Anderson Cooper attacked in Egypt.

In upsetting video footage released by CNN, above, Cooper can be heard declaring he was hit “like 10 times in the mouth” as he attempted to usher various members of his crew, one of them female, through the mob.

It was not apparent if Anderson said that he’d been hit in the mouth during the filming of a Catalina Video or if this happened in Egypt.  There have been in the past several times Anderson has gotten it in the mouth, but that is beyond the scope of the current story.

“Calm down,” he can be heard saying to the assailants, but we here at know that once you get Jeff Stryker excited, you never know what he might do.

Afterward, Cooper sent out an update via Twitter. “Thanks for tweets of concern,” he said. “I’m sore and head hurts but fine. Neil and Mary Nnne are bruised but ok too. Thanks”  

The silver fox is no stranger to violence overseas — did you ever see “Suddenly Last Summer?” — a little more than a year ago in Haiti after the devastating earthquake, Cooper was captured on video carrying a child who was left bloody by looters who’d started throwing rocks and chunks of concrete.  Later when it was found out that the child was really an 18 year old Haitian bodybuilder, Cooper dropped the story.

“To me, the story today is not me being attacked, it’s the melee that continues,” Cooper told The Advocate “This is a stunning development, and it’s not clear what kind of impact it’s going to have.”

NOTE FROM DAMIEN: It ain’t easy writing about or reading about Anderson Cooper, Mary!  This story was so poorly written originally that I just had to hack it to pieces with gay jokes about Anderson Cooper.     These CNN guys have a death wish.  They would rather die for the story — not because they really care about the issue —  but because they want the freaking Pulitzer Prize.   Every now and then one of them gets killed and everyone wails about what a hero they were — huh?  Hero?    I’m the real journalist, folks — right here — this is real journalism.  I don’t want no awards no how!

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