Rumor: Chaz Bono will be voted off Dancing With The Stars tonight!

He/She has stopped bringing in the ratings like he/she did a few weeks ago and the rumor about town is that Chaz Bono will be voted off Dancing With The Stars either tonight or next week.

There seems to have been some kind of balance between the Chaz curiosity factor and the leanings of the religious right. 

“Initially she brought in a lot of viewers,” said ratings consultant, Dr. Sheldon Hartinus.  “But now that her big media push is over and people have become used to the freak show, the ratings for the show versus the anger of the people who think that there is something unwholesome about Chaz Bono and her sex change, has reached a tipping point.  I doubt that she will make it through another round.”

“I do not think that children should have to learn about an enjoyable thing by watching a freak show.”   [Rabbi Harkness Vellertine, Temple Beth El Shalom David Solomon Belashk]

“Chastity Bono is not Chaz Bono and children should not be exposed to her.  She is dangerous and unwholesome and unwelcome in the home of all good Americans.”  [ Pastor Breckenridge VanJandermen – Bethany Church of the Christ Cloud Convention]

Will she survive — we’ll see.   The producers might have to just give in — if enough people stop watching. 


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