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THE LATIN KINGS — How To Destroy A Brooklyn Neighborhood!

A park in PARK SLOPE Brooklyn, NY, has turned into a hangout for an international gang called THE LATIN KINGS.  They are the ruination of what once was a civilized and rather elegant part of town.  The NYPD is giving them some heat but why on earth are we having to deal with a bunch of thugs who call themselves “a tribe?”  Something is radically wrong with this whole thing. The handball courts behind Junior High School 51 in Washington Park near Fourth Ave. and Third St. draw about

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Ukraine: Yulia Tymoshenko Sentenced To Jail For 7 Years.

She once was the beautiful but brainy Eva Peron of Ukraine — beloved by the people of her country.  To spite her beauty, or perhaps to enhance it,  she wore her hair in the style of the Ukrainian peasants of old —  the people ate it up and loved her. More recent photos of Yulia Tymoshenko on this page of the Damien zone –> Damien Zone Yulia Pics. They may have loved her too much because the real crooks in Ukraine —

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Rumor: Chaz Bono will be voted off Dancing With The Stars tonight!

He/She has stopped bringing in the ratings like he/she did a few weeks ago and the rumor about town is that Chaz Bono will be voted off Dancing With The Stars either tonight or next week. There seems to have been some kind of balance between the Chaz curiosity factor and the leanings of the religious right.  “Initially she brought in a lot of viewers,” said ratings consultant, Dr. Sheldon Hartinus.  “But now that her big media push is over

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Was Steve Jobs Anti-Gay?

Usually you have to wait a couple of years before somebody starts telling the world the bad stuff about a famous person who has died.  It took about fifty years for the world to find out that Henry Ford and Thomas Edison were evil bastards, but here we are, only twenty-four hours  post-mortem, and in the case of Steve Jobs it’s like the Munchkins are coming out of the flower patch in droves because somebody dropped an iHouse on the wicked witch.   I did not

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UPDATE: GLEE will not be cancelled in 2012. Joey Lawrence added to cast.

“Joey is really excited about his upcoming appearance on GLEE,” said Mildred Sclafani, a documentary producer and cryptozoologist who has worked with TV star Joey Lawrence on her Bigfoot documentary which will appear on HBO in January. “Joey loves GLEE and he loves the GLEEKS,” continued Scalfani.  “He’s also happy that GLEE will not be cancelled as rumored and that a whole new set of shows will be filmed for 2012 and on into 2013 — and the best part is that

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All The Fake Facebook People And Their Fake Steve Jobs Tributes.

“The death of Steve Jobs has put those annoying and overly maudlin Facebook status updates and page shares into over-drive.  Everyone on Facebook is trying to out-do everyone else with their tributes — and half of the time, these Facebookers don’t even know who Steve Jobs was.    These people should make a facebook page for Steve Jobs’ casket — a page where they can throw pictures of themselves on it.”  [Dr. Benjamin Switchy, author of “The Maudlin Face of Facebook.”]   Okay!   We get it. 

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Betty White Facebook Hoax About Balls And Vaginas.

UPDATE FROM BETTY HERSELF:  My Dear Damien, Thank you so much for trying to get rid of this silly prank on my behalf.  I can’t say that I am angry at my many wonderful fans for distributing the story, but I am disturbed – because of its content – that it has become such a sensation and attributed to me.  Of course I enjoy a blue joke as much as the next person, but this one goes just a bit beyond where

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Is Amanda Knox Guilty? I think So — and here is why.

I think that Amanda Knox got away with murder and my reasoning goes far above the simple fact that an Italian court found her guilty and there was evidence that put her at the scene of the crime.   No — I take it a step further. Her guilt became apparent to me as soon when she spoke to reporters only moments after arriving back in the USA.  Her very first words gave away the fact that in my opinion she

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