NUTRACEUTICAL and MACROBIOTIC are fake words. The unhappy truth about JJ VIRGIN, her qualifications, and the fraud that is called “Holistic Medicine.”



The  self-proclaimed and imaginary, Hollywood  nutrition expert,  JJ Virgin has hooked up Dr. Phil and another looney snake oil douche bag, and is taking the country by storm with her own brand of health advice. Trouble is that she is probably unqualified to do what she is doing — or else she is as qualified as any sensible person who prepares food.  Sadly, she might make you sicker.

Below is her bio from her own web page.

Everything you read in brackets and bold type is my commentary. The rest is her bio — ENJOY!

Biography of JJ Virgin, C.N.S., C.H.F.I.

As a 20 year veteran of the health and fitness industry, JJ Virgin has worked extensively both in the business side and the performance side of the industry.  {What does that mean? It means that she worked in a gym.}

She began as a dance teacher and aerobics instructor {Anybody can do this} and quickly moved up to running and owning gyms and aerobics departments, hiring and training other instructors, making videos and teaching and training internationally. { See, she’s a chick who worked in a gym}

In the mid 1980’s she became one of the first personal trainers in the country. {This is a total lie.  People have had personal trainers since before Christ}

After graduating from UCLA in 1986,  {She graduated?  Where is the BA or BS after her name?  She seems to like putting degree titles after her name, so where is this basic one?} she went on to do her graduate studies at CSUN in biomechanics. {Where is her degree in biomechanics?  I do not see that above in the various titles she gives herself}   taking one year off to study Sports Medicine at University of Miami.  {This probably means that she took a course in something while she was dancing or teaching aerobics in a gym — We don’t know what courses she took and we don’t know if she failed or passed these courses.} 

She went on to do PhD work in exercise physiology, nutrition and aging at USC. {That’s nice. She took PHd Courses but where is her PhD from an accredited university?  The truth is that she doesn’t have a real PhD and in reality all courses are PhD courses — even a course in pottery}

During her PhD work   {but she has no real PhD} she discovered that she really wanted to pursue the nutritional field and left USC to focus on nutrition research. {This means she went back to working in a gym}  After 5 years of independent study,   {This means nothing — this means she had a job in a gym again}  she joined the Masters Program at the University of Bridgeport and then shifted to her current program of study at the American Health Sciences University in Colorado.  {But where is her Master’s degree — I don’t see it in her titles above.  She may have “joined” the Masters Program but she didn’t get a Masters as far as I can see.}

JJ is currently certified by the American College of Sports Medicine as a Health and Fitness Instructor with enhanced qualifications in nutrition, advanced personal training and exercise for the older adult.  {This is like taking a CPR and lifeguard safety course and a lot easier.}  She is a Certified Nutrition Specialist with the American College of Nutrition and a Certified Nutritional Counselor with the American Association of Nutritional Consultants and an Associate Nutritionist with the Designs for Health Institute.   {An invented association with it’s own corresponding  and invented certifications — they are meaningless}  She is a member of MENSA, the UCLA Alumni Society, the American College of Nutrition and the American Nutraceuticals Association.  {None of this has anything to do with knowing anything about disease processes and anyone can join any organization.  The MENSA thing is questionable.  The word nutraceuticals pops up on Spell Check as being misspelled because it’s a fake word.  Spell Check is smarter than  the average consumer. }

Throughout her career, JJ has spoken for groups as large as 500 on fitness and nutrition, has appeared on TV and radio and has been featured in magazine and newspaper articles. { So has Jim Jones and Osama Bin Laden. } JJ is the health correspondent for The Healthy Living Show and a medical host { What is a medical host?  Shouldn’t that be a physician’s job?} for the Wellness Hour, appearing regularly on TV with health updates and medical minutes and contributes to the affiliated website She is currently the nutritionist for Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge and appears frequently on his nationally syndicated program Dr. Phil and contributes to his website  {This all means that she is probably fucking Dr. Phil who is almost as much of a bullshitting skank as she is}

She recently produced a series of exercise videos with Dr. Diana Schwarzbein author of the highly touted Schwarzbein Principle 1, 2 and companion cookbooks {books that mean nothing and probably do more harm than good} and is working on a second series with Dr. Schwarzbein. JJ has had nutrition and lifestyle coaching practices in Rancho Mirage, Ft. Lauderdale, Dallas and Beverly Hills for many years which she has recently discontinued to focus more on lecturing, television and writing.   {All grubs banding together to increase their grub factor}

Final analysis — JJ Virgina is a cafeteria lady who used to work in a gym. 

She is probably a failed actress because nutrition and animal welfare organizations are fields where a lot of failed actresses with moxy usually end up. 

She most likely failed as an actress because she has a horrible speech thing that makes you sick to your stomach but it works to her advantage in the nutrition field because it makes her less threatening to women.

The truth is that all one needs to do is eat in moderation.  There are no miracle diets that will cure illnesses unless those illnesses are caused by nutritional deficiencies — something that is very rare in REAL medicine. 

Regular people eat regular things and do just fine.  Regular people also eat shitty things and do just fine.  Benjamin Franklin ate rancid and contaminated foods and he only drank ales and hard ciders yet he lived to be a very old man. 

The “science” of nutrition is a fake science and a lot of people make money telling you things that any grandmother knew 100 years ago.   Don’t be scammed by people like JJ Virgin. 

If you have cancer you need to eat, and if you have terminal cancer, you need to eat whatever you want and as much of it as you want.   There are no such things as a nutraceutical or macrobiotric diets.  They are scams. 

69 thoughts on “NUTRACEUTICAL and MACROBIOTIC are fake words. The unhappy truth about JJ VIRGIN, her qualifications, and the fraud that is called “Holistic Medicine.”

  1. Let me see. Because I am trying to save unfortunate people from falling under the spell of a circus barker, I must be unhappy and miserable? What kind of herbal cockamamie cure are YOU selling out there in the California desert? Take a hike — but keep reading. We love our readers — especially the ones who hate us.

  2. You’re mixing your thingys there. You’re supposed to say, “Bitter? Table for one?” Listen, I don’t like this fake doctor holistic shit and if you fall for it — good for you. But then again, I am not the one stuck in the middle of Bumfuck Missouri — that would be you.

  3. I’d just really like to say that if you so firmly believe that there is no new level of health today, maybe you think you just haven’t given yourself enough of a look? I can’t see how it wouldn’t be the time for HEALING and REBIRTH to happen, on the spiritual mental and PHYSICAL levels. So, in health care, we are coming to know that the pharmaceutical industry is all about money and not providing the REAL solutions for our disease/illness, and so GOOD people are out there actively seeking NEW solutions. Today, there is a lot of people seeking those answers. You are trying to say that out of ALL those people, not one company is founded in integrity and the truth?

    Where is your hope pal? There should be hope today, and instead of using this amazing tool (internet and the free flow of information) as a means to project your own ego into the world about “being right” about something, try to learn something new, be open, connect with quality information, and heal your life to.

    Its love really. I want people to know that when you are holding such a universal device as a computer, one must know that within it there is great power, and with great power comes great responsibility. Best to figure out what the wisest way is to use it. Forget about negativity, the world is working for change now. We as the people need to know the truth and there really isn’t a better tool for discovering the truth then the internet, for its a free flow of info and one of a kind really.

    ALL WE EVER LEARNED IS HERE FOR US. Best to be wise. You can ask me about it because I got PLENTY of resources to share. Hope you learned something. Comments appreciated.


  4. There is nothing wrong with negativity. It is one of the forces that holds the universe together and the dissonace of negativity on a societal level is what enabled mankind go from cave to castle.

    If by any chance you arrived in my mailbox via, or at the behest of that crazy doctor from Akron, please gently remind him that he is spreading misinformation and hurting people, but I wish him the best.

    In any event, by telling people to go to their doctors when they are ill, I am being socially responsible. This is one of the things that boggles my mind about macrobioticians and naturopaths — they actually kill people because the delay in treatment can, in many cases, mean the difference between life and death.

    Also, I am not projecting my own ego by any stretch of the word. I am, however, projecting my own sense of caring and concern. Perhaps that annoys you because you are turning a buck off some kind of holistic hogwash, but I ain’t buyin’ it and you shouldn’t be selling it or submitting your life and health to people who are.

    You’re espcially not selling me anything with words like LOVE and HOPE and PEACE — and let me tell you why. One time my dog was ill and I had to get a canine dentist’s opinion. After he was done with his examination, I thanked him. He replied, “Thanks? I tried to feed thanks to my cat and she died.” Then, after my dog was cured, he asked me for my credit card number. That just about sums up my opinion of whatever it is your hawking.

  5. I’m not sure why I am even back here, clearly it seems like you are stuck on what you want to feel.

    But, however, I’d rather hear you out more, I believe we’d have a very interesting debate might I add.

    I understand your “concern and caring” but is it not a bit skepticism to? Have you even taken a good look at whats out there in wellness today? More then just pills and what not. We got products to HEAL skin, any kind of skin problem and it solves it in very little time. IF we can heal skin and change coffee into something extremely healthy for a change, then I’d say those are some big signs pointing towards the fact that maybe a new level of health has arrived. People out there are seeking solutions for health care, because health care can hardly sustain itself, and yea prevention does seem to be the new answer, and there are preventive anti aging tools out there that clear up the real disease at the molecular level, the cellular level is back to peak functioning when providing the body with the ionic compounds that eliminate inflammation and oxidation which is indeed the breeding ground for cancer. There is no cure for many diseases, there are only alternative solutions, natural ways and living food, detox and all the antioxidants becoming so popular, for good reason to. Our bodies can heal themselves, they just need to return back to peak cellular functioning by eliminating the only thing that distrubt the electrical resistance of the bioelectric field, toxins and free radicals.

    I’ve done my research. I believe in what I am doing and there should be no reason for you to feel like you have to attack me. However, I’d like to know what makes you so sure that this level of health is not possible today. We can do pretty much everything else. We mastered technology. But where should we really be directing it today? I’d say clearing up our physical resistance in the body is essential, then exploring the mental and spiritual flow right in.

    Idunno, I’m a 2012 believer, for the good change that might come. Many people are preparing. Where do you get off calling it a hoax? What is your credibility here? Do you have something to share with us?

  6. I am not “stuck” on anything. I wrote what I wrote. You, however, are stuck on trying to change my opinion — ain’t gonna happen. You believe what you believe and I believe what I believe — that’s fine, but when you start talking about 2012 and other nonsense, I start to worry.

    Yes, we can heal some skin ailments with aloe — but try giving aloe to a person with melanoma. My best guess is that they will die.

    Where do I come off calling 2012 a hoax? 2012 is not a hoax at all — there will be a year 2012 — the idea that Mayans, people who didn’t have enough know-how to make a wheel or build an arch, could predict the end of the world is just dumb and dumb people have been predicting the end of the world since 5000BC. Why, even people with arches and wheels and internal combustion engines have predicted the coming of the end.

    I read once where there is an “end of the world day” happening about 7 times per year. Maybe we ought to cover the world with aloe and save us all.

  7. You’re my hero, lol. I’m a biologist and I agree that word “macrobiotics” is a fake term. The diet itself is not harmful and could probably do some good to all of the overweight folks out there, however, it CANNOT cure disease, lol. And there is a rumor going around that green algae can change DNA… Why on earth would one want to change their DNA? Also, it’s impossible anyway… Algae is a plant-like protist and the only things you’re going to get out of it are carbohydrates and protein; the same things contained in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

    As for this woman you talk about, JJ Virgin, she states that she was working on her Ph.D and then went into the Master’s program… You need to have the Master’s first and then complete the Ph.D, and it looks as if she jumped around from school to school and never completed anything. Doctor Phil also does not have a real Ph.D, so anyone who hangs out with him must be a jerk. Keep up the good work.

  8. Thank you, MY FRIEND! Maybe JJ Virgin can have a dish of algae and change her DNA enough to turn her into a sea sponge. It wouldn’t take much changing. Hehe.
    I appreciate your enthusiasm in favour of my crusade against bullshit artists and their fake sciences.


  9. I’ve never heard of JJ Virgin, and I don’t care about your obvious vendetta. Shiitake’s inhibit or kill cancer. Miso inhibits or kills cancer. So do numerous other foods in a macrobiotic diet, and they are widely documented by reputable independent sources. So get your head out of your butt before you tell cancer patients to “eat whatever you want and as much of it as you want.”

    This site is heavily SOURCED:

  10. Fake science and you are not a doctor — you’re a fucking idiot — You keep eating the mushrooms and write to me when you get there.

  11. Although I enjoy witty responses like “you’re a fucking idiot,” what that really tells everyone is that you actually have no response. Fortunately for you, “everyone” in this case amounts to three responders. If you really want to prove to the world that you are smarter than everyone else, just provide your unique credentials that place your knowledge above the sources on the Kushi site:

    Journal of the National Cancer Institute
    Science News
    New York Times
    New England Journal of Medicine
    Journal of the National Cancer Institute
    American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

    I will certainly stand corrected once you do.

  12. Scott — telling you to go fuck yourself would be too complimentary because you have that air of cloying condescendence that infuriates me, and if you spew your kind of bullshit to gullible and desperately ill people, you can be a really dangerous person. Firstly, there have been several responders — one a microbiologist who thanked me for voicing the truth about medicine side show cures and the like. I have also receieved a lot of private mail from professionals who opt not to post in a public forum, thanking me for publishing my opinions.

    If, however, you’re still on the “shittake-mushroom-kills cancer” subject — and I assume you are because people like you don’t go away and don’t bother to learn anything — let me say this about that. There are drugs in the world of cancer — drugs that real doctors and real scientists have spent a long time developing — and you know what? These cancer killing drugs don’t even kill cancer well enough to cure anyone (childhood cancers notwithstanding).

    Let’s say that one day I am diagnosed with Stage 3 inoperable bronchogenic carcinoma and I begin therapy with Vinorelbine and Cisplatin. On that same fateful day, you are diagnosed with the same cancer and you begin a regiment of “holistic treatments” and macrobiotic diets that include massive doses of shittake mushroom extract. Guess what? WE BOTH DIE — except I get to have all my hair fall out and feel like death warmed over for the 10-12 weeks that I will live longer than you.

    So, despite what you read on the internet — all of which has been planted by Google sponsored websites because real doctors will not even talk about stupid shit like this — shittake mushrooms do nothing except kill fungus in vitro. As a matter of fact, Global Women’s Breast Cancer Awareness has come out against any patient trying this crap or using it only as a last resort.

    My entire article aside, you have a fixation about shittake mushrooms, while basically, none of that hocus-pocus has anything to do with my criticsim of people like JJ Virgin.

    Thank you for realizing that I am indeed smarter than everybody else — at least on subjects I choose to address. Were I not certain that people like you are dangerous and potentially deadly medicine side show barkers, I would not have attacked this branch of bullshit.

    The Kushi Institute — I’ll put in a plug for your bullshit killing field — is a dangerous place where terminally ill people go for peace of mind. It’s a cruise ship for the dying — but with a much higher profit margin than any cruise ship afloat. If that helps the sick in their final months or weeks, good for them — but in the meantime, if you have a child with cancer and instead of bringing him to a hospital, you bring him to the Kushi Insitute for shittake mushroom treatments and coffee enemas, you can be charged with “Failure to render aid and child neglect” — that oughta tell you something.

    Okay so now I am mad enough to to tell you to go fuck yourself. It’s like this, Scott. You never know who you’re talking to — you never know who I might be or what I might know, but what you should know is that I will always know more than you about everything — except being a gullible moron.

    So you see, I DO have a response, but I don’t like to sit here and educate assholes like you — your parents and teachers should have taught you the basic tenets of the scientific process and deductive reasoning. It’s too late now — so leave me alone and go bother somebody else.

  13. Another rant Damien? That’s the best you’ve got? I find it annoying that you won’t meet my challenge head on, and yet I’m fascinated by your need for self congratulation.

    I’ll state my question just one more time, and I’ll give you two choices here since I suspect that you are a tad slow on the uptake:

    1. Match the sources I listed with something at least as good as the New England Journal of Medicine. Or;

    2. Provide another witty–albeit baseless, rant. (Selfishly, that’s certainly more entertaining for me!!)

  14. You are a failed science fiction writer (you have a day job) and you are failed blogger (two blogs that nobody reads — I get 150,000 unique visits per month) Also, you are the most sickening person I have ever come up against on this blog — here’s the thing. You go write your own blog, okay? Say whatever you want and be safe in the knowledge that nobody, least of all me, will read it. You’re a jealous little jerk-off and the medical stuff you espouse is indeed science fiction. Now I will block your IP address, which comes from the company where you’re supposed to work and not play on the internet all day.

  15. MacroBiotic preachers tend to use incredibly bad arguments to support their ideas. I had a coworker from Boulder who likes to quote lies like John Wayne died with 40 pounds of rotting meat in his colon. He also spouts the Elvis colon lie in his gospel of eating green. This particular pal is one of the most successful macroB pushers in Boulder. The promise of good health sold with lies. Cures cancer, cleanses better than colonics, prevents osteomalatia and reverses balding. Although his hair is still missing.

    I would rather eat a macrobiotic diet than the diet 70% of our overweight American friends eat. But fortunately for me I believe calories in needs to equal calories out. I can eat anything I want.

    I am watching Dr Oz right now and some macrobiotic preacher is on pitching the idea that doctors can’t understand women’s bodies because they aren’t women. I have a few friends who got their MD despite their XX chromosomes she may need to meet. That is why I googled “macrobiotic scam” and found your page. These people make me grumpy.

    My own theory is simple. Eat everything. Calories in=calories out. Done. I just ran tough mudder in beaver creek. Yesterday I had a hell of a workout in 98 degree heat while everyone else was lounging at the pool. So far I think I’m beating 99% of America with my own theory and walk around in the trophy to prove it.

    I just wish everyone cool stop the fad diets and change their lives for good. If that is what they want. If they want to die early, good. More social security for me.

  16. MacroSkeptic — you are a genius! Did you read all the comments from the morons attacking me because they believe in all this bullshit? It’s amazing how this idea of miracle Granny Clampett cures still persist in this day and age. I am going to go after the Stem Cell wrinkle cream assholes next.

    I am so relieved that there are smart people still left in this world — I hope you’re not the only one left.

    Dr Oz is a a money hungry asshole who caters to his demographic regardless of truth – maybe that ought to be the title of my book -DR. OZ IS AN ASSHOLE -that quack will do anything — possibly even inadvertantly cause the deaths of sick people who believe his guests and die without proper treatment just because some fuktard was on the show and told them to eat shittake mushrooms and be cured of stage IV melanoma — ugh!

    If you browse through my blog, you will see that I tore Suzanne Somers a new asshole too.


  17. Lol, I’ll have to read more of your posts. Yes, you will always have the defenders of the faith coming after you when you point out that a faith healing effort has no proven effects. Once people buy in to something like macrobiotic, HCG, Ford, Chevy or Apple, their brains light up like religious nutjobs when they think about their decision.

    Getting excited about macrobiotics is kind of like getting a little horny when you see Pamela Anderson and want to shove a wedding sack over her head. If you are dumb, the idea sticks. If you are not dumb, you recognize the negatives and push her out of your head a few microseconds later.

    As for Dr. Oz, I don’t know much about him. The little lady is always saying something like Dr oz says I can cut my chance of cancer by %30 if I eat X potatoes a week. I told her we need to start a tracker on our page to calculate the disease reduction predicted by dr oz, as well as the calorie intake required to do so.

    I’ll check out Suzanne Somers next. Thanks for the work on your page. I am enjoying it so far.

  18. You are funny, Damien. Who cares if she is a wise “gym chick” or someone with lots of degrees listed after her name. . .if the information she imparts is valuable! Let’s try her advice and see what happens. Experiment. Use the scientific method. When I ate a macrobiotic diet I lost lots of weight, was strong, and was amazed at the tremendous energy I had, so to me arguments in print about the veracity of macrobiotics don’t matter because I know first hand it worked for me! I also know that (for me) cutting out sugar, wheat, and dairy clears my thinking, aching joints, headaches, and changes me into a joyful, energetic person. Why be angry at information that might help us?

  19. Because she is a bullshit artist who has the potential to lead very sick people down a garden path to death.

    There is NO SUCH THING as a “Macro-Nutritionist” or a “Nutraceutical” — it’s all fake! People who turn a buck off of this “medicine show” are usually those who can’t or won’t get a real job — so they invent one.

    Here’s the thing: People who can’t get into real medical school often get into these fringe fields of fake medicine because they have failed. They want the MD but they failed to get it. Also, people with crazy mental disorders about food ingredients and paranoid delusions aimed at Monsanto and General Electric or dog food that they claim killed their dog, invent their sickness by writing books or blogs about HOLISTIC bullshit. The vast majority of them are full-of-shit. They are con artists who would scarf down a twinkie and an egg macmuffin if nobody was looking. Also, this field is the last frontier — after animal rescue and Amway — for failed or failing actors,

    I’m not angry — I’m smart.

  20. Apparently DDM is morbidly obese as well as bitter and unhappy. Cut back on your bag o food and sugar and you’ll feel, at least, less bitter

  21. yes…you do appear to be smart. In a very self serving kind of way. Which, in my summation, makes you at least as dangerous as the bullshit artists for whom you “tear a new asshole.” I, on the other hand, am not as smart. I always thought it was angry people who tore new assholes. Duh.

  22. Just saw a T.V. program about this bullshit artist named JJ Virgin a few days ago. She mentioned about the “7 foods” that should be avoided so you can lose weight and be healthy. Of course she won’t get into any detail about the foods and why you shouldn’t eat them. In order to find about this….guess what? You have to dish out almost $300 bucks to find out! LOL!

  23. You didn’t mention that the University Of Bridgeport was purchased by the Unification Church (yup…that would make it Moonie U) and offers “degrees” in such well-respected fields as Homeopathic Medicine and Acupuncture.

    Loved your review of her, um, “credentials”. And at the risk of sounding like all then nerdy kids that live at my house, her premises bring to mind one thing: CORRELATION DOES NOT EQUAL CAUSATION.

    She sounds like the Christine O’Donnell of New Age Medicine.

  24. Credentials are sometimes a smokescreen. I once worked with a guy who had a PhD in literature and he could barely write a coherent paragraph. I would much rather have seen a point-counterpoint of Ms. Virgin’s specific claims about health and diet. On paper Bill Gates did not have the business credentials to create a successful company, and many who did not immediately comprehend Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity questioned his experience and credentials.

    I just started looking into Ms. Virgin’s claims because I have a real health interest. You might be right about her being a snake oil salesperson…we certainly need to be careful about our sources, but based on what you left out, your article it is for now a nothing more than a personal attack based on her lack of traditional credentials.

  25. It’s not a “personal” attack. It’s a broad spectrum attack against all people who climb over the corpses of gullible people. There is a reason why we have such things as “traditional credentials.” Comparing a chick who tells you to eat sensible foods to Bill Gates or Albert Einstein is nuts. These fake degrees are invented to create fake credentials for fake healers. I wish I could send you the emails I get from doctors and nurses — real ones.

  26. DDM, the pharmaceutical world needs people like you so they can continue to FATTEN their BOTTOM LINE.

    The fact is that we are being sold a bill of goods (FOOD) that is creating havoc in our bodies and most people are too busy to realize they are getting poisoned and depending on the media who is getting paid to advertise it to the public. Unfortunately we live in a quick fix world and all we want is a prescription from the DR to mask the pain or temporarily cure the rash while we continuing to do the same thing that got us to pain or ailment.

    You talk about the facts well “FACE THE FACT” that we are the most obese population on the planet. We have more DRUGS prescribed than most modern world countries. We have the highest population of diabetics and a host of other killing synptions.

    You can’t really believe yourself with what you say. You talk about NUTRACEUTICAL and MACROBIOTIC being fake words then you really haven’t looked at the ingredients that are used in our foods today (which weren’t there 50 years ago)to preserve them or so-called enhance them. If you can’t recognize them or let alone pronounce them they obviously are not good for the bodie’s long term health.

    Have you read what “GMO” means. You can’t say that GMO is good for you. I think you should research more so what you type on your keyboard is more than a jealous outrage of your own personal thinking and unscientific opinion, specially when the person or program you are critizising (or I should say mocking) has been successful and all you can do is sit on your probably enlarge deriere on a blog that has no meaning or scientific validity whatsoever.

    I can tell you from experince that what JJ Virgen is putting out works!!!!! Why? Because I am doing it and it works.

    A true scientist or researcher first tries what he or she is investigating before they come up with a conclusion. You are obviously a naysayer with no factual validity what so ever.

    Quit leading the people to their graves.

  27. You put a lot of work into this so I am not going to trash it — BUT — you are a gullible sucker and you have poor reading comprehension!

    The point of my very intelligent article was to simply point out that there are predators out there who know how to manipulate fat people and unhappy people and sick people and mentally unstable people and people with problems and worries — they have the miracle cures and they’ll be happy to sell ’em to you.

    That kind of bullshit has been going on for thousands of years. How stupid do you have to be NOT TO REALIZE THIS? It’s basic history. It’s the proverbial history of the con man and the sick man. Is that so hard for you to understand?

    OF COURSE anybody with a brain knows if you eat fresh food and avoid junk you will be healthier, but even that seemingly basic “fact” has never been proven.

    Fat slobs die from the same diseases as health food addicts, and when they are dying, they are treated with the same drugs that the so-called “evil pharmaceutical companies” force upon non-suckers.

    Anybody with a brain knows that you don’t go out and buy a room temperature, ready-to-eat, peel-away meal and expect that it will be good and wholesome and not loaded with preservatives. Why do you need a circus barker like JJ Virgin to tell you that? Why do you need a medicine sideshow jackass to tell you that a 2-pound hamburger with bacon and lard is not as good for you as a broiled chicken breast with a slice of avocado? Moreover, why do you offer this insane devotion for a woman who is, in my opinion, a huckster who knows nothing more about food than any sensible grandmother?

    “NUTRITION SCIENCE” in a first-world country is an imaginary science because it’s really just called EATING FOOD. It is nobody’s business what you eat because on average you only get 80 years to live — if you’re really lucky. If somebody wants to enjoy life and eat like a gluttonous pig and die at 71, who are you to give a shit? Benjamin Franklin ate rancid, salted and tar-smoked mutton and drank only whiskey and rum and yet lived to be 80 something — catch on?

    And as far as your comments about food 50 years ago. Are you outta your mind?

    Food 50 years ago was far more dangerous than food today –are you a complete idiot? Were you recently lobotomized or something?

    You mention GMO — “Genetically Modified” — why do you fear it? You fear it because you simply do not have the education to know what it means. It means that certain foods have been bred to make them disease resistant or cold resistant or tastier. As a matter of fact, you yourself — assuming you are a human being — are a GMO, but you would not understand what I am saying so I will not waste my time.

    Because of morons like you who don’t understand that irradiated food is GOOD FOR YOU, we’re still at a dead end in that long-needed area of food preparation. How many people — infants mostly — have died from e-coli because stupid and unscientific people have an imaginary fear that irradiated food will turn us all into monsters? PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE THE DANGER BECAUSE YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT REAL SCIENCE! YOU ARE AN INTERNET SIMPLETON!

    You call me unscientific, but how do you know that I am unscientific? Take my word for it, my opinions are more rooted in knowledge of the scientific process than your opinions. To me you sound like somebody who belongs to an organic food cult. Do you even know what ‘organic means? It means ( for the sake of food ingestion) that the thing in question was once alive. in case you are not aware of it, human beings cannot survive uness they eat things that were once alive. We don’t eat plastic, you stupid ass.

    Frankly, you sound like a schizo conspiracy theorist. You know nothing about my field of endeavour or how I come to the conclusions I come to — but you know it all.

    Okay — so let’s say you’re a fat slob with Type 2 diabetes with comorbid dermatological manifestations and you managed to lose 100 pounds and now your diabetes is gone — DUH! Do you understand the medical explanation for that or did JJ Virgin cure you of diabetes? What do you think?

    Macrobiotic and Neutraceutical are indeed invented words — they were invented to promote a fake industry that bilks billions of dollars out of stupid people.

    George Carlin once noted that the words “hearty” and “zesty” were words that were totally invented to describe food for TV commercials. Like HEARTY and ZESTY, words like MACROBIOTIC and NEUTRACEUTICAL are FAKE WORDS. They lead gullible people to their graves. People like you and JJ Virgin should walk around with a shovel in one hand and a pot of flowers in the other. YOU are the danger. You are a purveyor of misinformation and stupidity and danger.

    Here’s the last word on the whole thing because I just went over your letter again and you’re opinion is just so fucking stupid I can’t stand it.

    People like you need to be on some kind of sicko watch list — especially if you have children. If your kid gets sick with a serious illness — or perhaps even a very simple illness — and you opt to treat him or her “macrobiotically” or “neutraceutically” in spite of the fact that a simple regiment of Zithromax or whatever will cure or palliate, you can be brought up on charges of “FAILURE TO RENDER AID” — this is why people like you make me sick. You’re stupid — and the only thing worse than a stupid person are the circus barkers who prey on the stupidity of people like you.

    Now go and get a high colonic to cleanse yourself and get back to me when you have a fever of 106-F degrees because you got a giardia infection from your organic lettuce and for some reason your garlic and cumin tea isn’t doing the trick.

    One day, hopefully when you are very old, you will thank the evil nurse and the evil doctor for that painkiller they shot you up with and that fever reducer and the anti-emetic drug that gave you back an appetite in your final days so you can lay back and watch DAYS OF OUR LVES while enjoying some nice and thick and crunchy slices of smoked bacon set atop a heaping portion of scrambled eggs that came from a mass production egg-laying factory — you can bet the bank on that — unless of course you just get hit by a bus — which wouldn’t be such a great loss.

  28. The truth is she’s breaking the law. The only credential that is allowed to give one on one nutritional counseling is a Registered Dietitian. It involves a minimum of a Bachelors of Science in human nutrition and dietetics as well as nutrition’s relationship with pathology. I don’t disagree with everything she says, but she is not credentialed to say any of it without an RD credential in this country. Some doctors get away with giving nutritional counseling, but even they are legally supposed to consult an RD. But neither of these people are medical doctors or RDs. I’m surprised they haven’t been arrested

  29. DDM you couldn’t have said it better! I love that you say it like it is! Here’s the (your) challenge: the majority of people are below “average” and will never understand the snake oil salesmen. These people believe what they want to believe, nothing will ever change their opinions. This J.J. person has been in and out of so many school ” programs” yet, where are her credentials? She is all about money. Simple as that. And she’s one of the above-mentioned “below-average” people in that she cant even finish O.N.E. degree. She needs at be arrested for giving out nutritional information without the proper credentials. That being said, the above ranters and raiders will never “get it.” As much as people like you expose snake oil salesmen and women, there will A.L.W.A.Y.S. be buyers of snake oil. P.T Barnum was correct- there’s one born every minute! Keep up the good work!

  30. A macrobiotic diet (or macrobiotics), from “macro” (long) and “bios, biot-” (life),[1] is a dietary regimen which involves eating grains as a staple food supplemented with other foodstuffs such as local vegetables, avoiding the use of highly processed or refined foods and most animal products. Macrobiotics also addresses the manner of eating by recommending against overeating and requiring that food be chewed thoroughly before swallowing. Macrobiotics writers present it as a means of combating cancer

  31. I’m glad I found this website. Is there any way you can connect me with Kelly (Dec. 2010 commenter). I am a French model and would like to take her on a date. After all, “you can’t lie on the internet,” right?

  32. I saw Virgin on GPTV. I thought Public Broadcasting was on our side. So why did they slip her in there with Dr. Amen and Dr. Oz? I am a retired dental hygienist. In college I had to take biochemistry on the molecular level to discuss nutrition with my patients. (of course I only used this information when I took my state and national boards) You are upset with Virgin I am upset with public broadcasting. I thought they were the good guys. Her program was used as a pledge drive. The seven foods she says to omit can cause allergic reactions but a person would be better served to go and be tested than to give $240 to “her show”.

  33. Wow just watched J J Virgin on the TV. I have a background in bio chemistry, and have worked in the field for many years. I’m not ignorant. Macrobiotics is the simple the modern name for what originally was the study of how food and other natural influences affect us. Her subs for milk alone are very dangerous because of the sodium content. Those with HBP should be aware of all ingredients. Just read and study all her claims. All a money making gimmick with no accurate study to back it up. When will the public learn.

  34. For people with intestinal disorders the principal behind the “7 foods to avoid” is good. This is information that your doctor would have already given you with your diagnosis. The majority of that list was already on the suggested avoidance list from my doctor. Some are new, I will try avoiding them and see what happens.

    When you go to her web page she is selling stuff and that seems to be her main focus. When there are more ads then informative materiel I get turned off. Take the information, be sensible, and do what works for you. I am following the diet now to see if it helps eliviate the pain that I have when I eat and also to loose weight. It is working. There is nothing to say that things will or will not cure me by doing this.

    I do agree that she starts A LOT of stuff and never finishes any of it.

  35. I agree, Anne: it looks like PBS is turning into one huge infomercial allowing quacks to promote their over-priced gimmicks. I looked into JJ Virgin after seeing her on Public Television. While I agree that some people may have food sensitivities, the overwhelming majority do not. Gluten, soy, and dairy in particular have become the boogeymen of the modern diet. If you have celiac disease, you have to live gluten-free. Otherwise, cut back on the crap, get your ass to the gym, and you’ll lose weight.

    I’ve trained with bodybuilders who eat all of those things JJ says to avoid, and they look pretty fabulous. I’m glad I found this website. Whenever some self-professed “nutrition guru” starts preaching the evils of one food or another, my bullshit radar goes into full swing. Yes, we eat too much damn sugar, and way too many carbs, and yes, some foods trigger cravings, but cutting out entire food groups is dangerous and unhealthy. JJ Virgin looks the way she does because of her body type and overall calorie consumption, not because she never lets a slice of pizza pass her lips.

  36. I think you are right and witty in an ascerbic way. Glad I found this blog, and I enjoy it. Would like to know, however, why you say there is no such thing as nutritional science because I took a a class called the Science of Nutrition in college. Yes, a real, well-known state university. The “science” of nutrition in this class consisted of the chemistry and biology regarding nutritional concepts like what makes a hydrogenated fat and the components plant cells.

    There is a science to nutrition that is being refined everyday in food R&D. The information that gets to us via the media is a small part of a much bigger story based on the research. You’ll never get the complete picture by paying attention to news articles or following fad diets based on the latest public information, Whatever their credentials may be, those selling diet books are basing their system on a formula of a basic calorie-restricted program with a list of foods to use or avoid based on a concept that’s making headlines like low-carb, cholesterol/triglyceride level, inflammation…fill in the blank.

    Calories in-calories out is the best that nutrition science has to say about weight loss, and weight lose will improve your health no matter what you cut out to accomplish it.

  37. Hi, I am genuinely interested in your point of view. I research everything, as much as possible, before I try it – good and bad. I would like to know your reasons for feeling negatively about JJ Virgin and her diet plan. As a person with food allergies I am always reading up on healthy alternatives to things. I would like to know if you are simply opposed to this diet as a weight-loss plan, or if you disagree with it entirely? Also, can you please elaborate on why you disagree? Did you try this method and it did not work for you? Or, do you merely disagree with any “selling” or “propaganda-type” methods and that is why you feel this is a scam? I would love to know the reason for your opinion.

  38. The answer to your question should be obvious. The whole “nutrition” industry as far as it applies to TV and products sold on TV and in “how to” books, is a 21st century medicine side show — and it’s VERY expensive. There is no reason to elaborate other than to simply point out the obvious fact that non-medical people somehow manage to get ersatz credentials so as to boost their credibility in the eyes of the sick, lonely, and the stupid.

    In real medicine, food allergies and senitivities and deficincies reveal themselves in certain ways that are known to science. People like JJ Virgin invent words or fads to sell stuff that is either useless or, in my opinion, medically stupid and dangerous. She appears on shows where the word “medical” is used a lot, but she wouldn’t know a gluten related skin problem from a paraneoplastic syndrome. In fact, I would bet that JJ Virgin could not pass a first year med school exam on the science of how the human body converts food to energy. Of course, now that I have said it, she will study it, but, in my opinion she’s too stupid and lazy to learn.

    How many people get a strange rash and suddenly believe that they have to stop eating gluten because JJ Virgin said that gluten causes skin problems? How many of them will send her company their creditcards numbers and fall under her spell? How many of those people actually have immunological disorders that go ignored because they think that a “macrobiotic” diet will fix a rash that turns out to be — let’s say,a cutaneous T Cell lymphoma? Do you think that doesn’t happen? Then, when the person is diagnosed properly with a life-threatening illness, they still again mistrust the doctor’s opinion and contiunue to listen to the circus barkers. It’s a vicious cycle – and a sad one too. Some people live in denial about failing health. or else they’re stupid or they’re mentally sick. Sounds pretty harsh, but it’s true.

    For how many years have fake medicine people prescribed herbs only to find out that some herbs are dangerous, or more often, useless? Things that were called “tonics” back in the old west, are still being sold, but they are packaged to look like “year-2013 medical.”

    In the 1860’s, for example, the tonics were packaged the same way. They were packaged to resemble the real medical stuff of the day. Naturally the cures they sold back then were 70% moonshine and camphor and lemon oil, and the doctors who sold it gave themselves names like “Doctor and Professor” and they sold their Miracle Potent Tonics.

    Do you see how much things have changed in 150 years? Not very much at all — not one bit. The only things that have advanced are the tactics to which this kind of fake “medicine” attaches itself in a tangential way to real medicine. Real medicine has advanced, so of course fake medicine has evolved to keep up with it. This scheme is bolstered by the fact that people today have been taught to question and doubt real medicine. If 10% of the people aren’t helped by doctors or surgeons for whatever reason, and of that 10%, 2% turn to people like JJ Virgin, what do you think that adds up to? A lot of money and lot of duped people — that’s what it adds up to.

    The worst offenders are real MDs who sell out their medical degrees by hawking miracle stuff on infomercials. Things like “Stem Cell Therapy” skin creams and French watermelon lotions. These real doctors should lose their license to practice medicine, but they don’t because some lawyer goes over the copy of the commercial and finds the legal loopholes. What they want to say is, “This product will make make your wrinkles go away because we have discovered a secret way to make stem cells in your skin alter their DNA and revert back to the skin you had when you were 18” but it comes out “Based on the same science that encourages the growth of stem cells, this cream will improve the “look”of wrinkles” — or your money back of course — and try to get it back once they have your credit card number.

    When a person buys a 30-day supply of Monopril or Norvasc for hypertension, does the pharmacy add shipping and handling charges? Does the pharmacy attach the customer’s credit card to a constant 30-day supply that is nearly impossible to stop unless the credit card is cancelled? No. Why not? Because this is real business with a real medicine for a real medical condition.

    Just for shits and giggles, call up the number for some of these infomercial cures and watch what happens? I really would like you to try it — but don’t give your credit card number. The call will be very short because that is the first thing the sales loser working for commission on the other end of the phone will ask for — and if they don’t ask that, they will tell you to add this extra product and that extra product and then attach your credit card. Go ahead and try it. Yes there are off shore pharmacies who do the stuff with real meds, but that’s why they are offshore.

    When you are a child, you learn to dress yourself. It’s a gradual process and eventually, unless you are mentally impaired, you learn to wake up and brush your teeth, shower and put on clothes. The same applies to eating food. You grow up and gradually you learn to feed yourself. Maybe you feed yourself fatty and greasy foods or maybe you eat well because you use common sense. As far as health issues go, people are always children. They only grow up in the sense to know that they need to see a doctor about an issue. They don’t know how to heal themselves of diseases because most of the time diseases cannot be cured unless one is treated by a real physician with real medicine.

    Sure, JJ Virgin and her gang can get a Type 2 diabetic off meds by making them lose weight, but every dotor in the world will tell a diabetic patient to lose weight if that’s the appropriate measure, but these idiots throw in words like “autism” and “dementia” to scare up business the same way Miracle Dr. Burns in 1867 used words like “consumption” and “rickets” and “diabetes.” I was a scam then and it’s a scam now.

    Here is a quick example of how this scam works and why it has worked so well for centuries. Back in the early 1970s, a lot of products learned to use invented words to sell their stuff — they even copyrighted and trademarked these words. The breath mints CERTS have been around forever. They are simply pressed sugar with wintergreen oil and aromatics that you chew so your breath smells nice. One day, an advertising agency decided that the ingredients in Certs should have a trademarked name, and we got CERTS with “RETSYN.” Sounds medical, right? What was Retsyn? It was simply the Certs’ company nickname for their mixture of wintergreen oil and sugar and glycerine. It was as easy as that. Cert had RETSYN so it must be better. The same goes for Raid with “Baygone” — you can Google all this stuff and when you boil it all down, it’s all part of the same family of quackery and deception and money-making shenanigans that people like JJ Virgin use to make a living.

    Listen, and listen good. The minute somebody calls themselves a doctor or gives themselves any kind of professional accreditation, but the credits are dubious or vague — walk away. The minute somebody tells you that antibiotics are killing you or you can get off your blood pressure meds with their $400 “system”— walk away.

    Dr. Phil gives advice but he is not a physician or a doctor of psychology — neither is Dr. Laura. They’re just impostors who know how to turn a buck off the word “doctor.” Why has Dr. Joyce Brothers never whored out her PhD in psychology to sell infomercial products? Because she is a real psychologost with integrity who has learned to make money off of her name legitimately, but for every real Dr. Joyce Brothers, there are a lot of Dr. Phils and Jj Virgin PhD —it makes me so sick.

    So, why do I think it’s a scam? I think it’s a scam because it has been going on for eons and one can actually study this scam as a social science.

    Here is my list of things that are fake and a few words about why I think they are fake.

    1) Chiropractic (the biggest scam in the world. Read a chiropractic trade magazine — if you can find one. Most of the articles are about how to keep patients coming back wnd how to sell your own vitamin formulations)
    2) Crystal Healing (criminal)
    3) Yoga (only helps people who think they need it)
    4) Applied Kinesiology (criminal)
    5) Multiple Vitamins (essentially useless)
    6) Macrobiotic (invented word –means nothing)
    7) Nutraceutical ( invented word — means nothing)
    8) Anything that is banned by the FDA that you have to get from a foreign country.
    9) Hypnosis (fake – comes and goes in cycles like UFO’s)
    10) Naturopath ( no such thing)
    11) Feng Shui ( fake fake fake fake like almost all Chinese medicine and thinking)

  39. There are also plenty of bloggers out there, who have no idea what the fuck they are talking about, passing themselves off as experts. Your tone negates any potential credibility you might otherwise have had. And I agree with pretty much everything you wrote as far as the subject, but you are such a prick that I’d think twice as to whether you were right or just another ranting asshole with a blog. Which you appear to be.

  40. I am not trying to win a popularity contest, Tile. Like Vera Donovan, the officiously vile character in the Stephen King novel “Dolores Claiborne” says, — “Sometimes, Dolores, sometimes, you have to be a high riding bitch to survive.”

  41. I have and am surviving throat and neck cancer, like the kind Michael Douglas had/has. I went through two radiation and two chemo treatments and the second round also included surgery removing the cancerous lymph nodes on the left side of my neck and to my left shoulder.
    I thank the traditional medical doctors trained in Cancer treatments for saving my life and thankful that I was smart enough to go the traditional way to cure my particular form of Cancer.
    The Vegas tried to convince me to take antioxidants saying that the antioxidants protect cells. Yes they do, and that includes protecting the cancerous cells and makes the chemo treatments less, yes LESS, effective slowing down the curing of my type of cancer. Now once my body is cured of the cancer (about 5 to ten years out from the initial treatments, tests, medications I can gradually introduce the antioxidants to protect my good cells and hopefully the bad cells are gone.
    I had and still have a great team of doctors, for they in combination saved my life. There are a lot more details I am leaving out because my comments would just be too long.
    I am 75 and my mother is 95. We are blessed with good genes and a fully functional thinking working brain with a mind that is sharp. A brain is an organ of the body (like heart, lungs, etc and a mind is a concept).
    My body lets me know when I eat or touch something that is bad for its survival.
    Like if I eat something that is bad for me, I puke it up and out or shit it out. Listening to your body is one of many steps (dental visits and primary doctor visits, shots etc) to a long life and good health.
    Thank you for your site and the information you are willing to put out there in spite of the slings and arrows of ignorant mindless people. My taste buds are returning slowly (not as fast as I would like and returning)
    My spit is slowing returning too. The mouth is the first step in processing the food so the body can be nourished and live.
    Yea I lost weight, lost hair. So what. I am now maintaining my weight and a healthy level and I look better with my hair shorter.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this.
    All the best to you and yours,
    Yours truly,
    Thom Elliott
    Fine Art Photographer

  42. Greetings and Best Wishes, Thom Elliott.
    I am sooooo happy for you and your recovery and your no-nonsense approach to your illness. You owed it to yourself and your family to follow the rules of scientific REAL medicine, and now you are a shining example of all the good that can come from steering people away from stupidity and dumbness. These idiots would have you drinking shittake mushroom juice until they handed you over to their business partner — the guy who sells caskets. KUDOS!

    Damien LeGallienne

  43. Okay, I read through ALL of the comments, from both sides. I also saw JJ Virgin’s show on PBS last week, and found your blog by googling, “virgin diet scam”.

    I have a torn ACL, and cannot exercise as much as I used too, so I spent the last month cutting calories (recalculated my BMR because of lifestyle change), and trying to cut my sugar intake. I’ve been eating horribly since the injury because I cannot work as much, and there is a pending lawsuit as a result of all this.

    Anyway, followed the whole calories in/out theory, and gained weight. Tried Virgin’s diet, and not only have I lost weight, the pain in my knee is almost gone, though it’s still extremely unstable.

    Yes, Virgin and many others scam people in the health and fitness industry. I worked as a personal trainer for 2 years, and chose to not renew my certification because most “professionals” in the industry don’t know what they are teaching. I once saw a trainer, known as the “best” at a particular gym, tell a young woman to, “put her back into it more” while doing kettlebell swings on a 12-inch step. I refused to sell any supplements or push strict diet plans on my clients because I know nutrition is a young science, and there is a lot we do not know. I just told people to drink more water, try to get 5 servings of veggies a day, and eat whatever they want once a week. It infuriates me when I know people who claim to be “fitness experts” don’t even know basic anatomy & physiology or how to properly execute exercises.

    Yes, I am doing the Virgin diet, but I didn’t spend a dime on any of her products. I feel like it is helping with my pain, even though it may be psychosomatic. I also feel like your critique is a little off. The certifications Virgin claims to have are somewhat legit. From my experience, there has to be so many credit hours taken, then one has to pass an exam with at least an 85%, or certification isn’t granted. The basic personal trainer course, if from a reputable school, covers anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, basic nutrition, calculating metabolic rates, and exercise prescription (including special populations: diabetics, heart conditions, elderly, youth, etc.). So, she at least learned to regurgitate this information, lol.

    Also, the whole gluten thing has been linked to children with autism, and it may be because of the super-wheat that is currently one of our staples. A friend of mine runs an autism clinic, and mentioned this to me a few years ago when someone else was spouting off about how immunizations cause autism. She promptly corrected said person, by the way. If people knew the changes in wheat, all we’d need to do is just restrict our intake. But, people don’t know these things, and buy whatever story anyone is willing to sell them.

    It’s just ignorance. Not that I have all the answers, but I feel there is a link between nutrition and disease; I also feel genetics tie in somehow. But I’m no doctor (yet).

    Thank you for your opinion. I hope some people read your article and take it with a grain of salt, just as they should with a snake oil salesman’s.

    Oh yeah, here’s some articles referencing some of what I’ve discussed. I know there’s always a bias, but there are facts in these articles; take them how you’d like:

  44. I appreciate that you put that much into an effort wherein you seem to agree with me but you’re hedging your bets. Yes, There is a link between nutrition and disease.
    If you don’t get enough niacin ( or your carcinoid tumor eats all the niacin you ingest) you get Pellagra. If you don’t have a source of Vitamin C — which is why you should always keep limes on your Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria, you get scurvy. If you don’t get sunshine on exposed skin or you don’t get enough vitamin D, you get rickets. If you eat rancid food you can get a lotta diseases.

    Sorry — I had to take out your links because neither one gives me backlinks and I won’t give any to them.

    Damien LeGallienne

  45. It’s fine. I had originally learned those things in anatomy/physiology classes. The sad truth is, Virgin and others are stating the obvious, but so many people are uneducated in this area. I really feel this stuff should be taught in elementary/middle school, so people don’t get ripped off when they’re older (and possibly prevent certain ailments).

  46. I did get this woman’s book. I wanted to see what the ‘7 foods’ were. I have no doubt anyone would lose 7 pounds in 7 days because you basically can’t eat anything but berries and vegetables. She says dairy and whole wheat foods are bad. She also says to not eat these foods in moderation, for the rest of your life. Who can do that? Seems like another twist on the Atkins diet, by eliminating whole food groups. While I agree with her on eating organic and making vegetables and fruits more predominate in your diet, I feel the same about all of these fad diets that you do, Damien. It is not a lifestyle that can be adopted long term. I agree with whoever said to eat as your grandmother (can’t remember who it was). My grandmother said eat from the earth, and if your ancestors don’t recognize it as food you shouldn’t eat it. That has served me well for many years.
    Damien, first time on your page/blog and I was very amused. Entertaining commentary!!!

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