Amy Winehouse, Dead At 27, Was An Asshole

Amy Winehouse died because she was a dope addict and it’s an insult to people throughout the world who truly suffer from emphysema to try to say that the pulmonary disease killed that mess.

There are millions of people who suffer from emphysema who didn’t shoot heroin and crack but their lives are miserable.   Blaming her death on emphysema is a Twinkie defense — she died because she was a drug addict who thought it was cool to be a drug addict.  She wanted to be a tragic rock star like Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin — except they had talent.

Amy Winehouse is not to admired or copied or revered — she was an asshole and a loser.  So she could sing — so can a billion people.

All the bigshots will go to her funeral and memorials — not to pay tribute, but to get publicity for themselves.     What a mess — just the way Amy would have liked it.

30 thoughts on “Amy Winehouse, Dead At 27, Was An Asshole

  1. your comments about Amy Winehouse are offensive. you sound like nothing more then a judgmental asshole yourself. people end up on methadone for many diff reasons. how do you know she did heroin all the time or even more then a couple of times? she would never have set out 2 kill herself and its the nature of the drugs and conditions she had.

  2. Sounds like you need to brush up on your knowledge of methadone. Amy Winehouse was dangerous and unwholesome in every sense of the word – and thankfully another generation will not have to be exposed to her,

  3. That’s soo fucked up about amy winehouse dude she quit drugs 3 years before she died anyways u should really get ur facts straight ur not funny either making fun of people with problems. I’m sure u r no were near from perfect . Yeah she could b a bit of a dickhead when she was on drugs and drinking but I know alot about her and she was actually a very motherly kind person with alot of issues. She was once known as the most Charitable Act she donated soo much money to charity and that’s not the only nice thing she has ever done. So please get a life and stop making fun of people and judging them

  4. YOU are an asshole and a loser for making such an awful comment about a person who suffered from addiction which sadly ended her life and one day I will find you and end yours. And yes, a billion people can sing, but no one can sing like Amy – she was the voice of a generation and 50 years from now, people will still be listening to her music. So fuck you and I hope you die in a fiery hell.

  5. Denmark is not a state it’s a country. Get your facts straight dude. I’ll be praying for your ignorant ass.

  6. Why did you edit my comment? I NEVER wrote “and one day I will find you and end yours” and “so fuck you and I hope you die in a fiery hell”. You need help dude!

  7. Did you watch the documentary yet?

    I honestly don’t remember that her death was blamed on emphysema. Everyone who paid attention to her personal life knew that while she managed to beat her drug addiction, she never managed to beat her alcohol addiction – I for one immediately knew the cause of death when I was told about her passing.

    Amy Winehouse was undoubtedly one of the most talented, yet tortured musical artists of our time. That doesn’t make her an asshole nor a loser!

    We all have personal issues and struggles, but ours are not in the media for everyone to watch and judge. Amy never wanted hers to be either. She just wanted to sing.

  8. Poorly thought out rant, I am pretty sure a 5 year old could do better.

    1) she had a history of mental illness, so she isn’t a “loser,” she is sick. 2) first you say she has no talent, then you say she can sing, which means she does have talent since that is what she does. 3) Even if you didn’t like Amy’s music, you would have to be an idiot to say she didn’t have talent. She could sing, she wrote her own music and wrote the musical scores for her songs. 4) where does it say she died from emphysema? She died from alcohol poisoning

    It is obvious you don’t know what you are talking about given the mistakes you make.

  9. I’m a musician,an artist and an addict. First it was cocaine at a very young age and then heroin. It’s an every day battle. I personally have no mental illness other than depression but that wasn’t inherited. I haven’t picked up a needle in ten years but I think about it every day. I don’t have cameras in my face or people following my every move and I’m thankful for that because if my life was like Amy’s I would’ve probably sucumed to a similar fate. There’s only so much you can do to drown out how you feel. Sometimes it’s too overwhelming and things just need to stop for a moment. She was trying to stay clean and yes she drank and did drugs. BUT so has most every other musician on the planet. It’s no secret that drugs and artists walk hand in hand and its because they get ridiculed and praised at the same time. Society pits this bipolar attitude twords artists. Love one second and hate the next. Can you imagine pouring your heart out to get it stepped on over and over by strangers? You may not like her music,I don’t like every song that any musician did but talent is talent and tradjedy is tradjedy. I’m sure there’s junkie musicians that you like to listen to that were just lucky they didn’t die young. I believe that Amy was a very incredible person that is both a positive and negative example of what to do and not do with your life. I don’t think she deserved what happened to her. I can understand why you would say she shouldn’t be looked up to but the fact is this, John Lennon was an asshole. He beat women,it’s documented,yet he’s still reveared as one if the greatest musicians of all time and he was a drug addict alcoholic. So,do you think he also had no talent because he was a bit fucked up? Probably not. Should he be looked up to as a role model? As a whole,probably not but if I recall correctly, Jesus was basically a terrorist in his time to a degree and they made a fucking religion out of him. Came out if the desert talking about God. Sounds like a junkie if you look at it in the right light. Wandering around homeless,giving people hope in his words. Just like musicians. Wandering around basicly homeless,giving people hope in their songs. I don’t think she deserved to die like that anymore than I believe in crucifixion or being shot by some nutcase. But that’s just my opinion,im human,which means IM CAPABLE OF ERROR IN JUDGEMENT. See how that works???

  10. At lest she could spell u fucking goof how can u say stuff like that about someone who passad away at such a young age u make me grab a barin.

  11. THere are no spelling errors in the article, Zack. Perhaps you should look at the spelling and punctuation errors in your comment. Go grab YOURSELF a brain.

  12. Oh my God. Where the hell is all the hate coming from. Amy was a jazz singer and I loved her singing. Her music wasn’t for everybody, but she WAS a talented jazz singer. Yeah, she’s dead….and you will be too one day. Saying something ugly about her being dead is asinine. Perhaps a drug addict did you wrong and now they all need to go straight to hell in your opinion.

  13. Damien, you truly are one twisted motherfucker. I wish people like you would read about addiction before judging others so harshly.

    Amy was an addict, yes. But she was also an extraordinary talented person who released two critically acclaimed albums and won multiple awards while she was alive.

    She died aged 27, but she accomplised a hell of a lot more than most of us probably ever will and her legacy will undoubtly live on many, many years to come.

    Don’t waste your life on being a hateful, ignorant and negative person. Best of luck to you.

  14. Mostly all musicians who are worth a damn have done some type of drugs during their lives, part of a learning process, the hard thing to do if you want to go on,is controlling what you do and how you live. Don’t throw stones at someone, you don’t know what they were going thru at the time of their downfall,

  15. Your a fucking asshole. You’ve only seen what she’s done but not see why she’s done drugs and drank alcohol. Your more than just a moron, asshole, bitch, retard, moron, etc etc. Amy Winehouse has talent just like Jim and Janis had.

  16. Fame is incredibly hard to handle without the right people around you. Amy was a very vulnerable young woman witheople around her who took advantage of that and just totally used her. She was also a very lonely woman and got sucked in by users, losers and idiots because of it.

    People forget, Amy only released two albums! She hadn’t been around donkeys years. Her success happened very quickly and that can be really hard to manage as I said before without the right people around you.

    Personally I think her story is very tragic. I hope she is at peace now.

  17. You’re a piece of shit to talk that way about someone who suffered from bulimia mental disorders and addiction though it was the alcohol, bulimia and anti drinking drugs that killed her

  18. fuck you u piece of shit, she got on drugs because of her asshole boyfriend who reminds me of you. she was forced into things she didnt wanna do and still did it and when when people pushed her to far she ended up dead but if i had a say so you should have been dead you prick ,go trip, fall, suck, and then choke on a dick you piece of shit

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