space who can no longer tolerate earth’s atmosphere?”

When you tell a lie or a half-truth, the more you add to the lie, the more it begins to sound like a lie.  Anybody who has a kid or a manipulative mother-in-law knows that simple piece of logic.  As far as Mrs. Clinton’s dehydrated/fall/concussion/blood clot/canker sore story goes, somebody is not telling the truth.  The story keeps getting more and more complicated and convoluted.  As each day passes, this whole charade sounds more and more like a lie made of snow rolling down Mount Everest at about 100 miles per hour.

What do I think is going on?  Well here are a few possible scenarios — and I hope I am wrong.

1) Something happened to her — something bad and somebody wants nobody to know.  She may have been caught up in a war conflict or a plane crash or helicopter shooting or something of that nature and the incident is hush hush.

2) Mrs. Clinton has a blood clot near a major vessel near her ear.  This vessel drains blood from the brain.  She may have gotten this from hours and hours of sitting in airplanes.  Maybe she had a slight stroke when a piece of that clot traveled to her brain and she fell down and injured her head.  She refused hospitalization and things got worse.  If you don’t believe this is a possible scenario, do a Google search on the late actress Natasha Richardson — it’s pretty sad and frightening.

3) Mrs. Clinton had a nervous breakdown over the whole Benghazi thing and they’re fishing for a medical explanation to explain her absence.  This is why we have not heard a peep out of Mrs. Clinton herself.  After all, if all she only has is a teeny-weeny concussion she should be sitting up and talking about it, right?  Nope — she can’t talk.  Huh?  What?   I said, she can’t talk.  Her mouth is supposedly loaded with canker sores.  This really freaky — and it all sounds like a complete BS story.  Maybe she can’t talk because the aforementioned blood clot was causing her to have speech problems.

4) She has an underlying condition that caused her to faint and fall and to develop one or many blood clots.  There are diseases that first manifest as dehydration, weakness, faiting and a propensity for forming blood clots.  Many or most of these conditions are very serious, but in this case we don’t really know the truth — what really happend?  What happened first?  How much of what we are being told even happened?


Do any of my readers remember when Liberace started to look really bad back in the 1980’s and his publicist at the time was going around saying that there was nothing wrong and that Liberace was simply trying out a new watermelon diet?  Remember that?  I am not saying that Mrs. Clinton is in the same condition Liberace was in when his publicist was saying stupid things, but the stuff that is coming out from Mrs. Clinton’s people sounds just as stupid and silly.

This Phillip Reines guy might as well say that Mrs. Clinton is sick from having tried out a watermelon diet.  Why not?  The stuff he is saying now is even dumber.

Let me sum this up as nicely as I can without setting off any alarms.

Mrs. Clinton has been working too hard and too long for a woman her age.  That is not a sexism or age-ism opinion.  It’s truth.  She can only do so much, and nobody can deny that lately she has been looking like crap.  She is either mentally and physically exhausted or she is sick.  There is no getting around it.  In my opinion, the press releases about Hillary Clinton’s condition do not make sense, and to me they sound like Liberace’s “Watermelon Diet Lies.”  

NOTE:  It is now 6:08am EST.  I have coined the phrase, “Watermelon Diet Lies.”   If you read that phrase anywhere from here on in, kindly note that I coined it.

Lastly — as a public service reminder — If you are so dehydrated that you faint, you belong in a hospital.

If you have so many canker sores that you can’t speak (this sounds like the biggest lie in the history of lies) you belong in an isloation ward on an island somewhere away from the rest of humanity.

If you hit your head and show signs of a concussion, you belong in a hospital.

If you have signs of a blood clot in your leg or elsewhere, get yourself to a hospital.  Any doctor who says is okay for you to recover at home should have his license revoked — unless of course he is helping you with a “Watermelon Diet Lie.”

As far as Mrs. Clinton goes, something is not right. In my opinion somebody is not telling the whole truth or any of the truth.  We shall see — or maybe we’ll never know.  It’s happened before.



One thought on “What’s Really Wrong With Hillary Clinton? The Watermelon Diet Lie?

  1. Her symptoms sound like Atrial Fibrillation and I am not a nurse or doctor but have had several years involved in the medical field. I am not a Clinton supporter but certainly wish her good health.

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