Is Lady Gaga in trouble with the government of the USA?  Is the FBI or INTERPOL on their way to pay her a visit?  According to IP Investigators, Helene Gommuccio and Benjamin Switchy, the lady in the eggs is in a heap of trouble.


“It seems that Lady Gaga has a talent other than being famous for being famous.  She has a talent for getting herself into international trouble.  Lady Gaga — real name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanottais  politically mindless and socially clueless, and oblivious of international law and protocol — and now it’s going to cost her,” said Helen Gammuccio of the IP Regulatory Authority in Stockholm, Sweden.

“We now consider Lady Gaga to be an enemy of the state, and we urge anyone who has been associated with her actions in Equador to walk away from her.  The moment she passes again through US Customs, she has a few people who would like to talk to her, and I am one of them.  She can be detained legally for up to 90 days.”

What did Lady Gaga do that got her into trouble with the IPA?

“The artist who calls herself Lady Gaga paid a visit to Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London on Monday, spending five hours with the WikiLeaks founder.  Gaga and several other celebrities have not only visited this enemy of America, they have donated money for his bail — money that the are going to forfeit — about $350,000 — because he bailed on the bail.  These fans of Assange are totally unaware thst he is, for all intents and purpses —  a BAD GUY.” 

“Lady Gaga thinks it’s a Nobel Prize worthy thing she is doing but she is dead wrong. It gets her the attention her limited intellect craves.  She can neither see beyond her fragile ego, nor can she ever understand the true crimes of Assange.  He is a rapist and an enemy of the United States of America and faces arrest and detention for high crimes against the government of the United States of America.  Anyone who buys into her brand of self-promotion is foolish.”

Though it was unclear Lady Gaga and Julian Assange talked about, Gaga didn’t make her visit a secret. A photo posted on the pop star’s website shows the unlikely duo posing together. Gaga donned a witch’s hat, and Assange, who has taken asylum at the embassy, was dressed in a white T-shirt.

“I urge all Americans with a brain to boycott anything Lady Gaga sells or promotes or attends.  If everyone with a son or daughter or brother or cousin or friend in the military heeds my word, this sack of cow manure will be out of business,” said Benjamin Switchy of the Gay Mens International Allegiance Society in Paris.

“I further urge all women throughout the free world to think about the other crimes of Assange — the rape.  Does Lady Gaga represent the women of America when she shows support for a rapist?  Of course he hasn’t been convicted yet, but why is he hiding in an embassy if he’s not guilty?  His to secret leaks put the lives of American soldiers and civilians at risk and for that alone he should spend the rest of his life in jail.  He is a psychotic piece of garbage.” 

Truth is that Assange is so petrified of the United States government that he knows if he returns to Sweden to face the rape charges, he will be instantly extradited to the USA where he will face charges of high crimes against the the Unites States of America.

Why on earth would Lady Gaga want to be associated with this guy?  What kind of mental midget is she?  What is she thinking?  Will the IPA keep her holed up for 90 days? 

Is it cool to visit a rapist who is hiding out in Equador?  You know who else used to hide out in Equador?  Nazi war criminals — that’s who.

If Lady Gaga lived in the time of J. Edgar Hoover or Joseph McCarthy.  She’d either be in jail or left without a career.  But to be honest, if she lived bck in those times she would have been branded as a lunatic with no talent and put in a nuthouse.

So — an internation group of gay men representing 17 countries hve banded together to say — “BOYCOTT LADY GAGA.”


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