Oklahoma City Skirvin Crying Baby legend

Residents of Oklahoma City may already know of the Skirvin crying baby legend. For those of you who don’t, here is the scoop. A hotel constructed in the early 1900?s during the prohibition era is said to be haunted by the ghost of a crying baby and the baby’s mother Effie.

skirvin crying baby Skirvin Crying Baby- Skirvin Hotel W.B. Skirvin, a wealthy oil tycoon founded the Skirvin hotel in 1910. The ten story hotel was one of the most elaborate places to stay in the area at the time. It boasted high dollar light fixtures, bedding, and even air conditioning. Mr. Skirvin impregnated a young female employee, his mistress. The mistress was only known by the name Effie. Once she became pregnant Skirvin kept her in hiding in one of the hotel rooms. No one seen Effie again.

 One day Effie, with her baby in her arms, jumped out of a tenth floor window in the hotel. They both were killed in the fall. Since then Effie and her child have haunted the Hotel. Cries from the young child can still be heard there, visitors say. Guests have also reported seeing the figure of a woman walking throughout the hotel

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