Tara Reid — “Big Lebowski 2”

 Tara Reid was  in a Coen brothers movie once and that was the end of her — or was it?  She played young Bunny Lebowski, at the age of 22. 

Last week, in a psycho haze, Reid mentioned in a red-carpet interview that she was filming “Big Lebowski 2” this year.  This is not true and Reid is living in a psycho dream world.

Is it possible that a “Big Lebowski 2” is a real project? 

When the Coen brothers were told what Reid said, Ethan Coen responded by saying, “I’m glad she’s working on it.”

 Ethan Coen added, “Well, we don’t but we’ll watch it when it comes out.” To which Joel Coen quickly added, “Especially if Tara’s in it.”

Poor Tara Reid.  She is putting herself in an imaginary movie — and the original sucked.  It’s now a movie that is adored by weird misfits.  They are like Trekkies but only smelly and stupid.

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