FOX NEWS and CNN Report on ObamaCare Ruling Incorrectly because FOX was HACKED!

Fox News and CNN have been hammered in the “press” over the past few days because both networks mistakenly reported that ObamaCare had been struck down by the US Supreme Court.

Of course guys like Jon Stewart –the Catskill comedian with the Ivy League comedy writers — and Rachel Maddow — the world’s most famous softball player, gym teacher and political pundit — love this kind of stuff because if they didn’t have FOX News to mock, they wouldn’t have careers.  But….kids and adults who never grew up like to watch these two jag offs because neither demographic is mentally prepared for real news.

CNN has been open an honest about this ObamaCare mistake, but FOX has not been very forthcoming — as a matter of fact FOX has been rather defiant and unapologetic — why?

The answer is easy.  FOX News suits are smarter than CNN news suits, and CNN suits have something to hide.

There were a hundred networks covering this event.  Why did FOX and CNN both make the wrong call while all the others did not?

Could it have been that their wire service was intentionally hacked into and fed bogus information so as to make both networks look stupid?  Could it be that CNN does not want anyone to know that their system for reporting news as it happens was compromised?  Could it be that FOX is keeping its big mouth shut because they are closing in on the hackers who did this?

Listen — a huge event — very huge for the Democrat — was happening.  If Fox News got the story wrong they would look like the screw ups of the century, right?  If CNN got it wrong, their brand would be tarnished, right?  So out of the hundreds of reporters camped out, why did only FOX and CNN both make the wrong call?  How could such a thing be possible?   Did you ever hear of a woman named Cora Witherspoon?  Here’s what she said.

“We believe that FOX News was the victim of high tech hackers and they are currently working with authorities to track down those responsible,” said Cora Witherspoon, the director of FWFCH – The Federal Wire Fraud and Computer Hacking  division of the World News Organization in Washington DC.

“We have credible evidence that Fox News was the victim of a vicious attack by hackers and while CNN has remained relatively mum about the whole incident, FOX has gone on an all out assault to find and prosecute those who are responsible.  We think an arrest will come in a few days and the results will be shocking.”

Miss Witherspoon speaketh the truth, and one of the reasons CNN has remained on the quiet side about this gaffe is that they don’t want anyone to find out that they peak in at FOX NEWS’ streaming news because their own direct reporting is not as good as the system FOX has developed.  In other words, they were kind of stealing FOX computer information and  this time they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar — but this time the cookie jar was full of rotten cookies.  Of course CNN is going to skulk away from this and hope it all goes away.  It won’t.

FOX is going to catch the hackers soon and when they do, CNN will have to explain how they got the information — they’re going to hate to admit it.

So to all the people out there who are loving this FOX NEWS screw up — what do you think now?  Do you think that MEDIA MATTERS was beind this hacking?   Uh…..yeah!

Ten years in jail is a lot of life to throw away just because you don’t like a news station, but that’s what at least 5 people are going to get — this is a huge crime that has not yet been exposed.  Fox knows who did it — and now YOU know the real story!

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