Michelle Obama Invites Ghetto “poet” Common To The White House.

I am getting so sick of this urban junk rap being served up for public consumption as art and poetry — it’s neither, and now we’re being further de-evolutionized culturally by Michelle Obama’s decidedly unsophisticated and ghetto-minded tastes in art and poetry — or perhaps the kind of poetry she wants to push along probably because she doesn’t understand real poetry. 

It’s a verbal mess of nothingness and illiteracy — but Michelle Obama thinks it’s cool to be ghetto so with that in mind she has invited rapper, cop kill advocator, racist, white-hating urban thug “Common” to the white house because he is a poet — ugh –does it get any more sickening that that?

Greek-carpetbagger- married -a-gay-guy-to-get-into-the-Unites-States – and – failed – conservative – pundit – turned – liberal -publisher – when -nobody – gave – two -shits – about her – Arianna Huffington, has some dickturd writing for her — some unhappy fat misfit named Jason Linkins who thinks that this is perfectly fine and since he writes for the Huffington yeast infection he sees fit to mock  those who are offended by Michelle Obama’s choice of gangster rapper.  I can spot misfits a mile away and this guy is the poster child for misfits. 

Linkins is happy to say that those offended have had to dig deep to find something to hold against the urban thug.  Who cares how deep you have to dig?   The guy is no good.  His street cred name depicts what he is — COMMON.

Regardless of how vanilla his newer work might me, COMMON IS NOT A POET — he shouldn’t be at the White House humiliating the USA while a bunch of fawning white butt kissers tell him how great he is and blacks look on with clueless pride as their true poets and writers get ignored because the First lady wants to be oh-so-sophisticated — but really she just doesn’t know any better.  I’d like to see Katie Couric grill her about ANY subject.    It’ll never happen.

Saturday Night Live spoofed this white stupidity 20 years ago when Eddie Murphy portrayed a great American ghetto poet who recited his masterpiece  “Kill My Landlord”  to throngs of adoring white do-gooders who wouldn’t know a poet from a petunia.   Good for Eddie Murphy that he saw through the white dumbness.

Anyway, Michelle Obama’s tastes are not very sophisticated, and the United States is getting dumber because of people like her.  She’s no great thinker — and Common is your proof.  

Here are some of the lyrics that Michelle Obama thinks are worthy of a poetry reading at The White House.  Mind you, he propbably won’t recite these, but keep in mind that while Jackie Kennedy (no genius either) was having the great cellist Pablo Casals as a guest artist back in 1963, this is what Michelle thinks is culturally  awesome.


By: Commoner

One two, one two, one two
Yo, I be the Big Illinois, here to build and destroy
I come on your deck, on your set
On your strip, through your burrough
Rippin any muthafucka that steps towards me
Yeah, I got power like floors be
Yo, check it out y’all

Real nigga quotes I tote, got some shit on the free but 
This some shit that I wrote, legendary like the goat
Who got game?
Giving a quarter rest while I make these quarter notes
My album, niggaz was expectin, now my water broke
Before it, I was sorta broke

The rest of his stuff is pretty much more of the same.  I’m sorry but Michelle Obama’s values are low-rent.  Pretty soon she’ll want to make The White House a mult-family dwelling and it will be covered with Dish Network dishes.

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