Facebook: The Word Thanksgiving In Your Status Update is Bad?

“What Facebook has done essentially makes the word “Thanksgiving” an App.  Facebook does not want you to express your thoughts about the holiday that is coming up on Thursday. If you put the name of that holiday in the update, they bunch all comments in one lump — and say ‘so and so posted about THANKSGIVING’ and the word is in blue type so as to indicate that it is a group or a Facebook Application — it’s disgusting, but only the beginning of the slow strangulation of the average American that is the ultimate goal of Facebook.  Facebook has made Thanksgiving an application. ”  [Sheldon Hartunis PhD,   Sociologist and author of the book, “Secrets of  a Sneaky Secular Jag Off ]

Perhaps you have noticed that Facebook, the scum and ruination of the earth, does not want you to express your individual thoughts about Thanksgiving?  Sounds crazy, right?

It’s not so crazy at all.  If you make a status update, and in that update you mention the word “Thanksgiving”  your update will appear as a grouped comment in your News Feed with all your other friends who mentioned the word Thanksgiving in thier status updates.

What this means is that your own special greeting will not really be your own and it won’t be special.  It will be more like you signed a petition that wished your friends a happy Thanksgiving.

This is the pond scumminess of Facebook.  The little hooded rat bastard hates Thanksgiving — he hates anything that brings a unique touch into people’s lives.  I think this has something to do with his new edict that he will not eat any animal he didn’t kill himself.  He is truly a sick and demented person.

So, if your Thanksgiving greeting on Facebook includes the word “Thanksgiving” — take the word out and replace it with another word or words — anything but “Thanks” and “Giving.”

If you don’t believe me — start looking at your Facebook newsfeed — you’ll see what I mean. 

I can’t wait to see what his little monster with the hoodie does to Christmas on Facebook — that one must really set his head spinning.  Maybe you won’t even be allowed to use the word.  Actually they wouldn’t be that stupid because it’s all about the buck.  But you know what?  If Hoodie blocked the word Christmas, people would still run back to Facebook to put up pictures of their grandchildren and pets and food and all kinds of shit —  even if they were furious about it!

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