Robert De Niro is an Asshole.

Robert DeNiro is an asshole — at least that’s what a lot of people think.  I guess playing a gangster too many times has gone to his head.

NOTE: PIcture of DeNiro pushing around a Hollywood writer who called him an asshole to his face – D D. Matt Gets shoved and pushed by De Niro   <—Click here. 

He’s trying really hard to make his public persona so different from his on-film persona that he has gone over the edge.

“He might really go over the edge and start having sex with white women,” said a spokesman for “Robert DeNiro is an Asshole LLC” or RDiaA.

He recently ganged up on Donald Trump about the Obama birth certificate issue.   He was all pompous and looking old and creepy.  He thinks he is some kind of maestro or something.  He’s just a guy who plays the same character over and over and over.   I think he spent too much time with Barbara Streisand when they were filming that unbearably shticky and unfunny Fokker movie.  He is indeed an asshole.”

In an interview with Brian Williams De Niro said,  “I won’t mention names, but certain people in the news the last couple weeks, just, what are they doing?  It’s crazy. They’re making statements about people that they don’t even back up. Go get the facts before you start saying things about people.”

Personally, TheDamienZone doesn’t give a shit about Obama’s birth certificate, but why can’t anybody see it?  Some people claim to have seen it but the one they’ve seen is not the actually birth certificate — it’s a certificate of live birth — that’s not a birth certificate.

So Donald Trump ( who we also hate at TheDamienZone) wants to see the real birth certificate — maybe there is something to this birth certificate thing.  Maybe Trump knows something — who knows?  Fuck him too.

What the Damien Zone doesn’t like about DeNiro, aside from his monochromatic acting ability, is that he often sounds like a nasty bastard with his “How dare you” thing that he has done before.

Fuck him — he’s an old man who never stops working no matter how shitty the movie — maybe he needs money — you never know what happens to the money these big stars make — we all think they’re rich until we find out that they have nothing — look at the link this Nicholas Cage story.   He’s so broke he doesn’t know what he’s doing:

67 thoughts on “Robert De Niro is an Asshole.

  1. You can’t even back up any of your facts about this celebrity… Asshole. There are very few differences between celebrities and us. You’re a dumb fuck if you can’t get the confidence to be respectful.

  2. What facts do you need to prove that a a person is an asshole? Your comment is ample evidence to show that YOU might be an asshole as well. It doesn’t take much, Sarah. I don’t think, however, that confidence is what makes one respectful. As a matter of fact I am fairly confident about a lot of things and one of those things is that Robert DeNiro is an asshole.


  3. When I worked for a proctologist he would get mad if we called anyone an asshole. DeNiro is a fine gentleman.

  4. He is a jerk and you can tell that by the arrogant look he has inbedded in his face – His movies are boring and there are too many of them. He needs to retire and quit hogging the screen. He is just an actor, not some brillant scientist that discovered a cure for cancer. He needs to stay out of politics and quit believing he is a genius. Actors are just people that pretend to be other people – he is an asshole – just like that other creep Jack Nicholson !

  5. It isn’t the politics. It’s that he’s done nothing but phone in his work for the last 20+ years and is a lazy old fart nowadays. A difficult “artiste.” Such a waste of talent. You’re right. He;s an asshole. And so is anybody who is still a fan of this hack.

  6. Agree with JD. Most recently saw him on Leno and he was really a jerk. Wouldn’t contribute to the conversation, answered questions with 1-2 words. Don’t know why he was there but he was disrespectful and rude. Don’t care how much talent someone has–you can still be a nice person. Just an arrogant egotistical ass.

  7. I am one of the witnesses on the Obama Birth Certificate problem. I was a paralegal for the DNC lawyers. They also represented Occidental college. My family is from the area, we know what goes on over there. It’s nickname is “commie college”. It’s an invitation only college for the kids of kommies – where they can be evaluated for the service to the party. So you can say Obama was handpicked. In a document labeled Strunk v. Department of State, you can google-search Obama’s mother’s passport files. The party ran into a problem with Obama’s birth certificate, because his grandparents lied to the party about his birth. When they tried to recover the records, they discovered his Kenyan birth certificate. Obama’s mother screwed up her passport applications when Obama was a little kid. She was supposed to add him to her passport before she left Hawaii. Children never had separate passports. The parent had to take a photo of themselves and their children for the passport office. When it all came out – the party had another big problem, covering up all the screw-ups his mother made on official applications. She made up the name Barry Soetoro when she was stuck without a passport, and put him on his father’s passport. She and her son both traveled together on Barak Sr’s. passport, British law permitted that. That’s why there is no record. The lawyers had a real mess on their hands trying to clean those records. I quit that job btw, when they asked me to transcribe a hidden bug they planted on the California Gorvernor’s office. These guys bug everybody, that’s where the NSA gets their churtzpa. When I gave the docs to Zullo, he went thru the roof – then I told him take me off your investigation – and go get my exhusband – my ex husband actually filled out the same passport forms for our own daughter – and he can testify to the Federal law. He works at the NSA which makes his identity confidential. It’s really easy to prove obama is not a citizen, they just are trying to be a little overzealous with the political correctness – they don’t want to toss the nationa’s first Black President – and DeNiro is just another secret communist like Obama – they all protect each other. DeNiro’s mother was a member of the party – she was at Berkeley in the 30s, the party headquarters were in San Francisco – Greenwich village was the center of communist party activity – and they are real assholes – I met a lot of them. My ex husband is a Russian translator – I met the KGB in person, the reason for our divorce. I don’t want any part of them.

  8. If you want an example of American arrogance then
    deniro is the one. He fits the American way so easy, so perfectly that I can’t imagine any other performer who could hit the mark.

  9. In my opinion, DeNiro comes off very NOT American. He seems more like a French jackass. Also, I do not have any gripe with Americans and I do not find the average American to be at all arrogant,

  10. deniro (name not capitalized as a sign of lack of respect) strikes me as a man that probably thinks NSA is fake and Pro wrestling is real

  11. Yes, DeNiro is a total AssHole. He needs to check facts before spouting off. He probably gets bill Clinton to fix him up with a White House intern. Vote for Trump dumbshit.

  12. Well DeNiro went off on Trump today about crap Trump said over 10 years ago. I’m sure DeNiro never said anything untoward about women in his life…. What a phony.

    Meantime he gives the Clintons a pass for stealing roughly 9.9 Billion dollars from the needed people of Haiti … Which absolutely should disgust everyone!!!!! Hillary is a dispicable slimeball. Ask the 12 year old girl who’s rapist she got off …as a public defender All the while knowing the guy was guilty … Then years later joked and laughed about it … Look it up Bobby Boy!!! There’s your hero!!!! Bill himself actually raped someone and Hillary threatened the woman afterwards. Trump said some terrible things. Hillary and Bill DID MANY absolutely obscene things!!!

  13. I enjoyed your article and thought it was ironic that Brian Williams, a media asshole who lies about his news stories, interviews another jerk, DiNiro. What a beautiful couple…….of assholes.

  14. Robert De Niro is the biggest asshole he’s not that good of an actor and he should stay the fuck out of politics i’ll never watch any of his stupid ass fucking movies again i’m a totally disabled Vietnam veteran what the fuck has he done for our country

  15. Great read Damien (just found this article) – these actors are considered the “einsteins” of the left. Do you really wonder why they are so full of themselves – society puts them on a pedestal and then we wonder why they think we give a shit what they have to say…
    He even dissed Arnold Shwarzenegger because he didn’t go far enough by NOT voting for Trump. He (Mr DeNiro) really is an asshole. Thankfully it’s almost over (or maybe it’s just starting).

  16. De niro is an asshole..He is still hurtin from getting fucked in the ass with a strap on by his co-star in Goodfellas.

  17. It’s 2017 and he is still an asshole. We know now that he has no common sense, not a smart person.

  18. What an asshole. Suites him perfectly. What a way to show your true colors…another asshole who needs to leave our good country. Try that in Iran.

  19. Robert DeNiro broke into acting playing mentally deficient people. That didn’t require much acting on his part. He’s just another phoneyfuck actor that thinks he’s relevant. DeNiro couldn’t say shit if he had a mouth full of it

  20. Listen to DeNiro talk one time and it’s obvious he’s a dumb ass retard. He thinks he’s tuff because he plays a gangster over and over and over but I could send my teenage daughter to kick his fat ass. What a complete worthless terd. Disappear already you has been sicko.

  21. DeNiro made a career of denigrating and demeaning the achievements of Italians and Italian-Americans. If an actor did that with any other ethic group in the USA, they would be unemployed in today’s political climate. Apart from that, DeNiro is a scum bag and an asshole in real life.

    Damien LeGallienne

  22. He has been in Africa too much – all that African baboon he eats has given him worms on the brain.

  23. “F**K Trump..” really ..!! we WOULD care but we gave up and quit listening to Hollywood an their superiority complexes… Soo sadly out of touch and hurting their box office sells.. YOU won’t catch me at a movie release..

  24. Ohh the lastest from De Niro and Hollywood elites and their superiority complexes only going to hurt their box office sales…

    Won’t catch me pumping my hard earned cash into their bank accounts….!!

  25. Quick question: DeNiro is a great actor, but I was wondering: can he get an Academy Award for acting like an asshole, when he’s really not “acting”?

  26. Robert De Niro needs to go away. Honestly if they are going to keep using the award shows as a political forum they should just cancel the shows. They are losing their ratings anyway. I don’t need to get political advice from an actor or actress. They don’t live in the real world and are completely detached from reality.

  27. Robert DI Niro wearing those hot cowboy boots and tight Wrangler jeans in Taxi Driver is pure eye candy! DI Niro ROCKS!

  28. Robert Di Niro sucks so bad, along with all the other idiots that were on the awards show a few says ago. While he chanted F Trump they were all giving him a standing ovation.

    Obama sucked so bad as a president everyone is afraid to say it because hes black.

    I think he is as good or better than Reagan!

    F Di Niro is what I say

  29. Love all the anti di niro comments. Hate all the liberal award show bullshit.

  30. to all you trump haters, fuck you up yours and when mid terms come your party will be wiped out and you go to north korea where kim jong un give you good welcome with gun barrel in your face. tell asshole of hollywood ny rober de niro he is what is known as mob pig

  31. I agree with you whole-heartedly. DiNero is an ASSHOLE of the highest order

  32. Di Niro talks like a street punk out of the side of his mouth. He’s
    a has been actor who makes crap movies. But his absolutely horrific
    rant of Fuck You to our President showed what a mentally deranged nut he is. Calling Trump a dog a mutt a liar is the act an ugly uncouth
    illiterate useless human being. If he is so unhappy with America he should go live in Russia or Iran they would know how to handle his rants. That Networks allow Punchy to speak Treason is unbelievable De Niro is reason for hate in America his type is causing people violence Di Niro has turned into a rabid dog and should be put to sleep he is dangerouse

  33. Where to began. For starters I couldn’t be more pleased than I am now after reading all the complaints about the piece of crap, and at least 50 other pejoratives used to describe this DB moron Robert de nero. I wish that he and a but load of celebrities, and athletes would all shut their low life mouths about our President. Donald John Trump has done more for our country than the last few Presidents we’ve had in office. Thersa said earlier that all these people hacking on our President is treason….So true, so true. By the way I am Italian my self, and he’s an embarrassment to all of Italy..

  34. I think anyone that disrespects our president is an asshole. do you hollywood celebrities think we care about your opinion? You are nothing but pretenders. you get in front of a camera and playact. You know nothing about real life. you may not like the president but you have not got the right to disrespect him in any manner. I suffered through 8 years of obama. i didn’t like him or how he ran the country but at least i had respect for the office he held. anyone against trump is against america. If you don’t like the president of our country then go to another country. I will even help you pack

  35. De Nero is green with envy of our good President, Donald J. Trump.

    His clothes look like he stole them from a bag man on the streets – He probably never earned a dime in his uneventful life.

    He begs tv shows to let him appear for free. They use idiots like him as fill-ins. Sometimes they feel sorry for him and give him a cup of coffee dregs.

  36. Hey man, DeNiro is a dickhead and I personally cant wait until the fucker dies the rest of us… He thinks he something. The Grim Reaper plays no favorites, trust me.. Hes just another idiot who let fame go to his small head. LoL

  37. DuhNiro hates Trump because Trump is a shitty actor but a REAL person who’s actually doing something with his life besides being a dumb actor like most hollywood assholes. Very very few celebrities have proven to be worth their salt. James Woods, Keanu Reeves, Kurt Russel and a handful of others. If you’re not speaking out against the globalists one world dystopia you are a moron and an asshole imho!

  38. Don’t see his movies or watch him on tv. Nobody pretending to be somebody, like most of hollywood

  39. @Frank….Hey Frank love what you said “ Nobody pretending to be somebody. “. That petty much encapsulates all those narcissistic a$$holes I’m about the same age as that di@k and I would give up a weeks pay for that little weak in the knees, paper chest sissy to lay his hands on me. I guess the little bit@h feels safe
    with a writer knowing full well he could impact the poor guys career. What a ja@koff..

  40. We all have one….i.e. assholes…so not us differentiate, and we don’t need to use the F bomb to make a point, do we??????

  41. I for one cant wait to lmfao when this POS De Niro croaks. What a overrated asshole he is. Die De Niro….

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