Nicolas Cage Arrested For Domestic Violence.

Nicolas Cage. the over-actor who has the most unusual fake hairline in the world, was arrested in Louisiana early Saturday morning, following an altercation with his wife of six years, Alice.  She should change her name to Alice Kramden because Nick is about to send her to the moon — BANG!  ZOOM!

The incident that led to the arrest was a rather public one: According to witnesses, the Oscar winner was “very drunk” on a New Orleans street when a taxi driver allegedly witnessed the couple quarreling loudly. The cabbie reportedly called the police when Cage pushed his wife.

Cage is said to have taunted cops into taking him into custody, repeatedly refusing their request to quietly go home and asking, “Why don’t you just arrest me?” The officers ultimately obliged, charging Cage with disturbing the peace and domestic violence.  The his plastic hairpiece fell off and was thrown around in the streets by drunken revelers.  Cher had to come and smack Cage and say “Snap out of it!”

He remains in custody awaiting a bail hearing.  His wife is reportedly denying any physical violence occurred, and expressing no wish to press charges.  Alice Kramden would not have stood for that.   This guys is in a whole lot of messes with tax issues, business troubles, money problems — he’s gone whacko on a few other occasions.  Why?  I think  it’s because he takes himself way too seriously and if his family were not the Cappola’s he would be allegedly pushing his wife in a cheap house on Long Island.

4 thoughts on “Nicolas Cage Arrested For Domestic Violence.

  1. He blamed his business manager for all that but it’s said that the business manager pressured him for years to stop spending and spending and spending — guess he didn’t listen.

  2. Stumbled across your site after watching Taxi Driver on cable and thinking Robert Deniro is and asshole. I find you guys think much the same, but after reading some of your stuff, I rather think you too are assholes. Try to be more relevant and refrain from speaking like some ill mannered adolescent.

  3. Sorry, no talent, failed actor Phil Nolan — trying to get clicks on your IMDB page — I deleted that part of your comment — That’s what you get for trying to get over an ill-mannered ( you left out the hyphen) adolescent.

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