Oscar Folks Angry: James Franco is an asshole.

James Franco has such a heavy workload as a “student” at YALE  (yeah sure) that he didn’t seem to care that the Academy Award Show was paying this imaginary genius to do a show.   It looked as though somebody taught him how to act like a distant genius — he is no genius.  He’s just a self-absorbed asshole.

“James looke stoned and he also looked like he didn’t give a shit about the show,” said a source close to the actor.

“He keeps talking about this education that he seems to be getting by some kind of magic but if he was the genius that people proclaim him to be, why didn’t he ever show any promise before and why is he going to college so late in life?  He looked like he was drunk or stoned and as usual he had to get in his gay antics by dresssing in drag for one segment.  He’s over-exposing himself to be a fraud and an asshole.”

Franco certainly looked like he was totally not interested in the goings on of teh already awful telecast, but when you agree to collect a paycheck, the least you can do is show some effort.

There sees to be this media push to talk about Franco getting some kind of accelerated education, but it looks more like he is going to college with 20 assistants to do all his work for him.  Like the source said, if he was such a brilliant mind, why is it coming out now — he’s a fucking liar and his teeth look poor and crooked.

He said he didn’t care if hosted the worst Osacr show ever broadcast and that’s exactly what he did.

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  1. I no longer will make comments on ANYTHING! Apparently I’m racist, stupid and caught up in my own lives

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