Cory Booker — Newark, New Jersey’s new hero.

“My hemorrhoids were killing me,” said Bessie Jenkins, 87, of South Orange Avenue in Newark. 

 “I called my great grand nephew Jason and had him Twitter Cory Booker with his cell phone and he sent over an extra large tube of Preparation H with a policeman who knew how to apply it.  I felt so much better so fast.  Mayor Booker is my hero.”

This is just one of hundreds of stories that have emerged ever since Newark mayor Cory Booker used his thousands of Twitter followers to help those who were trapped in, or in  need of help, due to the Holiday blizzard of 2010 that blanketed New Jersey.

Booker is a new breed of young and hip politicians and his Twitter help idea might have saved a few lives — but it didn’t stop with the snow storm.

“I tweeted Mayor Booker from my beauty parlor when my best customer’s head got stuck in the dryer,” said Jenny Hanks of Jenny’s Emporium of Exotic Hair and Nails in Newark’s Ironbound section.

“In ten minutes Mayor Booker was there in my shop with two state troopers and they removed my clients head with the jaws of life.   Her head came right out of the dryer but unfortunately it was not attached to her body.  At first it was awful but then Mayor Booker Tweeted a local funeral parlor that specializes in decapitations and they came and picked up the body.

“The viewing and wake was perfect, and you would never know that her head had been ripped right off her shoulders — and her hair looked fabulous!”

Maybe these little slices of high-tech Americana might not seem like much, but Cory Booker has proven himself to be the new and hip brand of politician who is just as quick at whipping out his blackberry as he is at whipping out a law book or some old and tired city council thing.  Don’t be afraid to Tweet him — he’s a super hero!!!!!

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