New Jersey Blizzard — New Jersey Snowed in.


What started out to be a little snow storm has turned into a monster blizzard that has covered New Jersey with 5 inches of snow.  In some areas of The Garden State, you can hardly see the blades the of grass sticking up from the lawn.

“My wife and I went out to buy some cans of whole tomatoes to make out gravy for New Years Eve, but we had to go back, ” said Gennar Benti of Long Valley, a suburb in the northwestern part of the state.  “The snow was almost as high as the soles on my shoes and there was no way I could make that without getting hurt.  I take heart medicine because my pressure is high and my wife has problems with her sugar, so we decided to stay home and maybe get the sauce tomorrow if the roads are clear, but in New Jersey it could take a month to clear 5 inches of snow.  This is devastating.”

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