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John Lennon Quote — “when I was 5 years…” FAKE ! HOAX!


It never ends.  Somebody saw a quote that was easily attributed to John Lennon simply because the words were pasted on top of the picture.

It’s a very corny and snarky quote and of course the misfits on Facebook fall for it because they want to believe that John Lennon actually said it — he did not.  In fact, he never really said much of anything worth quoting unless you count song lyrics.

The quote is anonymous and douche bags the world over on Facebook have decided that John Lennon must have said it because it’s so “cool” and so “edgy” and sooooo something John Lennon would have said:  It goes like this.

“When I was 5 years old, my mom always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down “happy.” They told me I didn’t understand the assignment and I told them they didn’t understand life. ” <——- JOHN LENNON NEVER SAID THIS!!!!

The fake quotes just go on and on and on and on and on and on.  There are websites where people claim that their kid said it in school.  The quote has also been attributed to George Gershwin, Judy Garland, Cher and even Abraham Lincoln. etc. etc. etc.  In other words, the quote pre-dates John Lennon, so obviously he could not not have said it.

It’s a quote that somebody made up and now the mass belief is that John Lennon said it — HE DID NOT!  Nowhere in any John Lennon archive is this found on tape or in print.

Listen:  If you see a quote you like — FIND OUT WHO REALLY  SAID IT!  Don’t just assume that the morons-only ispirational picture that one of your retarded friends on Facebook shared with you is real — LEARN TO FUCKING THINK!

Here is the final word on this from an expert!

“There is a phenomenon in social circles – and Facebook is indeed a social circle – whereby  someone hears a quote and attributes it to someone else because the quote ‘sounds’ like something that person would say.  Some people call it a variation of ‘The Matthew Phenomenon’ which is a somewhat vague sociological term that refers to the rich getting richer as it applies to reading and scholarship.  In other words, a phrase is heard and attributed to a person who never said it simply because the quote sounds like that person said it.  With that in mind,  the famous person is made even more famous by the misattribution of a witty or thought provoking quote.” [Dean Traherne MD PhD. University of Barcelona School of Psychiatric Studies]

In spite of Dr. Traherne’s scientific explanation, I think that if John Lennon had really said anything– it would probably have been….

 “When I was 21 years old, my mom always told me to get the fuck outof the bloody house because I was a bleedin’ wanker. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down “I want to marry an ugly and untalented Japanese woman.” They told me I didn’t understand the assignment and I told them they didn’t understand that I would one day be misquoted by assholes. ” [Damien]

  1. WOW you must have some serious time on your hands. Personally I’m not a John Lennon fan but I just liked the quote. Does it really matter where it came from? clearly you don’t understand it… I don’t really have the time to look up where the quote originated from but I like it, so I will use it with the John Lennon background just to spite you for having no life. fyi Facebook is not the only place on the internet where false information is posted, it’s pretty much the ENTIRE web.

  2. Amanda – the whole “get a life” thing is so played out on message board commentary. Get back to me when you get an original idea in your head. And yes, it does matter “where the quote came from” when the picture is used to spread misinformation. Sadly, Facebook is the breeding ground for a lot of false information because even a complete frump like you will go there daily, even if it’s only to show off cell phone photos of your awesome meal at The Outback.

    Go away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Unfortunately man you missed the entire point of the quote because you simply have some vendetta against John Lennon. The quote in and of itself is simply to be happy my friend and you waste your time worrying about where the quote came from? Would you be just as mad if the picture was Abraham Lincoln instead of John Lennon? You clearly said that the quote had been attributed to President Lincoln, and yet I dont see you raging about how Lincoln is an asshole because someone thought it would be cool to put his picture with the quote. Just be happy man, theres no need to babble on about meaningless things like where some random quote originated from. Just chill.

  4. The POINT, idiot supremo, is that one does not put quotation marks around something and then attribute said quote to the person you wish had said it. If you can’t figure that out, you must never ever do a term paper or attempt to publish any paper for a Masters or PhD — both of which are highly, and thankfully unlikely, in your case. Okay — all that aside, and knowing that you are sadly stupid, I am going to put up a picture of Stalin and write “I really liked Hitler,and he was a cool guy, but if I didn’t beat his army to death on the eastern front, I might have fucked up the war.” Catch on? Please DO NOT READ MY WEBSITE! You are far far far TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO stupid. This is basic journalism. If they taught journalism in primary school, this topic would be covered in the first grade just in time for the Thanksgiving Day play. UGH! You make me sick.


  5. You are sadistic

  6. IT’s Fake! I am sadistic because I am telling the truth? Fuck off and keep cutting bait.

  7. Although some of you have stated he missed the point of the quote (which is beautiful, I would love to know who truly said it), perhaps it makes the author of this article happy to research and know the truth behind material.
    I too, have a voracious curiosity and need to research origins and validity.
    However, I do feel you’re responses to others are unnecessarily harsh. But, to that I say to each their own. This is how a balance is maintained upon the Earth.
    However, I encourage you to stream that passion into more powerful emotions than spite and hatred. Because these are easy emotions to succumb to, they can deem the owner as weak.
    Yet I know this is far from the truth in reference to you, sir.

    It’s all about perspective.

  8. I don’t do anything for spite or hatred — I do it because it’s the right thing to do. If I think someone should be told to “fuck off” that’s what I say.

  9. I love the quote, no matter who said it. By the way, since you’re a ‘journalist’ this rant makes you sound like an hypocrite. Mass media thrives on misinformation. Another quote I love- that I don’t know, nor care who said-
    “If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed. If you do read the newspaper you are misinformed.”
    And one more thing, in the spirit of the original quote, there is more to life than writing perfectly cited university essays. Hope you don’t miss them while you have your head stuck up your arse.

    P.S. Don’t bother making a reply, I have no plans to return to your pretentious blog.

  10. Pretentious? Oh my! The fact that you think this blog is pretentious is ample testament to your stupidity. Now let’s see, you love the quote and you don’t care that it’s attributed to someone who never said it? Okay, with that in mind, I have an idea. Send me a photo of yourself — one where you look particularly pensive (if that’s possible) and I will write this over that photo: “When I was a child, my parents asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I told them that I wanted to be a fucking idiot.” Then I will send that to 24,000 subscribers and ask them all to pass it around on Facebook. While the content of the quote will be very accurate, it won’t be real — and you’ll be happy with that.

    See — and there you were; saying that you would not return to the pretentious blog. People like you do not go away despite my most profound wishes.


  11. just so everyone knows – these “famous quotes” are created by internet trolls who spread them just to see how many people will actually believe them and make them a part of our culture. Their intent is totally malicious so spreading them is not a good idea – even if the message sounds all nice and fuzzy and warm like this one. It is a practical joke on a grand scale and those who spread these memes as though they are real are helping out with the dumbing down of America. This guy is exactly right to be angry that this is not a real quote – it completely nullifies it’s message when we realize it is made up. If I spread a story that I saved a school bus full of children from falling off a cliff – then became a hero – and later it was revealed that I made the story up – would you still say “oh, that doesn’t matter, it is still a nice story.” Hell No! You’d be pissed that I spread a great big lie as though it were fact. DO NOT SHARE QUOTES THAT ARE NOT REAL. If you like the message – just copy the text and send it as “author unknown”.

  12. Bravo! Glad there are still people around who tell it like it is.

  13. You talk like you’re so much smarter than everyone else, yet you lost the argument as soon as you threw the first punch. If you REALLY knew what it takes to write papers for a PhD then you’d know that insulting or attacking others in any type of paper complete destroys credibility. Biased opinions even alter the way your “evidence” is perceived. Sounds like something John Lennon wrote, like you clearly pointed out. Well that quote of yours you gave awfully sounds like something you might type or say. I don’t think he actually wrote that. John Lennon? A communist? Honestly, you’re article wreaks of lack of knowledge. It is completely one sided and you know nothing about Lennon except that he wanted peace. Apparently you are against peace? Oh, sorry, I didn’t know that peace was bad for people and we should all just kill each other. You’re right, he was such an asshole for wanting peace. Right.

  14. You do NOT know how to READ! The last quote was not from Dr. Traherne MD PhD, it was from me — the previous quote was an op-ed quote from Dr. Traherne. His quote did not mock anyone. I can’t understand how you don’t know how to read an article where the demarcation points — the points of reference between the writer and the person being quoted — are things you should have learned as a child.

    Also, I am not against PEACE. I am against the misuse of quotes. Is that so hard to understand? For you, apparently it is.

  15. LOL you’re really good at assuming false information. I was talkin about the quote you cited. Just cause you say its from him must mean its what he said right? Isn’t that your argument, that just because someone put John Lennon’s name by the quote DOESN’T mean he actually said it? Where in this Dr. Traherne’s works did he quote it? You never disclosed that to us. Therefore I’m going to say he didn’t say that and you are misquoting him just for sake of argument. I’m not saying that John Lennon did or did not say this since you probably have more info on it than I do, but be careful about your evidence because it’s very VERY weak. Especially all your bashing of Lennon almost gives enough credibility that you’re information is fake due to your biased.

    Not against peace? Then what’s so wrong with him? Why bash on him so hard just because people are misquoting him? He didn’t misquote, he’s dead. Blame the people.

  16. I interviewed the guy, you stupid asshole — stop arguing for the sake of arguing you stupid fucktard!

  17. Once again, you never said that in your article. Never once did you hint at going to interview that guy. You wanna look down on people and call them communists and stupid assholes? Learn to do it with sophistication, then I’ll shut my mouth. When you’re smarter than me, then come and insult me. By the way, cursing doesn’t make you look intimidating or offensive, you just look barbaric and uneducated.

  18. When you read an article and then there are quotation marks around, “I am not going to have to tell you again,” said the police officer. “I will give you a ticket if you don’t learn to read a news item.” It is implied that the policeman is being quoted as having been interviewed. Now go to your mommy and daddy’s room and find a newspaper and read an article and observe this amazing fact — and then get back to me — and then call your nearest state facility and check yourself in. Tell them that during your stay, would like to study “reporting” instead of basket weaving and finger painting. Okay — you’re sounding dumber and dumber and dumber. Go away — go play in Lake Cable.

  19. LMAO is obviously a fucking idiot so why do you answer him? He has some kind of crazy anger about John Lennon and he sounds stupid. Why do you bother to answer him. Let him stew in his own juices. I laughed at how stupid he was in the first letter but now I feel sorry for him. He’s not normal so just drop it already.

  20. I’m totally with you DDM. BTW to Catyrin — thomas jefferson said “The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.” and you can check me on that one.

  21. Thank you for informing, I like knowing things hand I do really like this quote but am ashamed that it’s not true. I like how strong your voice is, but it sounded really, really angry and scarey….. But again thanks for telling the truth

  22. So some FB friend of mine just posted this and of course it has the distinct odor of bullshit.
    A Google search lead me here, and I’m not sure if these people commenting follow your blog or simply ended up here the same way I did, but these are absolutely some of the dumbest fucking comments I have ever read (and I even sometimes read YouTube comments). It’s like listening to adults that never grew up, obsessed with pleasant-sounding things and utterly uninterested in reality or logic. Good fucking grief.

  23. DC — Now you know why I am so viciously nasty with my own replies to the comments. You should see the emails I get — the dumbest of the dumb. Please excuse the current “look” of the website because we are in the middle of a massive upgrade. thanks


  24. 24,000 people subscribe to you to hear you rant and insult readers. You’re an entertainer, not a writer. Your ‘journalism’ is half speculation and entirely offensive. If information and truth is so important to you, and writing gives you some purpose in life why not write about something useful… Your subscribers are only interested in hearing you insult people, they don’t care about your opinion.

    While this response could be seen as a personal attack, it wouldn’t be uncalled for considering your tone with everyone else.

  25. hey Wow — it’s a lot more than 24,000 — but did you read on my blog where I hired writers to expose, racehorse atrocities? — signs of mental illness in family members? — medical quacks and charlatans who prey on the sick? — Facts about cancer and cancer prevention? NO! you did not! 70% of my blog is activism against the bad guys — and in my opinion, people who misquote famous people are also very bad guys. Yes, a little thing like a misquote can spell disaster. Read the history of misquotes and mayhem and get back to me. If I offend you, I have done my job. You can’t pick and choose your bad guys. John Lennon was a jerk and to misquote him is even jerkier. I smash icons who deserve to be smashed. So he wrote good songs — that doesn’t mean he wasn’t a mindless asshole.


  26. Before I quote, I Google; this is how I found this page. Thanks for the quote clarification btw. It was interesting, at first, but then you just plain irritated me. “Telling it like it is”, as BrianW put it, is refreshing, yes, but you’re name calling; I can’t stand bullies.. and you’re doing it on purpose, for what; more hits? You have the vocabulary to make your point; you’re in the position to educate…yet you choose to berate. You are unprofessional, calling people “Stupid Assholes, Fucktards, Misfits, and Douche-bags. Is this necessary?

    As reading material, your message is getting lost in your delivery.

    From an entertainment standpoint, I must admit, this would be far more amusing as a live podcast.

    Tammy B.

  27. Gave you the wrong email extension: .ca not .com (2nd copy)

    Before I quote, I Google; this is how I found this page. Thanks for the quote clarification btw. It was interesting, at first, but then you just plain irritated me. “Telling it like it is”, as BrianW put it, is refreshing, yes, but you’re name calling; I can’t stand bullies.. and you’re doing it on purpose, for what; more hits? You have the vocabulary to make your point; you’re in the position to educate…yet you choose to berate. You are unprofessional, calling people “Stupid Assholes, Fucktards, Misfits, and Douche-bags. Is this necessary?

    As reading material, your message is getting lost in your delivery.

    From an entertainment standpoint, I must admit, this would be far more amusing as a live podcast.

    Tammy B.
    Gave you the wrong email extension: .ca not .com (duplicate)

  28. No — I am not a bully unless I am bullied — and when I have to bully idiotic people who say stupid things like, “It doesn’t matter that he didn’t say it, it sounds good,” I am going to call those assholes out on how stupid they are. I do not need HITS — I don’t give a shit if you read this shit or not.

  29. One thing that will never cease to annoy me is people making a huge racket out of insignificant things, something seen most commonly in tabloid publications and in the Facebook statuses of thirteen-year-olds.
    Why do you make such a big fucking deal out of people accidentally misquoting? “Oh my God, it’s the end of the world because someone attributed this anonymous quote to Gandhi!! Now everyone thinks Gandhi said it!! Oh no, this will have such terrible ramifications on not only my life but the lives of everyone in the entire world!! I’m surrounded by idiotic fucktards!!” Etc.

    And besides, I can think of a trillion more accurate indications of a person’s intelligence than whether or not they have the time and patience and anal-retentiveness to double-check the source of every single quote they see and casually share with their friends.

    I reserve the words “asshole” and “stupid” for the kind of overly defensive and judgmental people who are so eager to throw the first stone at people they don’t even know for the smallest mistakes.

  30. DEAR IDIOT LOL — Misquotes cause trouble — read your history, and get back to me. Send me a photo of you so I can tack on a fake quote of you: “I am a fucking idiot and I think it’s cool.”

  31. You’re the one with the initial assertion that misquotes are a big deal. Don’t tell ME to read up on history. YOU have to back your claim up with historical evidence. Provide for me one example in history where a misquote caused any significant damage to a significant number of people–where a misquote made even the slightest dent in the history books–and I’ll even consider your argument.

  32. PLEASE READ THIS ‘LOL’ — ACTUALLY READ IT — DO NOT SKIM. When one sets out to misquote someone or to alter someone else’s words or perhaps even to tranlate poorly from one language to another, one can create mayhem — and more often than not, that is the intention of the misquoter or fake quoter. If you need concrete examples to understand why what I just said is true, you’re truly stupid. What does “significant amount” have to do with it? If Mr. Jones tells Mr. Smith that Mr. Johnson said, “The Smith family are violent whores” when in reality Mr. Smith really said, “The Jones family abhors violence,” and then Mr. Smith goes over and kills Mr. Johnson, is it not the fault of a misquote? Is it significant to Mr Smith and his family that he is dead? Also, on a grander scale, far over your head, read about the history of The French Revolution or even the American revolution for that matter. Misquotes are the same as forced confessions — how hard is that to understand. Please — tell me our real name and send me your real photo and PLEASE let me spread your photo around with a fake quote over your head ( which is really what we are talking about here — more about fake quotes than misquotes). I would love to have a picture of you with a quote from you that is either abhorent or horrible and hang it up at your place of employment or perhaps send a copy of it to all of your relatives — then it will become “relative” to you. Now stop stomping your feet and acting like a contrary misfit who creates arguments where they do not exist simply because there is something lacking in your life. Anybody with a fucking brain — or the social skills of a 6-year-old — knows that you don’t go around saying somebody said something they didn’t say. Why the fuck am I entertaining your psychosis? You should have learned this shit when you were a child — which is essentially what you still are.

  33. First of all, if it is fake, who said it? You never explained that part. I have never seen any other site that says that someone else said it. Show me concrete evidence that this is a fake, because your ranting and raving about how much you hate John Lennon ain’t gonna cut it.

    Second of all, you might want to look into the real life of John Lennon one more time as an observer (without any judgement or obvious hatred that you have towards him), because John Lennon was–despite some asshole-ish and communist-ish views that he had–a great thinker and a great man. If he wanted to be a communist, so be it. It was his right to believe in the form of government in which he so chooses. Some people do truly believe that communism, socialism or another form of government (outside of democracy) is better.
    Third and finally, you’ve got to chill out, man. Nothing in this life is worth stressing this much over. You are never going to change that people do believe that this quote was by John Lennon. I personally don’t believe a word that you’re saying about it, but that is my God given right as an American to believe that.

  34. I don’t know who said it, and I don’t care — the only thing I care about is that john Lennon did NOT say it and every dopey Facebooker thinks he did — the fact is the quote can be traced as far back to Abraham Lincoln and when Judy Garland said it in a self effacing way in a 1966 interview she seemed to be familiar with the quote. The stupidest people on earth are not the ones who believe Lennon actually said it — it’s the one who say, “What difference does it make who said? It’s very inspirational?” Can you say “VOMIT?”

    At least you have half a brain — you know that John Lennon was an asshole.

  35. To start things off, I am a John Lennon Fan. Lets just clarify that. But you know what, I applaud the guy that wrote this. You sir, deserve 100+ internetz. As much as I, and so many other John Lennon fans hate to admit it, John was an asshole.

    He cheated on his wife and ran off with Yoko, broke up the best band in the fucking universe, claimed to devote his life to Peace and Love, and yelled at his second son when he was five because the poor kid didn’t know how to cut meat ( read this; celebitchyDOTcom/14333/sean_lennon_reveals_how_his_father_damaged_his_hearing_by_yelling_at_him/).

    John was never in it for peace and love. And shit was easy for him because of the money he had scraped from his career with the Beatles. Sure, he had talent, and the most gorgeous voice anyone will ever hear, but really, can any of that make up for how much of a narcissistic prick he was? John I love you, but come on. You were an asshole.

  36. “If you need concrete examples to understand why what I just said is true, you’re truly stupid. What does “significant amount” have to do with it? If Mr. Jones tells Mr. Smith that Mr. Johnson said, “The Smith family are violent whores” when in reality Mr. Smith really said, “The Jones family abhors violence,” and then Mr. Smith goes over and kills Mr. Johnson, is it not the fault of a misquote?”

    First of all, I never said that misquotes did not have a potential for causing trouble; I just said there weren’t examples in history where a misquote of the nature of the John Lennon misquote caused any significant damage. Stop with the straw man argument. You can’t just come up with a hypothetical situation where a misquote could cause danger, because that’s not what was asked of you. Also, how could a person be so judgmental as to immediately kill Person A just because another person told them Person A called them a “violent whore”? Don’t you think maybe they’d verify that information before committing murder? Don’t be so dramatic.

    “Misquotes are the same as forced confessions.”
    That’s actually not true. There’s a difference between making up what someone said out of malice or libelous purposes and misattributing an inspirational quote to the wrong inspirational figure. Do you really think the person who said, “John Lennon said this” was doing it to piss people off? Maybe you feel that way, because you’re obviously easily pissed off.

    And why do you keep insisting on sending out my photo with a demeaning, fake quote on it? Winning an argument isn’t good enough for you, but you’d have to go the extent to embarrass me too? That’s pretty fucking sadistic.
    Or are you just trying to prove a point? To which I would say, I’m obviously not going to say yes, so stop asking the question, moron.

  37. Also, the stupidest people aren’t the ones who don’t care who said the quote, because they’re the ones who actually have something better to do with their lives.

    Plot twist (and what I’m actually hoping, because you can’t honestly be this big of a failure at life): You’re actually a troll who likes to purposely post rage-worthy stuff and laugh arrogantly at how pathetic other people are for responding. Which is cool, I guess. I don’t view this as a waste of my time since I really have nothing better to do anyway.

  38. Failure in life? Yes, I am the biggest failure in the world. Even my own family shuns me. There is a fake quote going around Facebook — a picture of my mom and dad and over their image it says, “Damien is so smart, we were not worthy to share a home with him.” I hate that fake quote.

  39. So you admit that I won the argument? I didn’t insist on you sending me your photo — it was a humorous suggestion. The idea frightens you though, doesn’t it?

  40. Wow — even I don’t hate him as much as you do, Theresa — bravo!

  41. Lol. A humorous suggestion. More like an obsession. Really. It’s funny how you didn’t adress any of the arguments that he made against your hypothetical assumptions. And he merely asked if winning an argument wasn’t good enough for you. You skim over his writing yet you ask to people not to skim over your arguments. Haha. Hypocrite much? Can you say diluted, disturbed, narcissistic, ADHD therapy needed poor pathetic moron? Haha.

  42. Josue David Ventura wrote — “Hypocrite much? Can you say diluted, disturbed, narcissistic, ADHD therapy needed poor pathetic moron? Haha” Frankly, yes. I can say all of those things because those are the same tried and true trite silly things say to me all the time. There is no reason for me to address an argument made against me when it is patently obvious that I am right — and I am always right — always! Also, your suggestion was not “humorous” — it was dull, played out, overused, typically repetitive and retarded. Damien

  43. Lol. It’s a good thing you can say all those things, because that’s exactly what you are. And obviously I wasn’t saying that my suggestion was a humorous one. I was simply quoting your reply when you were questioned as to why you kept asking for people’s pictures. I hope you realize how stupid and creepy you look over the internet asking for someone’s picture, Of course people will be creeped out by some lonely moron sitting behind the computer who only likes to argue because in real life no one gives him the time of day. Haha. The fact that you think or “know” you’re always right shows your lack of professionalism. You simply over look the truth, or run away from it, instead of addressing the arguments directed towards you. You lack logic as well. You’d be the kind of person, who, if chosen as a leader would run a dictatorship, of course however, your stupidity has stopped you from being anything in life. You probably wanted to be a journalist, but somewhere along the line you failed to achieve that dream and now you’re a depressed little person. Haha. It’s so obvious life hasn’t treated you well; you’re not mad at people, you’re mad at life, and it’s those kind of people (you) who they later find dead with a suicide note next to them. You’re quite pathetic really. Say you’re a troll, that’s sad truth be told. You’re probably too poor to pay for your own decent entertainment. If you’re serious, however, the situation is worse, you’re merely an idiot whose life has been ship wrecked, and now you wait for someone to stumble across your lame pathetic, amateur HTML designed, depressing page, that way people get to argue with you while you get to interact with them and in that way you feel as if you do any good to society when clearly your death would affect nobody. It’s also funny how you edit pictures and then post them on here. They’re ugly, just like your personality, so it’s easy to see how you view the world; you have issues. So feel free to ignore this comment, or tell me how it was too long to read, or, your personal favorite, be arrogant and tell me how you won’t bother replying. Either way you’ve dug a hole which you can’t get out of now, and all this, is merely your cry for help, and as always, society will ignore that cry. You have no hope. And truth be told you’re quite pathetic, so I shall not waste more of my time with your kind. Lol. That ought to keep a no life like you busy. Stand strong big boy, nice and strong, cheers. You lost the argument, end of discussion.

  44. Would you get a load of all the time and effort this cazy guy put into this comment? It’s amazing — the dedication !

    Editors Note: I have jokingly asked my haters — people who think it’s okay to attribue quotes to whomever they wish — to send me their photo and I would gladly put a fake quote on it and spread it around so as to see how much they would like it.

    But anyway — this guy spent more time writing this one comment than I have spent on this entire blog in months.


    I fucking hate it when people are ignorant as hell. I applaud you sir. To all those who are telling DDM to relax, etc. – you are all morons. Chances are you’ve all posted some bullshit quotes like this on FB and then been busted. By telling the person who actually does the research to calm down, you’re just exposing how fucking stupid you really are. Learning to accept when you’ve done something stupid is the first step in not being a fucking moron. Life is in the details. If you’re too stupid to want facts over falsehoods, you’re just taking up valuable resources (like food and water).

    By applying quotes to a statement on a picture of a person who never said the words and then putting their name underneath it creates a lie. Simple as that.

  46. For me, a person who has stumbled on this through a Google search to clarify what John said (or in this case didn’t say), Josue definitely won that argument – I can’t see one thing in there that I disagree with. Having said that it was quite personal but “what goes round, comes round” I guess. (Don’t quote me on that one DDM, you’re not boring me with another pointless article on that one.) Just so you know I am studying Psychology at university and you are a very sore person inside, I don’t want to get in all that but the easiest route out of this is forgiveness. And forgive not so that you can let that person(s) or situation get away with what happened, no not at all, but forgive so you move forward with your life and stop being such a… dickhead.

    PS. Dickhead is a technical term we use in Psychology here in Englandshire.

  47. JONN BOY 42 — has brains — read his comment above and learn. Don’t get angry with me when I bring you the truth. That’s called “shooting the messenger.” Historically, a lot of demented leaders and warriors killed messengers and they always ended up on the losing side — hence the old saying.

  48. haha your comment did make laugh then (it might be coz I’m a little high). Your comment just proved again what a pile of crap you bang on about. People like you annoy me, spouting your nonsense for the sake of it.

    I’ll leave it here because I woke up in a cold sweat thinking this would be the perfect way to end this.

    If your journalism career doesn’t work out, come to the UK and work for the daily mail! This article would have been gold dust to them! They love all of this shit Damien!

    Career though init at the end of the day, just saying like – wink wink nudge nudge 😉

    Anyway peace out brother sir,

  49. Reading this, I thought I’d post my support for you, DDM. When people say “what does it matter” I get a rash. It matters IMMENSELY. We live in a society that is so ok with misinformation that they don’t even care if they perpetuate it. You all should care A LOT.

    But your last jab at my fellow Canadian was shitty form. You want to censor the death threat? Cool. You want to lower it to ad hominems? That’s ok. But don’t post biggotry against a country. I mean, you have every right to- just understand that your credibility is entirely shot when you post vitriolic nonsense.

  50. You did not read what he wrote — a letter in which he referred to himself as “A cocksucking French Canadian Motherfucker” and “This French Canadian Motherfucker fur trapping mother fucker is gonna…” etc — everything I said was a repetition of what he said about himself so he knew I was talking about him and I was talking about his comment. But put all that aside — what would a Canadian have said about an American? Don’t be sanctimonious. If you were to read the emails I get — a mountain of them where the first thing they do is mock the USA — and NOT being American myself –I wonder how Americans can take it — it’s mind numbing hatred towards the USA and about 40% of it comes from Canada which accounts for only 7% of my readership. So give me a break. I would say that 90% of the hate mail that comes from outside the USA involves not only mocking me, but mocking the USA overall. By the way — to all the haters out there who think you’re getting away with emailing rather than commenting, I am going to start posting ALL emails as comments even though it will take me an extra click of the mouse here and there.

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