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Poet Mayra Angelew writes a Poem about the Zimmerman Trial

Mayra Angelew, a distant cousin of poet Maya Angelou and a poet in her own right,  is calling for calm and peace in the event that a racial anger shuld flare up in the wake of a possible George Zimmermann acquittal. Angelew, 88, is a quiet African-American poet who now lives off the beaten path in southern Cameroon, Africa.  She has shunned the spotlight for years and even had her name removed from the credits of the film “The Colour Purple” for which she

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Joy Behar Leave “THE VIEW” — WHY?

Conservative talk show co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck is leaving THE VIEW and so is ultra liberal and ultra unhappy Joy Behar. The two women have completely different political points of view and two totally different reasons for leaving THE VIEW. Hasselbeck is leaving to get a job on the dreaded FOX NEWS and Joy Behar is going to a nursing home — just kidding. According to TV producer Jewel Mahue, Joy Behar is heading back to her roots in comedy. “Joy

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Dr. Chauncey Crandall “Heart Attack Doctor” Climbing Over James Gandolfini’s Corpse to Turn a Buck.

Maybe you’ve seen it? The “news” link that warns you: “These Four Things Happen Just before a Heart Attack”— Have you seen it? Have you also clicked on it only to find that it’s actually just a 10-minute long infomercial from some money-grubbing asshole cardiologist named Dr. Chauncey Crandall? In case you’re curious, aside from being a cardiologist, Dr. Crandall is a circus barker with an MD next to his name — and he tells you a great and fearful story about a patient’s

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Johnny Depp – Fake English Accent or Foreign Accent Disease?

Johnny Depp recently did an interview where he spoke about his upcoming role as Tonto in the new Lone Ranger movie. In that interview, a lot of people — including quite a few physicians — were shocked at his strange English-sounding accent and hints of other accents in his speech. Seems as though there is no known reason for Depp to have acquired an English accent because when he lived abroad he didn’t live in England, he lived in France,

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Julien Assange Sick? Snowden Finished? Who Cares What Ecuador Thinks Anyway?

Julien Assange, the internationally loathed purveyor of Wikileaks is getting ready to turn himself in to the authorities. The life of glamour and fame he had imagined for himself when he started spilling secrets about the American government with his infamous “WIKILEAKS” is literally closing in on him as he sweats out his day in the dilapidated 580 square feet provided for him by the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where he has sought asylum for over a year in a

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Stronger Than The Storm. New Jersey Official Lyrics.

    STRONGER THAN  THE STORM A TRIBUTE TO NEW JERSEY BY: Damien LeGallienne   SPOKEN: The beaches washed away But they’ll be coming back someday We’re working hard to make that dream come true   SPOKEN: When the roller coaster fell We could soon hear Jersey yell “We will rebuild it and ride again someday.” CHORUS: Because we’re stronger than the storm Stronger than the storm We’re New Jersey and we’re stronger than the storm Yeah, we’re stronger than

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Joey Lawrence Hair Transplants? Pecs? Biceps? Speedos? Waxed Chest?

Joey Lawrence has had his ups and downs. His career has gone from very sky high to so-so and then to lackluster. He used to have a head full of bushy brown hair but then it started to thin out as he approached his crucial 30th year and Joey was faced with a hair-raising dilemma. Soon after the hair started to go, Joey started sprouting copius amounts of chest hair which he then carefully waxed and shaved in order to

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Edward Snowden’s Sexuality Issues. The Making of an American Misfit.

If they’d had video games and latops in the 1950s and early 1960s, Lee Harvey Oswald would have played them. He would have been a fixture on various message boards — perhaps even hailed as a champion. His social skills via Twitter or Facebook, however, would have been limited, and while he would have been known –perhaps mocked or admired — throughout his school and neighborhood, he wouldn’t have been conventionally popular. He would have acquired the kind of notoriety that

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