Kati Kim Story. Asians can’t drive?

Kati Kim, the California woman who survived nine days in the southern Oregon wilderness along with her two children, will be giving her first-ever detailed account of the incident on ABC’s “20/20” news magazine show on Feb. 4.   She will tell about how Asians should not be allowed to drive and how this time Asian driving almost killed innocent children.

Kim and her husband James, an Asian,  were traveling through Oregon during November of 2006 with their two children, ages 4 and seven months, when they took a wrong turn off Interstate 5 near Grants Pass in an effort to drive to Gold Beach, along the Oregon Coast.

“Many Asians make a wrong turn there,” said Highway Authority Investigator Sheldon Hartunis.  “We try to discourage Asians from driving because of incidents like this.  We got Hindus banned in 2002 and now we’re trying to do the same thing with Asians.  They just can’t fucking drive I tell you!”

Before long, they found themselves stranded in the snowy Coast Range on Bear Camp Road, a narrow logging road. Their disappearance led to a massive rescue effort by searchers in southern Oregon.

8 thoughts on “Kati Kim Story. Asians can’t drive?

  1. That is incredibly offensive, and really racist! One day you will be faced with a life threatenning experience, and will understand that it can happen to anyone. What if it was a white man instead of an asian man? Would you say that white people can’t drive and shouldn’t drive? Think about what you are writing before you write it. Hope you grow up and learn how to be an actual human being.

  2. And also, this is more than making fun of asians or any nationality. Regardless of race, a family almost died. And you have the nerve to make fun of someone who died through the process? Shame on you

  3. I say horrible things about white western European people in just about every story, most honorable pain in the ass. Don’t get your fortune cookie knickers in a twist over a stupid story about an Asian guy who can’t drive. The family ended up in that mess because the Asian guy could indeed NOT drive. I would have answered this sooner but I got caught behind an Asian driver who was doing 35 miles per hour in the left lane of the freeway. Don’t annoy me with your racist allegations, Wang Chung.

  4. I am not Wang Chung, John Smith. After looking around on your website, I realized all the stupid things you say ass hat. Your heartless, and your only like this cuz you didn’t get much love from mommy growing up. So, you decided to be negative about everything growing up so you can feel better about yourself. Either that or you have a tiny dick, and hate the world. Whatever floats your boat, and helps you to sleep better at night. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but the fact that you mock the people that die is gonna bite you in the back when you least expect it. Kharmas a bitch. Your right about one thing though, the guy was an idiot for making the choices he did. But being asian had nothing to do with it John Smith. FYI Asians can drive really well. They can outdrive your sorry ass any day. They can drift which takes a lot more skill than driving around a stupid oval. And not to mention, they make lot better cars too that are reliable.

  5. Thanks for looking around on my website, Jimmy — that’s how I make money. What do you mean when you say that Asians know how to “drift?”

  6. No problem Johnny, I understand now lol. I dunno how to drift, watch Tokyo Drift Fast and the Furious or the most recent one. Or type in drifting on you tube, and you will see a bunch of Wang Chung’s drifting. It’s not just popular in Asia, it has gained popularity all around the world. Drifting makes Nascar look boring. Its fun to watch, enjoy your fortune cookie John Smith!

  7. You should get your facts straight before posting such an offensive and inaccurate story. Yes, Kati Kim’s husband did drive, but she did all the navigating. He followed her directions; both were trusting of one another, as wife and husband should be. They reached a dead end and turned around. However, they realized they were at a fork in the road, and did not know which way they came. Thus, they stayed the 9 days(+). In the end, James Kim went out into the freezing cold in search for help and ultimately dedicated his life for his family.

    Now, as for you, go fuck yourself.
    I will be on a relentless mission to have this post reported and gone. Moreover, have you punished for false information that can pose emotional scarring for the children.

  8. Yes, go ahead and make it your life’s mission — it’s fucking satire, you psychotic. How about this — how about I sue you and I have enough money to keep you in court for the rest of your life until you end up living in a refrigerator box — how about that? Fuck off.

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