Yes — you just felt an earthquake in New Jersey — buildings in downtown Newark are being evacuated — more as it comes in.

UPDATE:  An earthquake measured at 5.9 originating in central Virginia shook New Jersey and scared a lot of people.  Houses and furnitire shook and residents of Mount Arlington and Dover reported slight damage and a 40-second tremor.

“The rocks that caused the quake are old and close to the surface and thereby they can transmit their wave of energy over a broad area,” said earthquake expert Anna Gaeta of Newark, NJ.

“The energy in this case originated in an area about 80 miles from Washington DC but it was felt as far to the north as Toronto and as far to the south as North Carolina.

“New Jersey experienced an east to west sway — that’s different from the rolling and bouncing experienced by Californians who sit atop a fault line where new rocks are bouncing up and over each other.  There is no known fault line in Central, Virginia but there have been 25 quakes there in the past century.  This was one of the strongest. “

4 thoughts on “EARTHQUAKE IN NEW JERSEY — AUG 23

  1. Yes I felt the quake as I was sitting in my basement and went upstairs to see the chandelier was shaking

  2. I felt everything moving in my apartment and I live in Hamilton, New Jersey. Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2011

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