Millionaire Matchmaker – Patti Stanger — Plastic Surgery UGH!

She used to be a natural beauty — now she looks like every other Reality Show idiot who has had too much plastic surgery.

She used to be our favorite Reality TV star — and in many ways she still is, but tonight’s Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo brought us a new Patti Stanger — a plastic surgery victim who now sorta looks like  Evil- Kathy-Griffin with dark hair. 

I know you lost weight and all that, Patti, but you also had a facelift — I can see it — and your eyes are done too. 

You were so naturally pretty and now — now you look like everybody else.   Maybe you had stuff done before, but whatever you had done in the past kind of worked for you, but on tonight’s show you had the stretched Bev Hills look — that is soooooooo not good.

Folks, why did Patti Stanger go and get a facelift for her new season?  She was so cute and cuddly the way she was, but we think that she thinks that she can’t get a man because she’s 50.  She is going against everything she tells the people who come on her show — LOVE YOURSELF!

Patti — please — I hope this stretch face thing that you have now just fades away over time and you don’t start looking like a freak because it’s amazing how just one over-pulled face-lift made you automatically have that Beverly Hills shit-faced look alike face.  You actually look like Kathy Griffin around the eyes — YOU DID NOT NEED THAT!   Whoever did your face had to be the guy who did Kathy Griffin.   It’s a tragedy but thankfully you still look okay — for now. 

I was watching with a friend and my friend was aghast. 

Also, I only watch Millionaire Matchmaker because I like you — basically the show is okay but the guys you try to fix up are always ugly and stupid and uninteresting bores.  The only thing they have is money.  The girls are always day-job bimbos who makeup a “I’m really a loser” resume where they say, “”I’m a songwriter and a poet and a Feng Shui designer.”  BLECH!

Patti — you are one more surgery away from not even looking like yourself — PLEASE STOP~!  You are the only person on reality TV who I actually like — I care about you — and this is my way of showing it — sorry!

Also, your worker – the guy who is so uninteresting that after 3 years I still don’t know his name —  got rid of his childish mohawk — and guess what — he is still uninteresting and unlikeable and not needed.  The girl with the violet roll bangs over her eyes is a freak and should be off the show — how did she get on it?

Okay — here is my edict.  Get rid of the uninteresting mohawk guy who works for you, get rid of the violet bangs cow and  DO NOT GET ANY MORE PLASTIC SURGERY —  but I think it might be too late because once you start to look like Kathy Griffin around the eyes, it means that you have turned the corner.

26 thoughts on “Millionaire Matchmaker – Patti Stanger — Plastic Surgery UGH!

  1. Very, very sad but very, very true. I couldn’t help but stare at her right eye the whole time and how she kept blinking and her slanted mouth, kinda like how my poor grandma looked after her stroke. Dag, another reminder that just because you’re rich and famous doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed a great plastic surgeon….

  2. Awful facelift !!!!! And will someone please tell her male assistant and his wife that they have no right to comment on anyone’s personal appearance or choice of clothes.

  3. Susie Q — YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!!! Those two heinous horrors — those two absolute monsters — have no right to even comment on a hunchback troll who lives under a bridge and eats goats — thank you Susie — you made me feel better about a blog I wasn’t really sure about writing.


  4. Jeju — she looks like Kathy Griffin — if you look at her in the close ups, you get brief deja vu’s of Kathy Griffin — it’s spooky — the eye and the shiny tight skin — she was so cute — now she is ruined — how sick and insecure are these people? I see now that she is ruined for good — wait until you see what I found on Burt Reynolds — it’s like something you see in a casket after a 10 year illness.


  5. I watched Millionaire last night and was so upset when I noticed something wrong with Patti’s right eye. The more I kept looking the more I thought, OMG, she has had plastic surgery. Oh, Patti, you did NOT need it, now you have the LOOK. I hope it is not permanent.

  6. BETTER! Are you out of your frigging mind! You must live in Short Hills or Livingston — she looks like a fucking monster!

  7. Anyone else notice how she keeps swallowing all weird too?? Wonder if that has anything to do with the facelift too. Ugh!!

  8. I just realized she’s done something today – I thought it was just the makeup, eyelashes and longer hair, but something was off. Oh, I wish she hadn’t done it. I’m not jealous, it just doesn’t look natural – like Roseane Barr, Burt Reynolds, Wayne Newton, and of course, Joan Rivers – I thought I’d get used to all of them and nope, they’re all a scary as ever. Hopefully, I’ll get used to her.

  9. Whomever wrote this is a horrible, mean and awful human being. BE NICE FOR CHRIST SAKE!!! These people are human beings and have feelings. How would you like it if someone picked your appearance apart and told your boss they should get rid of you?

  10. Hey, Lee Lee. When you appear on TV and you accidentally get famous, that should happen because you are worth watching. Neither Mohawk Head or Violet Bangs has any talent or appeal — and they should not be on the show — you can be ugly and be famous, a lot of sidekicks in TV history were obviously unattractive — that was part of their appeal, but these two have ZERO likeability, Zero talent, ZERO interestingness and ZERO reason to be on TV, And then, who are THEYto judge the looks of people who get on this fake show anyway? The show reflects next to nothing about how the company really works — and the two creeps are pieces of furniture. If I was useless and contributed nothing to my job, regardless of if I was ugly or beautiful, my boss should know about it and I should go get another job. THOSE TWO WEIGH DOWN THE SHOW!!! PERIOD!

  11. LeeLee…You are right. Patty’s associates are there to do a job. They seem like nice people.

    As for Patty’s new look…it’s a bit over the top but perhaps it will settle down. She needs to lose some of the hair. Reminds me of the Cowardly Lion’s mane.

  12. I cannot understand how people feel sorry for Patti while reading these remarks about her obviously botched facelift. Have you never seen her show? Have you not heard how vicious and cruel she is to the women who she interviews? She is has brought many women to tears….luckily she most likely no longer has tear ducts in her once beautiful eyes…we all must admit her face looks like she is on a rocket ship fighting some major G Forces…

  13. oh, I felt so bad for her when I first saw her! I thought she was pretty before, but now………….its like a totally different person and not a pretty one. It is sad…………

  14. Why does everyone keep talking about the look of Patti’s eyes? Have any of you noticed and/or studied the way she now moves her mouth? Is that what a mouth looks like when it’s had way too much filler injected into the lips? It’s like she can’t even speak correctly? If we didn’t live in the land of Botox and plastic surgery, I’d swear that Patti had a stroke during haitus. So sad….

  15. I noticed her mouth, Deb1ie – it moves like a ventriloquist dummy mouth. Her whole face is paralyzed — the might have irritated a cranial (facial) nerve — seriously.

  16. Patti now looks like all those women she yells at for not being able to move their face and show emotion! I used to love the way she raised her eyebrows when she was having a hissy fit…no more…ugh!

  17. Whoever wrote this is extremely judgmental and biased to their own opinion. Who are you to hate on other peoples’ appearance? If that’s how they feel best then who cares… To each his own, don’t judge

  18. Patty Stanger looks so weird and fake .The plastic surgery is another way to tell people:”I look like Marylin Manson”.

  19. Just turned on the tv and had to google what I was already convinced was true but couldn’t believe it. Her eyes have sunken in and are closer together, can’t turn the clock back now Patty. I wonder what I would think of her looks if I had never seen her before the face manipulation. Bottom line…she sucks, but probably not as well as she did when she could move her lips correctly…she is really weird looking. I wonder if she could wear a shorter dress and a lower cut top, looks like a whore on this show with Andy, she must be very insecure about her looks to dress the way she does. I reserve the right to criticize her, she is a professional critic and needs a bit of her own medicine.

  20. Ok, I just looked at before and after photos, I’ll have to admit she did the right thing, she needed it even though she looks a bit weird right now, it should settle back to where it was in a year or two.

  21. Patti Stanger swears way too much and it is very annoying to listen to all the beeps because of all the cursing every other word….Patti needs to clean her mouth out with bleach….her mouth makes her sound classless and needs to get her act together…I’m almost embarrassed for her….

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