Ronald Reagan 100 years.

Ronald Reagan, one of the USA’s most beloved and perhaps most effective Presidents, is 100 years old today  — he’s actually dead but it’s never to late for a party —  and he celebrated first by telling Americans from the grave not to buy his ugly, bird-faced son’s book because, “The kid is a no good ingrate who is now trying to turn a buck off of me with a dopey book when all he ever did was go up against me politically and further embarrassed me by becoming a ballerina who lived with an old lady he pretended was his girlfriend.”

Old dead people use run-on sentences, but we have to quote ’em as we hear ’em.

AOL hates Ronald Reagan but in order to get you to read their crappy website, they put up a great article by Lou Canon.  The article carefully articulates Reagan’s accomplishments and tells the story of a leader.  Of course the article is just a plant because what AOL does afterwards is only post comments that are hateful and anti-Reagan — carefully culled to cover each point and reason why AOL left wing losers despise Reagan.  So if you’re going to read Canon’s article, try to find another link that doesn’t get AOL a click.

Send me all the hate mail if you want because I will tell anyone that Reagan was a great President — nothing like the wishy-washy ones we have today.  George W, Bush wasn’t wishy washy, he was just wrong.   I used to like Obama but his last State Of The Union address was so vague — something like “If you are hungry you must be fed.  If your head is hurting you must have access to aspirin.  If your shoe is untied, it must be laced” — stuff like that.

Jimmy Carter will undoubtedly say something negative about Ronald Reagan soon because in the past he has bad-mouthed every President but Chavez.   There is a TV bio about Carter where he talks about the hostages in Iran and how he brokered the deal to get their release and how they were indeed released after carter left office.  That is the biggest crock of shit since Charlie Sheen swore off drugs.  The hostages were released because they feared what a real leader like Reagan would do to Iran. 

You kids will never in your lives see the likes of people like Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.  It will never happen again.   

The left  likes to blame Reaganomics for the mess we’re in today —  the dumbness never ends.  We did well with eight years under Clinton — so what is this, double-jump checkers or something?

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