Justin Bieber and Selena are dating. UPDATE PHOTO!

Justin Bieber and Selena  are taking a break…together!  You might remember that  Selena was shot by her fan club president many years ago but she has returned as a Latina ghost — (some say she is a Tejano ghost) and now she is dating Justin so that he gets publicity and people think that he is a lady’s man. 

They are planning a vacation but there are fears that Justin will be recognized no matter where they go.  Selena does not have that problem because she has been dead for a long time and she can also shape-shift if people get too curious, but her fear is that Justin will be recognized and that people will be frightened by his elongated face and pushed in nasal features which have changed drastically as he moves towards adulthood.

Last night, the cute but creepy couple arrived in the same car, sat together and kissed on live TV when Justin won.  Selena does not care that she is a 41-year old ghost and that people run away in fear when they see her.  She is proud to be a Latina ghost and prouder still to have a boyfriend as young as Justin Bieber.  In the Latina world, she is theoretically old enough to be his grandmother ghost.

All that work (and all that PDA), must have tuckered Justin and Selena out, because now they’re planning for some R&R:

“After working their asses off, they’ve carved out some serious time to hang out,” a source tells us. “They’re taking a well-deserved break together.   Selena does not really get tired because ghosts do not have a sleep schedule, but they put on a show when they hook up with a living person so that they feel more accepted.  I mean, usually people scream and faint, but if they think a ghost is tired and needs a rest like a regular person, people are less inclined to freak out.”

The pair is first jetting off to an undisclosed location here in the states for some rest and relaxation.  Selena can go anywhere but Justin is limited by his mortal body. so if he takes a jet to an exotic locale, Selena will drift along right outside his window — and you can’t gte more romantic than that.

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