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Hiccup Girl is a MURDERER!

First she had hiccups for months and months and that captured national attention — then she helped kill somebody in an armed robbery — and now she’s blaming it on the hiccups.  This girl is white trash and she participated in a robbery where somebody was killed — fuck her — lock her up for life and make her stand on her head drinking water for the rest of her life. “While she was having hiccups she started to kill,” said

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Runaway Bride Kate Middleton Dumps Prince William for Prince Harry.

BREAKING NEWS!  In what might turn out to be the biggest scandal to hit the Royal Family since rumours of gay oral sex with Prince Charles, it seems that Kate Middleton might be a runaway bride who has ditched Prince William in favour of his younger brother, Prince Harry.  I knew it wasn’t to be,” said Kate Middleton’s bedraggled mum as she ironed a cart-full of wrinkled shirts in the cramped Brixton flat she shares with her husband, mother-in-law Minerva and

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Japanese Pumping Radioactive Water Into The Pacific Ocean.

And you were worried about the oil spill in the gulf?  LOL!   In a few years you’ll be praying for oil spills instead of what the Japanese power plant is giving you.  Today they dumped 10,000 gallons (UPDATE — now it’s 10 million gallons) of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean.  Unlike oil from a well, radioactivity doesn’t go away for thousands of years.  It gets in fish and the stuff they eat — it’s a mess. Now they’re talking

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Katie Couric — fired!

She says she’s moving on with her life and that she’s quitting her CBS News Anchor chair, but the truth probably is that Katie was given her walking papers by the execs at CBS because her ratings were lower than an episode about hemming a skirt on The Sewing Channel. “We had to get rid of this little monkey-faced monkey,” said a source close to CBS News and Anchor Removal.  “Nobody watched her and nobody liked her.  She thought she

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Southwest Airlines — planes are cracking up.

They say that you get what you pay for and in the case of Southwest Airlines, nothing could be further from the truth.  The airline that promises low fares and hundreds of routes,  but only delivers late flights, overbooked cancellations and cheesy flight attendants, has now brought you the newest thing in flying — convertible airplanes.   That’s right, the top comes off when you have the urge to feel the 500 mph breeze and the -20 degree wind through your hair. “The

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Katie Holmes – makeup to look like Jackie Kennedy.

“We tried to get her eyes as far apart as we could,” said Phillipe Rogetterie, Katie Holmes’ makeup man for the upcoming mini-series on Reelz Channel ‘The Kennedy’s’.  “Jackie Kennedy’s eyes were far apart and vacant like an iguana, but Katie’s are a normal distance apart.  It was very hard to get Katie to look as retarded as Jackie Kennedy but in the end we used camera angles and stuff like that to create a resemblance.” Making Katie’s eyes look like Jackie’s

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Indonesia — earthquake 6.7.

A magnitude-6.7 earthquake struck off the coast of Indonesia early Monday, the U.S. Geological Survey reported. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued an alert notifying authorities of “a very small possibility of a local tsunami that could affect coasts located usually no more than 100 kilometers (62 miles) from the earthquake epicenter.” The quake’s epicenter was located 149 miles east-northeast of Christmas Island at a depth of 14.9 miles, USGS said.

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Bob Parsons GoDaddy kills elephants. DO NOT USE GoDADDY for your website hosting!

This man is a little man, a scum, a white trash race car driver wanna-be — a shrimp with a small dick — a loser who makes a lot of money.  He is not funny or interesting or charming — he is just white trash that got lucky enough to grow up and now he shoots elephants under the guise of helping people. DO NOT USE GODADDY TO MAKE YOUR WEBSITE — their CEO Bob Parsons is an elephant killer

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