Kirk Cameron Ocean Grove Mess — Teen “Gay” Corey Bernstein Getting the attention he craves — blech!

So there’s this pushy and unbearably annoying kid in New Jersey named Corey Bernstein and at the advanced age of 17, he is openly and militantly gay — but that’s not enough for the little brat.  He wants to be famous too. 

He’s looking for trouble and he’s looking in the right direction because my best guess is that he is being coached by others.  YUK!

Where are your parents Corey?  Where were your lazy do-nothing ass-wipe NJ teachers when you were sooooooo hurt by Kirk Cameron’s family values?  Stop with the bullshit and kindly let the real person who is using you as a frigging puppet show their face.

Hey — if you want to act all grown up and gay, you need to grow a thicker skin and a lot less of a heavy beard….you frigging little whining pain in the ass phony.  Ugh — what a horror show this is.

I guess being the head of some LGBT thing isn’t bringing Corey enough fame, so he has decided to drag in the washed-up-former-child-star-turned-Christian-Family-Values- activist, Kirk Cameron, into his, “hey look at me I’m gay world” by whining about how much “Kirk has damaged gay teens.” 

What a crock of shit!  This kid is about as “damaged” as the undamaged shit people return to Nordstrom’s just because that store will take anything back.

This Corey Bernstein is an out and in your face baby gay activist and he’s looking to get famous — and his parents are probably looking for a publicity agent — I could just puke.  Certain people cannot fool me — actually nobody can fool me.   

So, stop the bullshitting, Corey, and stop talking about your gay sex or any sex.  Whomever it is that enabling you is tawdry and cheap and disgusting.  Wait until you grow up to be a frigging loser.  You are only 17 — go collect butterflies or start a stamp collection or get a part in the school play or something and stop trying to get on Maury Povich, you little pain in the ass. 

Kudos to Kirk for ignoring this little fame-seeking  totally transparent dope.

Don’t get me wrong, folks, Kirk Cameron is viewed by many as a kook but that’s his thing and if you can’t respect the religious beliefs of others, you’re a fucking misfit and you should shut the fuck up and wait until you grow up. 

Somebody is totally using this Corey kid to push their agenda with the idea that if Kirk responded, he would be “bullying” a child — but Corey Bernstein has served noticed on the world that he is NOT a child.  He is a GAY MAN!   So if you want to be a gay man, or the people who are working your strings want you to be known as a gay puppet-man, you have to take THE HEAT and not THE MONEY!  

Come on — this is all about money and talk shows and a book and fame — who the fuck do they think they are kidding?  Not me – that’s for sure.

Kirk is not damaging anyone but himself as far as Hollywood goes, but at least he is not a phony and he says what he believes.  He is not hurting some pushy and nervy kid who claims to have been so badly victimized by being gay. 

Listen, Corey, when you are 17 you might feel gay or straight or horny, but if you have any class or manners or dignity — which is something your parents should have taught you — you don’t talk about sexuality and brag about it.   It’s trashy, low-rent and sickening.  

I have to side with Kirk on this because this Corey kid is annoying me enormously.  He is either the world’s most annoying kid or he is an electronic creature who is being operated remotely by some pretty skanky assholes. 


12 thoughts on “Kirk Cameron Ocean Grove Mess — Teen “Gay” Corey Bernstein Getting the attention he craves — blech!

  1. Before u call someone a dumbass u might wanna use spell check. In ur second pararaph u “stop (teh) bullshit”. Yeah. Not too bright when ur calling someone else out me author

  2. Note the argument presented here by some texting idiot who actually invents words and shortcuts for words instead of creating and composing a cogent argument. Also, you will please note how this texting fuktard spelled “paragraph,” and how he finishes the whole thing senselessly. NOTE: Listen, Travis, you fucking birdbrain, when you need to address typos or hiccups in a transcript instead of the issue, the topic at hand is the least of your problems — probably because you’re a moron.

  3. Hey Faustian. I am more addressing te arrogance of the author to his mistakes when he makes a page talking about everyone being idiots. U know throwing stones. So fuck off

  4. Travis, you are confusing typing errors with your own stupidity. Just look at what you wrote in a brief comment — you can’t even spell anything, you dumb cocksucker!

  5. This article has made me lose faith in all humanity. How could you say such terrible things about a boy who has done nothing wrong to any of us? All he was trying to do was stand up for what he believes in. Now he’s getting called all of these horrible names! And for what? Whoever wrote this article obviously has no “class or manners or dignity — which is something your parents should have taught you —”. He’s not hungry for fame, he’s just trying to change the fucked up country that we live in! If he wants to talk about his sexuality, it’s not bragging about it, it’s being PROUD! There is a thin line between “Saying what you feel” and “Ignorance.” This is way past the line of ignorance.

  6. JOEY! You are being scammed! Nothing Kirk Cameron has done or will ever do has ‘harmed” this fame-seeking kid. Why can’t you see that Corey is only doing this to get his face in the press? How hard is it for you to figure that out? Why doesn’t this “victim” call out the Muslim’s who cut off the head of a 17 year old kid in the street outside the front door of his school because he wrote a love letter to another boy? Why doesn’t he protest the Rabbis at the local Yeshiva who preach that homosexuality is an abomination before god. How many gay Jewish kids are overtly hurt by that? So why is he picking on Kirk — who was already washed up before this dopey publicity hungry kid was even born? Why? I’ll tell you why. Because he WANTS THE ATTENTION and bashing Christians is the fast, easy and media efficient way to get your stupid agenda into the headlines. He doesn’t give a shit about other gay teens. He would step over every gay teen in New Jersey if he could get himself on a cable news show or Comedy Central — get real for crying out loud! And don’t call me ignorant — call yourself naive and simple-minded and easily hood-winked. I am far far far above any kind of ignorance and that’s why it’s easy for me to look down and see the abundance of it in others. I am a superior person. I only write about ignorant people because they need to be exposed.

  7. lol….guys, this is CLEARLY prime journliasm, and the author of this article is CLEARLY above any kind of ignorarce, which is why every other word here is “fuck”. Can’t you tell by the solid evidence about the “lazy do-nothing ass-wipe NJ teachers” that this kid did his researcch, and is therefore a credible source of information? Come on, people…it’s evidant that the author of this article hates fame seekers and obnoxious attitudes…because posting this profound piece of work on the internet makes him a humble, quiet-living, people-loving citizen who “only writes about ignorant people because they need to be exposed”.

    Here’s some advice, kiddo. If you REALLY want to be a journalist, and you REALLY want to expose the “skanky assholes”, it might be about time to

    a)invest in a grammar school education (you might want to consider New Jersey, we have the number one nationally ranked public school systems. Google it)

    b)speaking of google, let’s use it and find some more credible sources for our writing…libraries work for that, too.

    c)when you’re done with your research and education, type up a resume and find a job writing for a real news blog, paper or magazine. The Westbro Baptis Church has been getting a lot of press lately, maybe you’d like to get in contact with them?

    d)go on out to a REAL classy place and get a porfolio for your first interview. Be sure to print this bad boy out, and show it to your employers. Your mom and dad would be super proud of you, I bet.

    e)while you’re out, pick up some big girl panties? They might be on sale, and they have some pretty cool designs that would fit you just perfectly…(try the villins from the Disney Princess collection, I thought I saw your face on their as special?)

  8. Wow that was really really really funny — an original. Some people are just not funny buy lady — you are FUN-KNEE. You should do stand up — preferably in the middle of a busy intersection, you clueless hag. What’s wrong? You don’t like the truth or don’t you understand it?


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