The decision by evangelical white trash preacher Wayne Sapp on March 21, to burn a copy of the Muslim holy book the Koran while controversial white trash pastor Terry Jones looked on in a Florida church, is starting to have severe repercussions amongst the animals who live in the middle east and kill in the name of Allah.

It was initially white trash Jones who created the storm of controversy last year with his plans to burn copies of the Koran on the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on New York, but he was talked down off the ledge with a pack of cigarettes and a six pack of Budweiser because he is white trash.

The Koran burning was presented as an event where the Koran was put on trial and convicted of crimes, then soaked in kerosene for an hour before being set alight while white trash onlookers took pictures with their pre-paid cellphones.

Jones defended his involvement saying he had attempted to “give the Muslim world an opportunity to defend their book” but received no response.  Well, he got heresponse now — 20 people dead. 

On Friday and Saturday he received his response when nine protesters were killed and more than 70 injured during a protest against the burning of a Koran which turned violent in the southern Afghanistan province of Kandahar.  20 UN workers were killed.

This follows just one day after a similar protest turned violent in the northern city of Mazar-e-Sharif which left seven UN workers and five Afghan protesters dead.

Two of the UN workers were beheaded.  NOTE:  Reports of beheadings are tentative and awaiting verification. 

Arrests were made when armed men penetrated the crowded and led the peaceful demonstration to violence. Police thus far have been able to control the mob and keep the angry men in separate groups in three locations of the city.

Protesters took to streets on Saturday chanting anti-US slogans, even though the white trash preacher does not represent he US — we don’t care about the Koran — we don’t even know what it looks like — but they went on burning vehicles and hurling stones at police.

Officials believe that the parties responsible for the violence were not protesters but opportunists seeking to incite violence.  DUH!

Demonstrations were also reported in the capital Kabul and Herat on Friday and Takhar on Saturday.

SO — Are you happy now, white trash preachers?  WHITE TRASH PREACHERS — DUMB WHITE TRASH PREACHERS!


  1. I agree with your portrayal of these dipshits but you might want to mention how pathetic the Middle East has become and that no Americans were even killed. Also, no one was beheaded, that was made up by Al Qaida (however the fuck it’s spelled)…

  2. The BBC and BBCC reported beheadings and I have to stick with that until that press release is retracted. The fact that no Americans were killed is not the issue — people were killed by psychotic religious zealots –more attention starved and blood lust driven than anything else — because another religious zealot (insane as well) burned a book. Which is more insane — I say the killings are a WHOLE lot worse than burning a book.

  3. This crazy bastard is why people hate religion. A preacher is only supposed to preach the gospel and nothing else. Is his false christian church still going to be tax exempt? If his followers still attend his church, then they are just like him. As far as freedom of speech, isn’t what this bastard did, the same as yelling fire in a crowded theater?

  4. WE are a country that respects freedom of speech AND religion. If you don’t like someone’s views you can speak out against them, but you don’t go out and randomly murder people and burn down embassies. So WHO is to blame. A lone preacher disgusted by another religion’s extremism, OR the absolute lunatics who would repress everyone’s freedom of speech (and far more if you are born female) through overt violence? Surely the Christian bible and every imaginable Jewish text is defiled, shredded, burned and debased throughout the Muslim world (and not by a single nutty Mullah or Cleric either) and every non-Muslim is expected to not only tolerate it but patronize the lunatics involved. Not only do we not burn down any mosques or Middle Eastern embassies or rampage through the streets, we instead debate whether it’s proper to place a mosque on the grounds of the largest attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor. And attack carried out and condoned by a great number of Muslims. I have no interest in defending Wayne Sapp any more than I’d defend a Klansman or neo-Nazi, but your opinion is just as irrational and idiotic. So perhaps it’s TWO pieces of trash not merely one!

  5. He knew what the consequences would be if he burned the Koran and thusly he is responsible for the aftermath. Bad behavior by others does not justify bad behavior by the preacher. I’m not the idiot here, Saladin. You say that you have no interest in defending Wayne Sapp, yet you wasted 500 quintillion of my electrons doing so. It’s so funny when dopes put so much effort into something like this — half-baked, illiterate bullshit.


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