Stephanie Abrams Weather Channel — SUCKS! Hurricane Irene Is Over-Hyped.

The world of weather forecasting now has an officially sickening on-air spokes person and her name is Stephanie Abrams.   This wide-hipped, loud-mouth, Casey Anthony boobed, dope has planted herself next to Al Roker and has made watching the Weather Channel’s coverage of  Hurricane Irene virtually unwatchable. 

It’s bad enough that she is standing next to America’s most famous melted Hershey bar and severely imploded campfire-Smore-weatherman, Al Roker, but she is so frigging obnoxious that I am wishing that the hurricane sweeps her out to sea.  She should not be doing the weather — especially this fake hurricane story.  Yeah — it’s a fake hurricane story  — it’s a frigging storm and they are trying to make it a story — it’s a frigging bad storm, you giggling asshole.

We have more pics of Stephanie Abrams in tight t-shirts and she is still a moron, here – Dumb Weather Woman with breast implants. Pics Steph Abrams.

She interrupts.  She talks way too loud.  She thinks she knows everything — and worst of all, she refers to us viewer as “you guys.”  —   “You guys think that a Category 1 storm isn’t so bad bad,  but you guys have to know that it’s the power of the….”  ah shut the f**k up you fleshy, dopey, stupid broad.

Does Stephanie Abrams know that if she were not standing next to Al Roker — a melted Snickers who also happens to be very famous —  not one person would know who she was?  Does she know that Al Roker, as awful as he looks and as corny as he is, is an American icon and that she is just a big broad with really wide hips who should be selling real estate on Long Island?

Sorry, but Stephanie Abrams is the most sickening and annoying weather person in history.  She is the penultimate unprofessional, you guys !!!!

Also — note that the hurricane is turning out to be a big nothing in North Carolina and they made a big thing out of it for ratings.  Now the Eastern Seaboard is screwed. I just watched a guy report from Nags Head, North Carolina  — where the hurricane is — and all you saw was gentle white foam lapping up onto the beach and a bush gently swaying in a 10mph breeze.

Gradually the reporters keep trying to justify all the hype but all I see is elderly people who were taken away from their old age homes and put in strange places where they are not getting adequate care.

I also see supermarket shelves emptied of all things that nobody will need — it’s all a huge crock of shit.  The real experts behind the experts must know that they have to do this to justify their jobs and all, but come on, you people are fucking up people’s lives with this 24 -7 coverage of a hurricane that so far hasn’t done anything but knock down a few life guard stands but as it approaches the NY it’s going to get bad.

When it gets to New York the local news will show a close up of a fallen tree and that will make it okay for having terrorized the entire east coast of the USA for a whole fucking week.   Oh — and Stephanie Abrams — she’s gotta go.

21 thoughts on “Stephanie Abrams Weather Channel — SUCKS! Hurricane Irene Is Over-Hyped.

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your take on Abrams, she is an absolute fucking idiot. CNN, MSNBC, The Weather Channel… fucking give it a fucking break already for god sakes. How many fucking idiots are out there still lapping this shit up? Oops, oh my God, there goes a body floating by!!, Quick, lets get to a commercial !!
    It is really pathetic, no journalistic value…shit, its not even news. Its a bunch of trumped up, fake ass bullshit. Unfortunately, millions are watching it (what does that say about how fucked up things really are?). I can only hope that people will at some point of saturation, realize that they were just had by a bunch of third rate wanna be television rejects who wouldn’t know a real storm if it bit them in the fucking ass. God help us all.

  2. Finally someone blogged what I thought for a long time!

    I contacted TWC and stated from the great John Hope to freshmen dorm Abrams! Our society is dumbing down she’s the perfect example (to me)!

  3. DId you really think she would go out with a 10th grader who has a crush on her? C’mon son, she is a woman and you are a boy , what did you expect? Maybe if the letter you sent her wasnt in crayon, she may have responded. Now go back to playing with your barbies and leave the grown ups alone.
    Bet you feel pretty smart after that “big nothing” storm took all those lives and caused severe damage… twit.

    Keep up the good work Steph !

  4. Beachbum — You missed the point of the story. This is my field and this writer is the only person who got the story right!!!!!!! The point was that her coverage was wasted and atrociously misleading. They hyped the storm in the mid-Atlantic area where pretty much NOTHING happened and in their lust to look for mayhem where it did not exist, they unwittingly lulled those to the north and New England to believe that it wasn’t such a big deal. It was bad reporting and greedy reporting — it was also bad forecasting. Don’t shoot the messenger – she is a really suck-ass weather reporter. The experts knew that the real danger was in New England but nobody was there to put on a show because there was no pounding surf or gently swaying sea grass. How silly that you can’t see that and have to make your stupid remarks about crayons — you can’t even read between the lines let alone draw within them.



  6. the weather channel tried to sew me fore a slanderous comet about the girls on their show.

  7. She is the worst. I change the channel when she is on because between the way she dresses and her stupid jokes she makes me wrench. I wish they would take her horse face and processed hair out of my view. I do see how she could appeal to a certain kind of client(no pun intended) but she doesn’t belong on National Television. And I really do not know where her wardrobe is purchased, I am assuming that it comes from whores are us but maybe I am wrong. Maybe she is a great person and just has been ill advised but from her obnoxious behavior and from the way that she spews nonsense I think she is possibly just an idiot. The weather channel thinks we are all just mindless puppets that they can drag on through the day by entertaining us with fools and dramatic weather related topics instead of just giving us substance.

  8. Come on you guys. You’d all jump her if you had the chance. She has a body built for porn, but her face isn’t that…..pretty. And that Ronda Rousey mole, very distracting. Maria LaRosa is a lot prettier. Doesn’t look to bad in a bathing suit either 🙂

  9. Personnel of weather channel bad example again having to stand in water to report on a hurricane. STUPID EXAMPLE PROBABLY DIRECTED BY CANTORE. This my last viewing of hurricane reporting on Weather Channel, Mike Bettes should be eliminated. He is not liked by anyone it apppears.

  10. I remember last Thanksgiving, we were getting ready to drive from Eastern PA to Michigan. My wife watched TWC and became convinced the entire eastern half of the USA was going to be paralyzed, including all of Western PA and northern OH. I checked several cities along the way on the site and the worst I could come up with was light snow, accumulation 1-3 inches possible . We made the trip. The roads? Some slush, a short stretch of freezing rain, and lots and lots of salt trucks. Winter storm Hortence, or whatever blathering name they came up, was a non-event for us. Maybe they should call them all Winter Storm Nostradamus and just assingn roman numerals, like they do to hype the Super Bowl.

  11. Your comments about Mr. Roker are the most racist garbage I’ve ever read. You belong wherever Abrams ends up in the end, you goddamned Nazi.

  12. I remember Stephanie reporting live on Hurricane Irene and the image shown is before her tight grey t-shirt got drenched from the downpour and went see through. She stood at her perkiest, about 1/2 inch out for each and my cock almost ripped through my Speedo shorts stiffening to absolute perfection and we will never be the same. Thank you, for helping us get some quick hurricane relief, Stephanie.

  13. I don’t get it!? She’s knowledgeable , funny and completely comfortable behind the camera. I think she’s great.

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