Melissa Leo F Bomb

Melissa Leo dropped the F Bomb on purpose when she started making her acceptance speech at the 83rd Academy Awards.  She won for best supporting actress for her performance in The Fighter, but nobody knows who the f**k she is so she figured out a way to make a name for herself and tried to make it look like it was an honest mistake — liar!

Nobody ever heard of her or the movie so she tried to make the headlines — and here is an example.  I’m writing about her, when yesterday I had never heard of her. 

“She obviously did it on purpose,” said a source close to Nicole Kidman who was shocked by the language.

“Nicole was out and not taking care of her kids as usual but she still worries about what they watch on TV and when she heard Melissa’s foul mouthed she asked to be excused from the theater.  Execs from The Fighter gave her a check for $200,000 to just sit there and smile and act like everthing was okay.  The cohosts would have been equally shocked but James Franco is slighhtly retarded and he didn’t catch on until a staff member told him what the word was and what it meant.”

So now all you kids know that Melissa Leo is the actress who said F**k on the Acadmey Awards — which are gay anyway.

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