Unfunny Kathy Griffin still doing Sarah Palin jokes in 2011. SAD!

For some sickening reason a link led me to horror show Perez “giant head” Hilton and his uber-queenie website. 

My first inclination was to move on because I was really just looking for info about something totally different.  I didn’t move on because Perez’s page had a featured video clip– one with Kathy Griffin. 

Normally I would click right over to something else but I wanted to see what Kathy was up to because it was I who heralded the end of her career.

I watched the 53-second clip and take a wild guess who she was mocking?  Tick tock tick tock — did you  get it?  Yes, that’s right Sarah Palin.  It was nice to see that Kathy is still doing a routine from 2006 and now she has to hook up with that horror show from the depths of Lake Titicaca — Perez Hilton.

Kathy — YOUR CAREER IS OVER!   NOBODY CARES!  Even my web page numbers are down whenever I write about you — nobody does searches fo Kathy Grffin anymore.  Maybe that’s why you have attached herself to the Palins?  Maybe I oughta do that to.

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