Who has the biggest penis on Jersey Shore?

Penis size on MTV’s Jersey Shore seems to be the talk around town lately and according to the girls who put out at The Surf Club, Mike The Situation is the smallest– about 5 inches and not fat, Ronnie Ortiz Magro is the fattest and chunkiest and about 6 inches, Pauly D’s is the most perfect shaped and stands at 7 inches.  Vinny Guadaginino weighs in as the big gun with a penis rumored to be close to nine inches and very fat.   That was no big mystery because it was joked about amongst the women and Playgirl offered him a lot of money to pose.  Not sure if he accepted the offer to be on this show. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3834680/ <—– His name might be in the credits by now.

I wonder who is interested in these statistics?   LOL  But that’s the real info.

20 thoughts on “Who has the biggest penis on Jersey Shore?

  1. Jessica — you’re naughty. It amazes me that girls are size queens just like a lotta gay guys who email and comment.

    Damien LeGallienne

  2. Uummm I wanna have them all in bed w/ me….al @ the same time lmao! Except maybe Ronnie tho cuz I can’t do the uncut thing unless there’s major size 2 make up for it, sorry Ron!

  3. I doubt Ronnie has MAJOR SIZE but you can’t rule out uncut if you are a hose monster because you’re eliminating 90% of the world’s population — and I am SURE you are a size queen AND a hose monster.

  4. Uummm negatory, I was saying that I don’t like uncut unless there’s a nice size to make up for the nasty skin, ronnie is small and uncut so its obviously a no go. Not to mention uncut d!cks are proven 2 b unhealthy n’ dirty. Judging by ur pointed tone in ur message, maybe u should go wash yours DDM 😉

  5. My response was light-hearted — your response, however, spoke of a lackluster personality — I kind of expected that. Sadly, that kind of dullness will follow you for the rest of your life. Good luck with that.

  6. Again, go find yourself a begginer’s spelling book, DDM. Your doormmat will be very proud of yuo.

  7. Eh wrong again, before u judge me for. Response like that lemme tell u that I’m not about 2 change up what kind of d!cks I suck, ride, bounce on, stroke. etc. Just beacuse of ur “90%” opinion

  8. I slept with him so I should know. Even though I did fuck up and I’m happy with Jionni. Listening to all you whores is sad ….. its 10 inches btw booboos

  9. Did Matt Brains really say to find a spelling book, but look how he spelling BEGINNER! He said begginers. Dumbass

  10. SH, you used the wrong tense for the verb “to spell”. You should have used “but look how he spelled” instead of “spelling” So now whose the dumb ass?

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