EXPERTS CLAIM: “Chris Matthews’ meltdown is a sign of serious mental illness.”

EXPERTS CLAIM: “Chris Matthews’ meltdown is a sign of serious mental illness.”

The imagined deep romance between MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and President Obama is over, because in spite of the fact that the President vowed — in Chris Matthews’ mind — to stay with him “in sickness and in health,” President Obama has ditched him — at least that is what the inner workings of Matthews’ mind have conjured up.

One psychologist has publicly spoken out, and he thinks that Chris Matthews has a serious mental abberation.   In an interview with he spoke opnely about it.

According to Crypto-Athenian Psychologist and Medical Historian, Benjamin Switchy MD PhD, sometimes a person wakes up in bed with someone who they believe is a stranger…read on.

“It was very much like that hoaky 1950s movie, ‘I Married A Monster From Outer Space,” said Dr. Switchy from his office in Gurgck, Serbia.

“As a scientist and a psychiatrist, I truly believe that MSNBC hired a man with a severe mental illness — perhaps an illness with at least two or three comorbid or piggy-back illnesses that have briefly risen to the surface a few times in the past,but this time it was more than one man’s opinion about the possible existance of those illnesses — it was a patently psychotic episode, and I have seen it countless times in my 34 years of practice.  I have even had patients who believed they had indeed married a monster from outer space. 

“A woman — or in this case, a man — wakes up and finds that the spouse has been replaced by demons or aliens or any other imagined entity.  And let’s face the facts here.  Obama is,  and always was, an imagined entity as far as Chris Matthews is concerned, but the rational part of his brain didn’t completely realize it until after the first debate with Mitt Romney.

“In Matthews’ case, his imagined love with President Obama was shattered by the undamaged parts of his brain that told him something was wrong.  The man with whom he was living and loving in a deeply imagined marriage,  turned into another being.  He’d been replaced by aliens or malevolent entities.  It sounds very weird and anti-medical —  and very complicate to be sure —  but actually it is rather basic psychosis.  I would not say that it’s a common affliction, but it’s out there to some extent.  It’s something that has been reported throughout medical science and in literary works.”

According to Dr. Switchy, if you take the sci-fi out of this equation, you can put it into real terms as far as the curious case of Chris Matthews is concerned.

“President Obama, is mentally normal, but still he was content to let Chris Matthews imagine that the two were, in a sense, married if it meant that Matthews would still stump for him on his cable show, but sometimes a person is so insane and so caught up in an imagined love affair that they confuse political opinions or tastes in art or film or wine, with a long deep and trusting love affair.  Eventually, however, something happens and the afflicted one will both literally and figuratively  ‘wake up’ with someone they believe is a stranger.  There is an element of madness here — an organic brain dysfuntion that I will address in a moment.

“After the debate — after Mitt Romney’s assumed dominance over President Obama —   Chris Matthews realized that someone had replaced the passionate but imaginary love of his life — in this case Obama — with an impostor. 

“He should not be mocked for this because the pain on his face was very real and very sad to watch.  Naturally, he imagined that President Obama was not the man he married four years ago, but you can’t tell him that it was all an illusion  — that it was all in his mind.  He wouldn’t have believed you.  Worse yet, if you said it at a crucial moment in his physiological adjustment phase,  Matthews could have had fainted, or become violent or he could have had a hypertensive crisis and died right there in front of the camera.  Thre is nothing funny about that no matter which party you suport.”

Dr. Switchy went on to describe what he believes is a deeper issue hidden deep within Chris Matthew’s mind.

“There is a mental condition known as ‘Borderline Personality Disorder’ and Chris Matthews seems to be suffering terribly from this on so may levels. 

“Mind you, a person with this disorder often functions well until the delusions of attachment and sincere love start to de-fragment before them and the parts of the brain not afflicted start to internally argue with the parts of the brain that are afflicted.  

People around these patients — family, friends, and such — often see the signs when this implosion begins to happen.  The person might have been previously labeled as simply being ‘odd’ or ‘controlling’ or the newest addition to the lexicon, ‘a drama queen.’ but when the meltdown comes, it is often of epic proprortions and I think we saw that meltdown happen with Chris Mathhews when he was interviewed on the MSNBC show ‘Morning Joe’ 

“And while Matthews seems to have had recovered enough to go on air the next day, there is usually a brief latency period that leads usually to a final meltdown — that horrific Chernobyl — which usually happens in about two weeks, but in some people it can take up to two years.”

“The patient gets a strange feeling that gradually overwhelms them.  Most of the time people so afflicted, as is the case with Chris Matthews,  have the classic public meltdown which we witnessed on MSNBC, or they simpy retreat from life and spend the rest of their days wandering the halls of a mental facility lamenting the fact that someone stole their real spouse and replaced him or her with an impostor.  This is not as rare as one would be inclined to think.”

So according to Dr. Switchy, Chris Matthews is suffering from a mental illness that is not very common but common enough to have been mentioned in not only pop fiction, but in ancient writings as well.  For eons there have been cases where mothers believed that their baby was not really their baby or their husband was not really their husband.

In ancient times, just like in the case of Chris Matthews, the person seemed to be normal and they were taken at their word.  These “switched people” or impostors were called Inccubi and their abductors were Succubi — sometimes the Inccubi and the Succubi were interchangeable and many were put in cages or executed.  Now doctors know enough to recognize this as a mental illness and people who suffer from it need care and compassion.

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