Robert De Niro is an Asshole.

Robert DeNiro is an asshole — at least that’s what a lot of people think.  I guess playing a gangster too many times has gone to his head.

NOTE: PIcture of DeNiro pushing around a Hollywood writer who called him an asshole to his face – D D. Matt Gets shoved and pushed by De Niro   <—Click here. 

He’s trying really hard to make his public persona so different from his on-film persona that he has gone over the edge.

“He might really go over the edge and start having sex with white women,” said a spokesman for “Robert DeNiro is an Asshole LLC” or RDiaA.

He recently ganged up on Donald Trump about the Obama birth certificate issue.   He was all pompous and looking old and creepy.  He thinks he is some kind of maestro or something.  He’s just a guy who plays the same character over and over and over.   I think he spent too much time with Barbara Streisand when they were filming that unbearably shticky and unfunny Fokker movie.  He is indeed an asshole.”

In an interview with Brian Williams De Niro said,  “I won’t mention names, but certain people in the news the last couple weeks, just, what are they doing?  It’s crazy. They’re making statements about people that they don’t even back up. Go get the facts before you start saying things about people.”

Personally, TheDamienZone doesn’t give a shit about Obama’s birth certificate, but why can’t anybody see it?  Some people claim to have seen it but the one they’ve seen is not the actually birth certificate — it’s a certificate of live birth — that’s not a birth certificate.

So Donald Trump ( who we also hate at TheDamienZone) wants to see the real birth certificate — maybe there is something to this birth certificate thing.  Maybe Trump knows something — who knows?  Fuck him too.

What the Damien Zone doesn’t like about DeNiro, aside from his monochromatic acting ability, is that he often sounds like a nasty bastard with his “How dare you” thing that he has done before.

Fuck him — he’s an old man who never stops working no matter how shitty the movie — maybe he needs money — you never know what happens to the money these big stars make — we all think they’re rich until we find out that they have nothing — look at the link this Nicholas Cage story.   He’s so broke he doesn’t know what he’s doing:

67 thoughts on “Robert De Niro is an Asshole.

  1. De Niro is quite a mental case….so much so he is frightening! A person with deep mental problems.

  2. Robert Dumb-ass Deniro is an oppressive old fart and a shtty actor. He is DEFINITELY and ASS_HOLE! Deniro is part of the liberal hollywood elite who think they are better than the rest of us. The problems of our society can be traced back to corrupted hollywood actors who propogate their filth through the media and enslave our children to debased pedophiles like Deniro. What is he hiding? He yells at Trump so much you got to think Deniro is hiding some god-awful secrets that he would surely go to prison for if they were exposed.

    Down with Hollywood!!!!! Down with Deniro!

  3. The Secret Service should pay you a visit “Bobby.” Your rants and foul-mouthed mutterings about the President of the United Stated go way beyond poor taste and obvious bad breeding; they are incendiary and dangerous. Take some of the money you made from those mafia movies and attend some vocabulary and finishing classes. You are the poster-child for juvenile and pedestrian, and your $500,000,000 net worth will never purchase dignity or class for you. Yep, just another asshole Hollywood elitist who’d be boxing apples if it weren’t for Tinseltown.

  4. DeNiro had all his best roles when he was young, mostly due to great directors and good scripts,
    He acts like a toughnguy, but in real life. Bobby is a weak short old man who has been coddled and worshipped his entire life. He throws tantrums on set all the time.

  5. robert de niro i hate to call him a piece of shit as they use shit as fertilizer a pathetic boy that is crying out for attention
    hopefully i will read about you in the obituary column

  6. The garbage DeNiro spews is proof of the double standard in this country. If anybody spoke about that communist pig Obama the way DeNiro and the rest of Hollywood spoke about Donald Trump, they’d be in jail.

  7. Robert Deniro just praised Cuomo, the Gov. of New York, after he killed 15,000 people, that were in the convalescent home. Robert Deniro, is an evil jerk

  8. I hate evil Robert Deniro. I love great-hearted, Donald Trump, who has done so much for this country.

  9. Robert de Nero is so stupid he doesn’t realize he’s stupid. I wonder if he makes Coumo wear a condum when he butt fucks him?

  10. Robert De Nero has Irish roots, their name in ancient Ireland was Da Rearhole . When they came to America they changed their name. You can take the asshole out of Ireland but they are still an asshole where ever they end up. He told Micheal Moore in an interview he would like someone to throw a bag of shit in Donald Trumps face he better watch out what he wishes for, someone might pick him up and throw him at Trump. It would have to be a very strong person as Bobby is a huge bag of shit. Hey Bobby how’s the love affair with Coumo going has he let you be on top yet?

  11. This might be the dumbest comment section i have ever seen in my whole life and that is an achievement
    I was so prepared that this website was going to drop some thing really big about why people dont like deniro but… no no no.
    Then i come to this comment section
    And holy shit this cross the level of stupidity in this section is overbearing

  12. Ayush – you are ample proof and testament to the dumbest of the dumb comments. The purpose of the comments is to prove how stupid people are — Go fuck yourself.

  13. Ayush if you want to see something dumb, stupid and overbearing, look in the mirror! Go fuck yourself

  14. Thank you, Ian. I am used to the unhappy people who hate on me. I appreciate your support. Ayush hates himself. Let him deal with it.

  15. I don’t think Dinosaur ever had a real life. He has spent it in movies, where he was great, a long time ago. But, he obviously knows very little as an adult his age. He pretended all his life. Politics is where he really shows his ignorance & I agree he is a typical Hollywood Asshole. Always trying to make the headlines and please his Producers. What a fake. I can’t even watch anything he is in now, because I know the real guy isn’t much of a guy at all.

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