Japanese Pumping Radioactive Water Into The Pacific Ocean.

And you were worried about the oil spill in the gulf?  LOL!  

In a few years you’ll be praying for oil spills instead of what the Japanese power plant is giving you. 

Today they dumped 10,000 gallons (UPDATE — now it’s 10 million gallons) of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean. 

Unlike oil from a well, radioactivity doesn’t go away for thousands of years.  It gets in fish and the stuff they eat — it’s a mess.

Now they’re talking abnout getting a tanker that holds water to take the next geysers of water but they don’t know what to do with the tanker once it’s been filled.  In a few months there will be a giant floating barge –an island of radioactive water that will itself be emitting radiation — where will they park it?  Not in my driveway.

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