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Anti Gay Salvation Army Story – HOAX. Gays Put To Death HOAX.

Just because you’re a gay man doesn’t mean you are immune to being tacky and stupid – and so many of us are tacky and stupid. It’s humiliating.” [Kaylin-Vincente DuLuissey,  gay socialite 23 Sept, 2013] It’s Christmas time again and the gay smear merchants are back in full regalia to again bash the Salvation Army because …NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED. According to the gay folks we spoke to — those involved in charity work — some outspoken and mindless gays

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Very Creepy Aryan Toaster Strudel Commercial.


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Creepy Aryan Toaster Strudel Kid — kicks down door like Gestapo child.

Toaster Strudel is a very popular quick breakfast treat, and it’s a great idea in a pinch when guests stay over and you need to put out something that goes great with coffee. It’s very….Continental and it goes with eggs and bacon and toast and Aryan Supremacy. What? Did I just say, Aryan Supremacy? Unfortunately, I did. I said it because anyone who has seen the latest Toaster Strudel commercial might have noticed that the product now has it’s own

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Nancy Pelosi is Lying About Her Grandson

Nancy Pelosi — is a plastic surgery junkie and a liar — but she has some really, really, really  deep conversations with her kindergarten-age grandson about world affairs. In spite of the fact that the mini-Pelosi is only 5-years-old — which isn’t even as old as his grandmother’s most recent face — the little tyke is a source of very important opinions and observations.  He recently helped his creepy grandma make an important decision about world affairs insofar as the

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John Cleese’s Take On Syria is a HOAX! John Cleese quote about Syria is FAKE!

Does the dumbness ever end?  First it was the mega-hit Facebook hoax about Bettty White and her talking balls and vaginas. Then it was the endless barrage of fake Dalai Lama quotes and Chairman Mao quotes and Castro quotes and Mother Teresa quotes —  and now it’s a whole new thing.   It’s poor old John Cleese — you know — the only guy from Monty Python who is still famous?  He is the latest victim. There is a story floating

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Dead Dolphins Washing Up On New Jersey Beaches. Here’s Why.

“Okay, so why can’t people understand simple facts about nature, you ask —?  Well — in view of the fact that I am trying to keep this as simple as possible — many people cannot understand anything about anything because they are too stupid and lazy and mentally limited to pick up a book or take out a computer and look up the facts from reliable sources!  One writer for a major newspaper went so far as to described the dolphins as being

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Justin Bieber Abandons His Pet Monkey — German Government is Pissed !

Justin Bieber is in big trouble in Germany, and if he doesn’t settle up with the angry Customs folks over in Deutschland, he’s going to face heavy fines and probably jail time for animal neglect and smuggling contraband across the border into Germany. So far, the untalented little douche bag hasn’t owned up — and he’s going to be really sorry if he doesn’t do something real quick. Seems that the wanna-be-tough little no-talent with the spaghetti biceps and the

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Gay Student Donates His Kidney To Boy Who Bullied Him and Gets a Surprise.

When 16-year-old James Griffin was a high school student in rural Ohio, he bravely lived his life as an openly gay and free-spirited young teenager. He wore flamboyant clothes and polished his fingernails. He dyed his hair from week to week and wore it in various fashions. He was active in the his high school’s drama club and he was the captain of his school’s cheerleading squad. He was very popular with the girls in school but some of the

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