TCM Sucks Without Robert Osborne and Here’s Why.

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TCM Sucks Without Robert Osborne and Here’s Why.

If you’ve been wondering why TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES, once perhaps the finest network on cable TV, is starting to stink like a rotten fish, you need look no further than the new faces who are now working there both in front of the camera and behind the scenes.  The new blood seems to have no knowledge of film and no taste in film.  Instead, they subliminally flaunt a sick fixation for focusing on phony diversity, crappy movies, and some really dumb promotional gimmicks.robert osborne

“TCM used to be the TV station you could always turn to when you needed the comfort of a classic film.  It had taste, and standards, and dignity….and it had Robert Osborne,”  said TV writer Dave Matt.   Read about him here. –   Dave M talks about Robert Osborne.


Nowadays, with Osborne somewhere in the distant horizon –  and no one really knowing what’s going on with him apart from the fact that he’s old — TCM has lost its allure and class, and the only thing that saves it from being just another crappity cable show is that every now and then you get a brief look at someone like Bette Davis or Basil Rathbone or Olivia deHavilland, etc.   The rest of the time you’re watching newer movies laced with profanity or obscure art films that bore you to death.  Yes, these are movies too, and they have their place in the archive of film history, but most of it is pure pretense… and people are tuning out.

ALECBetween moments of cinema greatness, you have to sit through some really stupid stuff simply because a whole bunch of the staff at TCM were laid off.  Someone named Jennifer Dorian stepped in to cover for the whole lot, and she might be partially responsible for the new “getting-shitty” TCM.

We prefer, however, to blame the dip in quality on the politically oriented  hosts and amateur talents who taint the entire concept of what was once TCM.

“Even before Jennifer Dorian, the whole shakeup at TCM,  and the semi-vanishing of Robert Osborne, there were still glimmers of some really shitty things to come on the horizon.”  Excerpt from:   Dave M talks about Robert Osborne.

It all started when Alec Baldwin somehow pushed his way onto the set — and let’s face it — that is what he did.  This big dope, this politically moronic Neanderthal bully, managed to snag a short stint as a co-host alongside Robert Osborne.  It took about 10 minutes for anyone with a brain to figure out that Alec Baldwin knows nothing about movies, and that he’s just an impostor who spouts meaningless cinephile-speak.   He doesn’t even know how to pronounce FILM NOIR properly.   Baldwin makes stuff up as he goes along — which is a sickening propensity shared by a lot of dimwitted celebrities  when they’re not reading lines written for them on a teleprompter.

Alec Baldwin, with poor Robert Osborne noticeably squirming in his seat, authoritatively opined about classic films with descriptions things like:  “You can see here how Hitchcock, in this ‘FILM NEW-ARE’ (film noir)  was coaxing the sweat from your brow and convincing the hair on the back of your neck to stand up.”

Come on, Alex!  Get the f**k out of here!   Thankfully, he’s gone…for the time being.  He’ll probably bully his way back dressed as Donald Trump while talking up movies about American Presidents.   Yes. it might get that dumb over at TCM.  In fact, I predict a full-out politically-slanted image for TCM in the near future.

I have chosen to exclude Sally Field from my list of shitty people on TCM because I think she is mentally sick and I would not want to say something bad about her — except that she is mentally sick in the kind of way where you don’t have to feel bad about mocking.

Another sign of the shitty decline which didn’t really show itself until the Presidential election of 2016, is the fact that Ben Mankiewicz, the guy who stepped up to do weekends a few years ago, and seemed to be somewhat tolerable, has turned out to be just another Hollywood Liberal Turd with his stupid and “nobody-is-watching” Young Turks news program.

BENMankiewicz sat at the Young Turks News Desk ( if you can call it that)  on election night along with his panel of totally untalented, uninteresting and utterly unlikable cast of young Turks and bemoaned the election of Donald Trump.  Of course this was  not related to his duties on TCM, but that kind of moonlighting shit trickles into the whole diorama that is TCM.  

Here’s the thing, Ben:  When a TV show has class, and Hollywood Politics starts to leak in, the viewers flee because the show starts to become coarse.  And, like Hollywood itself, the whole shebang loses its charm and allure.   Because of this Hollywood Politics factor that seems to be knocking at the core of TCM, the show has changed and become…SHTICKY.    Do you know what I mean when I say SHTICKY?  It’s almost as though the commentators should be accompanied by some canned laughter.

Now, to make this all even worse, TCM has aired these new segments where they bring in “viewer” co-hosts, and of course these people have no camera presence and they bore you to death.

There is a solid reason why some people are fans/viewers and some people are on-air hosts.    The fans, for the most part, totally stink as hosts and should not be set before a camera.

It’s all so dumb…but not as dumb as the TCM WINE CLUB.

What merchandising skunk came up with that stupid idea?   “Yes, this hearty Merlot goes great with any Bela Lugosi movie because its dark and dangerous aromas take us back to a bleak  forest….”   Gimme a break already.  It’s so dumb that it’s not even worth writing about.   Please, if you have any dignity at all over at TCM,  get rid of that TCM Wine Club.   You don’t need grapes, you need likable stars – if they’re still alive and functioning – to introduce the films for which they are famous.

Here’s an example:

“They had some nobody introduce THE BAD SEED when they probably could have gotten Patty McCormack herself to introduce the movie.  She’s a very talented and engaging actress — and she is very much still around.  Why do you need some nobody in that seat across from whomever, when the real thing is probably ready, willing and able to not only do the job, and hundreds of thousands will tune in to watch them do it?  

“Hollywood and movies only exist because people get sick of seeing everyday people in their daily lives.  TCM movies are the escape from the fact that, while we love our neighbors, they shouldn’t be on TV introducing films.  

“Of course you can’t dig up most of the dead stars who play in these films, but at least make an effort to recruit some names.  You know what, why don’t you pick up a phone and actually give the job to someone like Patty McCormack or Eve Plumb or a dozen other stars who would fit very nicely on TCM.  There are some classy people out there in Hollywood who would do a great job.” Excerpt from:   Dave M talks about Robert Osborne.

SUMMATION:   Without Robert Osborne – now deceased- Turner Classic Movies is slowly getting shittier and shittier.  Eventually it will have commercials and a reality show.   If you’ve tuned into TCM lately you might hear, “Sorry, wrong number.”  Not the movie – the operator.

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  1. Just saw Mankiewicz for the first time on a political panel and was shocked that the guy on the classiest channel has such a classless approach. Maybe the Turner in TCM is more important than we thought. RIP Mr. Osbourne.

  2. Mike made reference to my comment about some to the people whose movies were featured on TCM He must have skipped over excatly what I said about George Sanders. TCm = Turner CLASSIC Movies. Those I cited do not fall into that category. Exception to Marion Davies.

  3. I agree that TCM is spiraling downward after Osborne death. The commercials for Broadway play tickets, Celebrity items being auctioned, wine, and the corkscrews, sunglasses and such, how low can they go. Then the pretentious wine experts that cause me to change channels when they appear. Yes it has gone down hill. What a shame.

  4. It’s only getting worse. I had been a long time watcher and fan. I loved being able to see rare 1930’s or 40’s movies along with the often shown well known films of that era.

    Now TCM has so much more repeats, 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and occasionally 21st Century movies, that can be seen on different channels and easily available for sale, streaming or rental. They are mostly color movies so younger audiences will watch them and other channels will play them.
    The amount of rare 30’s and 40’s movies that are rarely or never shown elsewhere has been cut drastically while still showing the more famous movies of that era (often repeated frequently). Some of the more modern movies they show are not classics but just junk as well (Exorcist 2, $(Dollars), Tentacles). They still occasionally have movies of interest but fewer and far between so that I don’t even bother checking the schedule for them anymore.

    I just looked at the schedule for week Saturday to Friday and they had just 6 1930’s films listed: Errol Flynn’s famous version of Robin Hood, the classic “A Farewell to Arms”, the color epic “The Four Feathers’, the Astaire and Roger’s biggie “Swing Time”, the large scale Busby Berkely musical “Gold Diggers of 1935” and only “The Great Waltz” as a relatively obscure picture (which I really haven’t much interest in)

    When it was time to renew or change my cable last time the stipulation was I had to be able to get TCM on the new provider. Next time that’s not going to be a concern. I may just cancel altogether and subscribe to online services for sports and movies

  5. I’m glad to find a website where my thoughts and feelings about TCM are being echoed. When I saw vermin like David Letterman hosting, I knew TCM was finished. It used to be my favorite channel and the reason that I paid for an upper tier package on Dish Network. With TCM’s new liberal slant and political agenda, I’m cancelling DISH. I hear enough of their lies and don’t need to pay for it.

  6. In response to “Mike”, under no circumstances does Presley qualify for classic movie star status. Neither does Rod Taylor. A “screen presence ” does not a classic movie star make. If you actually comprehended what I said about George Sanders you would know what I said.

  7. I don’t think things are as dire as you say or for the reasons that you say. TCM will never be the same without Robert Osborne’s dapper charm and wit and passion for film history. I think his kind is, unfortunately, gone forever from this earth. The wine club, and its annoying commercials, started in November 2015, when Mr. Osborne was not only alive, but still hosting at TCM. I believe the emphasis on auctions began before that. I know that TCM started having film festivals and cruises around the time or even before Mr. Osborne took extended leave for his health the first time, which was July through November 2011. So TCM appealing to the upper classes started about seven or eight years ago.

    As I am writing this, Tiffany Vasquez has been fired and somebody else is supposed to begin replacing her in March 2018, after the 31 Days of Oscar. I think Alec Baldwin is pretty knowledgeable about classic film. He sure surprised me during his three years on the Essentials with Bob. I think we all agree Eddie M. is a help not a hindrance, but his enthusiasm seems to begin and end with film noir. I do wish Ben didn’t seem to act like introducing a film was his job rather than a passion, as Robert used to do.

    As for the films that are shown. Here’s a link to a Baltimore Sun article from Halloween 1993 talking about TCM going on the air the following April and what it would mean to the – then not so concerned – American Movie Classics channel. The main thing to take away from this article other than AMC never saw what hit them is that TCM, from the beginning, always intended to show films from every era. When they first went on the air their mission included films up to the 80s. Well, 24 years have passed, so they would of course be showing some films from the 2000s at this point. I’ve noticed no lack of B films, films from the 30s and 40s, all of the things that have always made TCM great.

    Also remember that Mr. Osborne was a gay man with a long time partner of 20 years who loved living in New York City. I doubt the last time in his life that he voted he pulled the lever for Mr. Trump. But if your point is that he kept his politics – and even his personal opinions of the stars if they were not favorable – to himself, then I grant you that. Now two links:

    Article announcing TCM’s launch:

    Mr. Osborne lets his hair down about what he really thinks about the stars. Note that this was not released until AFTER his death. I bet he had an agreement with the SAG people to not publicize this until he was deceased.

    A prediction: If TCM goes under it will probably be because AT&T or Warner Brothers or whoever ultimately owns the station cannot see a way to sufficiently monetize it and just snuffs it out. Either that or they will turn it into the profane train wreck that is today’s AMC.

  8. If you insist on watching the movies on TCM, and not TCM per se, and you are sick of puking when the movie is over because you know you’re going to get the wine club and backlot saturation bombing, then simply change the channel or turn off the tv until the next movie starts.

    Just watched Little Women, and my tv is off until Doctor Zhivago begins.


  9. Finally a site where I could voice the disappointment Ive been feeling for years.The same movies over and over The least played in the middle of the night or so early who the heck is up at those hours? And those commercials for Wine ugh yes I change the channel when these efficinados start talking makes me ill.The tours and cruises please.I do watch some movies on demand or I purchase my favorites not from TCM DVD vault of shit.

  10. TCM has evolved in nothing boy a PC, SJW, Feminist estrogen soaked sanitary napkin of a network.
    So sad it once was a great place to enjoy the classics now it is not worth watching! now pair that with a wine

  11. Ya i noticed it went down hill i watched that channel every night all night since 2007 un subscribed jan of 2018, to many repeats and 1990s movies and movies that are all the same ones i had to essays on in highschool a few years ago i dont think there new programming is ment to attract young people becase im 24 more cooler movies years ago then now, sometimes i cheack whats playing, there playing to kill a mocking bird,,,,,agen and some other shit they played 20 times last year, so many repeats of over played stuff, and whats with that one wine women who gets drunk as hell,, on tv

  12. osborne made the channel; now the absurdity of the wine club; group of women whining that there aren’t more women directors… maybe because several openly declare they want to make a movie about women’s issues; imagine the studio exec: so, you want to dismiss at least a third and maybe half of our audience, and i should give you the next blockbuster? and what was your graduating film school film that still runs it’s so good? film noir ok, though eddie can’t stop talking, but what tcm moron slated it sunday morning? just the time to watch guys slap around gals and shoot people; so they moved it, duh, to saturday night, but repeating same inane time next morning? at least they finished with tiffany and her early comment… oh, i was at college and found this channel playing black and white movies at night; there’s an expert (read hispanic for increasingly pc tcm), against osborne’s stories about touring the sewers to see the reality of third man, his passion, respect, history; and they are two-faced about politics: love hanoi jane, and wrote back to me that tcm has nothing to do with politics, only the movies… then they show a series on huac and fawn over the dissenters; they should take a night once in a while- once a week for me- and program is osborne’s picks, with his interviews and intros

  13. I agree with all the comments on this feed! Since Robert O passed away it hasn’t been the same, but happy that Tiffany V is gone! Come on TCM and try to get this right again……sad!!!!!! ??

  14. This article is so SPOT ON! I thought perhaps I was some kind of snob but I’m happy to know I’m not alone. Can’t stand the stupid Wine Club Cheese Board Dino commercial. Would change the channel if nasty Baldwin was talking. That Vasquez made me want to cry she was so amateur. Always plugged my ears with her on. And Frankenstein-Mankewitz lacks any kind of warmth at all although is tolerable. Just wonder why TCM can’t find any talent after lovely Robert Osborne. It’s not an impossible task.

  15. Do away with ALL hosts on TCM… just show the movies… and no more 15-30 minute gaps between movies… JUST SHOW THE MOVIES!!!

  16. I prefer movies from the 40’s and 50’s. not the 60’s and up. I have been wondering where Tiffany Vasquez has been, I was sorry to learn that she had been fired. I enjoyed her very much. She was so thrilled to be part of TCM, very difficult to not feel badly her, I miss her very much. What exactly was her problem!! I found her to be a delightful young lady. Sadly, this has become a very heartless world.

  17. As a life long fan of Golden age of Cinema ( I always say I was born in wrong decade). I’ve watched TCM since beginning.I began collecting classic movie trivia mags news clippings pics at age 8.
    To start on a positive note; I have noticed some improvement so far in 2018 as seemingly going back to showing back to back movies on a star’s birthday..April 3 Doris Day movies. Also Halloween horror movies didn’t extend into all of Nov 2017 like they did in 2016. So kudos for that. I am also delighted not to see Ms Vasquez anymore. How she ever got that job is beyond me. I do agree not a fan of the Wine club non stop promos. I stopped attending TCM FF 3 years ago.I am Canadian & found not worth the cost. I have been told yearly by those who attended first ever film fest and are still attending that it gets less enjoyable every year. Focusing too much on enticing 18-25 yr olds who majority aren’t that interested or knowledgable about classic movies.And having younger stars at festival( Michael Douglas)rather than stars who are still very willing able to attend haven’t been asked. Could be young attendees aren’t familiar with them..who knows.
    Luckily here in Canada we have Silver Screen movie channel which doesn’t show as many movies per day but have been wise to ‘ stick with what works’. Same hosts past 20-25 yrs. My biggest TCM disappointment is seeing movies from late 1980’s -90’s that are available on multiple movie channels which then makes TCM look lazy unqualified in program dept.

  18. Someone had to say it. I feel the need to. I’m glad Damian did.

    I remember when TCM first showed up and ran with (what USED to be) AMC’s charm (a smorgasbord of lovable, thrilling, and artful older movies) and put it on steroids. The thoughtful and insightful introductions by Clooney’s father (Nick) along with Osbourne and others having such a love for the classics and lesser known gems was refreshing, entertaining, informative, insightful, respectful, and lovingly instructive.

    Mankiewicz turned up on weekends (riding in on his daddy’s coat-tails) for the film noir, cult, youthful, and new age crowd. I wasn’t crazy about him, his slot, his films, or his opinions… But I tolerated him for the younger viewer’s sake. I couldn’t expect them to cater to my tastes exclusively and forever. I could share. I understood how they wanted to bring the younger crowd in and expand their audience. I GOT that.

    I looked forward to all the information about each film… both the technical, historical, and even the personal insights and observations they had to share before AND after the movie. I enjoyed learning and soaking up the little tidbits of trivia. I, shamelessly, ate up all the snippets of gossip and behind the scenes goings on… Told in the context of its day.

    But NOW??? What was ONCE the “Harrod’s” of Television Channels… providing excellence in movies and entertainment… has, NOW, become the “Deal Dash” or “Craigslist” of TV… You never know what rock they are going to turn over to find their next provider of commentary “color”… Offering their low budget opinions from their low budget personalities.

    The addition of the TCM Wine Club duo and TCM Backlot have become the epitome just how far in the Bargain Basement they have gone. As bad as Alex Baldwin is… He’s not the worst they are offering today. That, right there, should say enough.

    The Wine couple’s pretentiousness is downright classless and clueless. WHO are they?!?! Who gives a hang about THEIR “preferences” ?!?! Hawking their own cheeses and wines as if they have a “classic”
    reputation we can even believe in OR respect. That woman’s advice and comments on wine and cheese (or popcorn) pairings just grates across my spine. Could she sound any more desperate to sound knowledgeable, hip and highbrow? Is SHE the ONLY one not wise to her putrid air of delusional selfimportance? What a poser… SO annoying and condescending!

    I change the channel between movies LARGELY due to her. I tolerated Mankiewicz, winced during Baldwin, and even buckled in and checked for functioning airbags over Backlot… But you can’t make me choke down this Wine duo. I could have appreciated Dinner and a Movie even a Wine club… But NOT like THIS!!!! They’ve sunk too low!!!

    There are a million OTHER ways to have done what they are trying to do. (Shake the trees for dollars) Why they have sunk THIS low and THIS badly is beyond me. It’s as if the powers in charge are DELIBERATELY trying to destroy the channel’s reputation and run off their faithful viewers in their own (personal) rendition of “The Producers”.

    If they really want to shoot themselves in the foot, leg, heart, head AND wallet… They should stick to what they are doing. Most of the stuff they are showing, theses days, are free (and for good reason) on Amazon Prime. This is NO WAY to compete with Netflix, Amazon, Hulu… whatever and whoever they THINK they are competing with.

    It’s as if Turner hired everyone in their administration and advertising department from JCPenneys.

    I USED to purchase my cable package tier, with TCM as the make or break imperative. Now I just don’t care. It’s become a B-side afterthought and just as irrelevant. Their ideas of “classics” are also B-side drivel. Showing the same 10 or so actual classics is NOT a recipe for enduring success.

    Note to TCM programmers: Gone With The wind, Casablanca, Meet Me In St. Louis, The Wizard of Oz, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Singing In The Rain have, actually, become your “commercials” for REALLY bad programming and fund raising. Sparsely integrating so few TRUE classics (over and OVER) with just a bunch of slip-shod black and whites and color films does not constitute a “Classic Movie” channel. Those beauties can’t work miracles and save your station.

    A movie shot in black and white does not (automatically) make it a “classic”. The thirties and forties had their “stinkers” too. I know… You’ve shown them.

    TCM has become an (even more) desperate, political, and classless alternative to PBS. They have (as AMC did long ago) created a huge gap… the perfect opportunity for a REAL tasteful and much needed (now, sadly, missed) classic movie channel to emerge victorious.

    After your inept and incompetent “Rebranding” of TCM… along with your spiraling decline in taste and standards… Try changing it to Turner Colloquial Movies.

  19. So true! Turning points for me were Alec Baldwin who, in my opinion, did not have the class, knowledge, or dignity to sit with Robert Osborne…..even now just turned him off….and Ben Mackiewitz with his snarky (personality) but of course he has famous relatives….and his smirky delivery….Tiffany Vasquez who stood and flapped her hands open for months…never felt any real connection with her and movies…’s all so sad. Mr Osborne certainly can’t be replaced, however there are many actual movie actors and FEMALES who could do a fine job. The wine commercials are atrocious….makes my family whine…and if TCM shows movie gems, they often have been at 3 a.m. All these treasures that they must have are surely buried away. So terribly sad….this channel was once our main entertainment go-to!!!!!!!!

  20. IF they are so hell-bent on the kind of audience theyy seem to be courting, now… They can just create a new station… Turner Programming for the Pretentious and PC Channel… Call it The The TP4PP channel… Because that’s about all it has become, at this point.

    Resurrect “CLASSIC” TCM and kill the beast which has taken it’s place!!!

    Here’s an idea… Just put the whole of the first ten or so years of programming… as it WAS… Intros and EVERYTHING… on a loop!!! That should, actually, save them some money even. (ESPECIALLY, IF that’s what this, current, sacrilege is about).

    Put it on a continuous loop… Plain and simple… Leave it!!! DON’T TOUCH IT!!! JUST PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM!!! err… I mean… TCM!!! TaDa!!! Instant Happy and Satisfied Viewers!!! <3 <3 <3

    As far as concerns for any commentary and "offers" that were only relevant, at time they were aired… They can get their kicks, by throwing in an OCCASIONAL wine or cruise ad… Just not the Pretentious Wine Duo… PLEASE!?!!

  21. I noticed the complaints on TCMs facebook page which use to be near none existant are now daily and by a surprising number. I myself have posted complaints but they blocked me as soon as I mentioned “May 10, 2017 · Jennifer Dorian is being promoted to executive vice president of Turner Portfolio 360 Brand Strategy”. 360..means a full turn around. She was responsible for TBS & Court TV, both unbearable to watch stations. Her only mission is to cash in on TCM. Ted Turners original mission was to save classic films. Mrs. Dorian wants to sell them off to the highest bidder. The format that TBS uses is repeditive sameness. Last month TCM showed 72 hours straight Tarzan and jungle boy movies. Then they spent the next month focused on “series”, all day “blondie” all day “Lassie”. It’s like all day “The Goldern Girls”. Even movies are all being bunched together by actor or topic. As much as I love Bette Davis I don’t need 10 of her films back to back. Mindless drivel that appeals to mass market. Start recording everything good you can because they are “Vaulting” the classics and soon we will be paying like Netflix just to see the good stuff. Jennifer Dorian is going to destroy TCM then just walk away. All she wants is the ability to post on her resume that she made TCM money.

  22. More random thoughts,…..a few nights in July devoted to “slavery in film ” ( ????????? ),.. I have no idea what “A Raisin in the Sun” has to do with slavery……a night devoted of Sally Anne Howes (??)….a night of “women in medicine”,……Steve McQueen as the star of the month?…..3 nights devoted to Leonard Bernstein ????,…and in the August summer under the stars, many poor choices and the worst pick of all,………Barbra Streisand ( barf).

  23. steve mcqueen star of the month?? nights devoted to slavery in the movies including “raisin in the sun ” which i don’t get at all,….a few nights filled with leonard bernstein things as a tribute to his 100th birthday ( honestly, who cares)..the annual august summer under the stars has a lot 2nd rate ” stars” concluding with barbra streisand ( barf).and on into september with a tribute to george clooney.TCM,………long gone but fondly remembered. R.I.P.

  24. Damien,
    I was watching TCM today and after a year of watching the unbearable wine club adverts and listening to idiots like Ben et al. ruining every fucking thing, I got onto the internets and googled up “ben Mankiewicz liberal asshole” I found this gem of a shitpost. Holy fuck yes. You hit it on the head and hilarious to boot. Thanks brother.

  25. I agree with you and all the others. Just play the movies. Get rid of the terrible hosts and wine club! I guess no one is listening at TCM. The movies are wonderful enough stop ruining the experience with the lousy hosts rambling terrible commentary and the ridiculous wine club “ads”!

  26. Is there anyone we can write to about the problems addressed in this thread. I’m 55 and once watched TCM almost everyday. Some days with ‘Kathrine Hepburn’ movies, old 50x sci-fi movies, Bogart movies, Bette Davis movies, Claude Rains movies…on and on and I would watch for hours. Now I can’t find one movie a week that I would sit down to watch. Thank you so much for your comments.

  27. I know many film buffs who know classic film inside and out, they despise those wine ads. One person was ripped off by it as well. I thought I was the only one who found TCM not as good as it used to be.

  28. This year Summer Under the Stars should be renamed Summer Under some stars, a lot a B actors and co-stars.

  29. I came across this site when I goggled “Why TCM stinks” I am so glad to see other fans feel the way that I do. “Easy Rider” on TCM? I think the Blondie movies had better writers and actors. At least Arthur Lake and Penny Singleton had talent. I personally feel they are still promoting that dopey Wine Club because somewhere in Atlanta they have WAREHOUSES of that stuff. Whoever thinks up those bottle labels? The only reason I want to drink alcohol and watch TCM is because of the poor quality of their programming.And please…..who dresses Ben? His size 4T GIRLS pants are getting tighter and tighter. I think TCM should fire the girls and have Ben do the commentaries in high soprano. Everyone involved in real movie making before 1954 are flipping in their Graves for gosh sakes, Does everything have to be politically correct? The next host will be two headed tri sexual from sweden. Give me the TCM of olden days. Along with the movies….

  30. Thanks for the article. I agree wholeheartedly. Now they’re doing a lifetime tribute to George Clooney! Really? Lifetime achievement? For what? Politics, anyone? TCM lost me (mostly) as a viewer when Baldwin showed up. They’ve been running more shorts so they don’t have to show as many films, and they’ve been showing the same movies over and over and only show a new classic film when it comes out on DVD so they can try and sell it to you. Case in point as to bad programming – one of their Stars of the Month was Dana Andrews but they didn’t see fit to show Laura, the best Film Noir movie ever made. I was stumped by that one. Instead, they ran a B horror film that no one cares about. I have no idea how these co-hosts got their job, they know little about film. The saddest thing is they’ve gone away from classic film and now think that movies made in the 80’s, 90’s and beyond are somehow classics. Gymkata? A classic? In whose mind? There’s more newer programming and less classics than ever before. The days of Leslie Howard, Astaire, Bogart, Cagney, Stanwyck and even Gregory Peck are dwindling down in favor of more politically-oriented choices by people we don’t care about. I just wish there were a new channel that could show these films. For now, I choose to find them on the Internet since TCM has forgotten that “Classic” is in its name.

  31. I could not have said it better. You succinctly put into a few paragraphs what I would like to say – except I get too angry.

    Mankiewicz….he’s not worthy to shine Robert Osborne’s shoes.

  32. July featured “slavery in the movies”. It’s now September and TCM is devoting 2 nights per week for “the black experience on film”. A lot of the movies are pretty bad and certainly not classic. Tonight George Clooney is featured, AFI life achievement award and one of his films. Clooney is no classic, in any sense. “Star of the month”………Dean Martin. Likable but “classic” movie actor? Nope. Scorcese in the 70’s,…….And the TCM people say there is no agenda, political or otherwise.

  33. Tiffany Vasquez should be invited to come back to TCM; and do more segments as a hostess. She is an inspiration to all of us, in the Hispanic market. Ms Vasquez is being described as “incompetent”; well I gather that they ganged-up on her, and gave her some bad information, to make her look bad. When Robert Osborn passed away, I started to notice that there was a movement underway to establish themselves as authorities on classic film. Ben Makiewicz is a very shallow person. The only thing he has going for him is that his father helped him with his connections, in the Hollywood film community. Otherwise, he’d probably be working as a bus-boy. Mr Tom Turner had a dream to show classic films to the world; which he loved very much. So, Mr. Turner better go back to his company; and salvage what he can of TCM, before it goes down the drain. My vote is with Tiffany Vasquez. No, Ms Vasquez will not complain; nor raise a stink, because she is a strong-willed and proud Hispanic lady !

  34. Why should the ethnicity of a host or hostess on TCM matter? Obvious answer, it it doesn’t .I agree about Ben. He’s also snarky and politically driven.

  35. The current problem(s) with TCM can be summed up in the comment of one of its hosts. He said that through classic films they can change “hearts and minds”. Change hearts and minds? I thought the TCM mission was to provide entertainment to anyone seeking quality classic movies? This remark explains the abysmal programming choices and the general taint of political correctness. When you set out to “change hearts and minds” you become more of a propagandist than programmer. R.I.P. TCM…

  36. What film fan said is correct. AND, the current guest programmer ( Du Vernay) is awful. Her picks for “The Essentials” are for the most part agenda driven.

  37. I cut my cable five years ago. Paying $150.00 a month just to be intellectually assaulted with idiot shows and lots and lots and lots of commercials was ridiculous.

    Cable TV definately had a uniqueness to it back when I first subscribed in the 80’s (and cheap too), but by the end of the 90’s the quality of cable shows started going down hill, and when I dumped it in 2014 it was absolute rubbish.

    TCM used to be wonderful. Mr. Osborne was the perfect host. Whose “bright” idea was it to have the insufferable Alec Baldwin host classic films? I can’t think of any other actor who’s more degrading, in modern times, than Alec Baldwin. He’s an absolute jerk.

    American Movie Classics was fantastic before it became another worthless channel full of crappy modern films, lots and lots of commercials, and their own produced junk.

    Most cable networks became absorbed by the Discovery Network. That’s when the quality of so many cable networks tanked.

    It’s just channel after channel of mind numbing “reality” shows, shows laced with conspiracy theories, morons pretending to see and chase ghosts, etc. Oh, yeah, and you’ll be entertained by all of the commercials, too.

    And don’t get me started on all of the cable news channels. Holy moly what a disaster zone that is. FOX, CNN, and MSNBC are the worst comedy-dramas ever produced.

    Thank goodness for YouTube and all of the other internet media sites that provide the genuine entertainment that I seek.

  38. Article is dead on and glad others have noticed what I have. It seems that the hosts are always apologizing for the films they are introducing and always adding the PC culture spin. I am noticing a lot of movie repeats in a short time frame too. I use to watch TCM religiously but anymore sparing and after the host quit talking. It is still one of the best channels on TV because todays movies and tv shows have degenerated to be almost unwatchable except for some exceptions. It just really sends me over the top when hosts apologize to the viewers about the film because it doesn’t fit in their PC Culture world. Thanks again for voicing what we are seeing. We need another Robert Osborne!!

  39. I wrote TCM earlier this year about how disappointed I was with their new programming and I guess I was just too naive to expect anything other than a basic response form letter. You are right— liberals are trying to take over what was once the best cable channel on TV.

  40. Well, it was not hard to find your blog post about being incredibly disappointed with TCM. I was with TCM from the very beginning, so delightfully happy with being able to see the best movies made from long ago. I miss Robert Osbourne. He was knowledgeable, kind, well-mannered, charming and respectful. After he died I kept looking at the monthly cable bill wondering why we are still paying these astronomical prices for fewer and fewer good movies to watch. It’s been a little over a year since “cutting the cable,” only watching what we choose on free tv or a couple monthly subscriptions for the news and shows we do enjoy. I miss the way TCM used to be. I whole-heartedly agree about the dreadful and annoying wine couple. Apparently we missed when they started carrying cheese? Cheese? Oh, good grief. They were intolerable just with wine. I’m grateful for my movie collection but sure miss the classic of TCM, Robert Osbourne.

  41. It was a banner year for the network formerly known as Turner Classic Movies. 2019 marked the arrival of yet another box-checking host, hired for no other purpose than to check a box… and then lecture white people about all they’ve done wrong throughout history in the country that was built specifically FOR white people. It marked 30-minute commercial breaks — they make sure you have enough time to go to the bathroom 10 times between the features — obnoxious enough to begin with, made more so by the recent inclusion of a 15-minute long “Original Production” featuring the talentless new host and some other ugly moron whining about blackface. For 15 minutes. Because 15 minutes of unappealing Wakandans whining in between movies is what’s going to keep viewers on the channel. It marked Claire, the slightly-less-than-universally-loved British wine connoisseur, regaling us with the following gem: “Movies take you to a different world. They allow YOU to travel. And wine does the same!” It marked not one but two broadcasts of “Lady Street Fighter” — surely one of the most classic movies ever to be committed to celluloid. It marked four consecutive months of “Wait Until Dark” airings. (It’s understandable they repeat these things so often. They only have a library of 7000 titles.) It marked Ben — a host so repellent, the average viewer would typically appreciate having his airtime greatly reduced, except that only means his airtime will get replaced with the new box-checking hosts — complaining about worthless communists getting blacklisted on not one, not two, but THREE-HUNDRED-AND-FIFTY different intros. It marked an inane guest hosting “contest” in which the strangely-television-ready winners just so happened to represent every Benetton-commercial box-checking slot imaginable. It marked a book called “Hollywood Black.” And another called “Dynamic Dames.” (Dare I even ask where “Hollywood White” and “Dynamic Dudes” are.) It marked a complete nobody with no charisma and no appeal guest-hosting with Ben for no apparent reason except to talk about the fact that he has a “husband.” In short, it marked a year of nothing but cultural Marxism, presented in such a ham-fisted manner, it was about as influential and capable of changing hearts and minds as a Cher Twitter feed.

    Congratulations to those who can still stomach the channel. You have stronger stomachs than I. I don’t know why Jennifer Dorian even still has a job, but I guess upper management is not going to question the decision to let her wreck the channel until they have no viewers left at all. And probably not even then.

    Crappy 25th birthday, TCM. Don’t have 25 more.

  42. I’d love for TCM to do a tribute to Al Pacino. “A Panic in Needle Park” (1971), “Dog Day Afternoon” (1975), “Crusing” (1980) and “Scarface” (1983) are some of Pacino’s best films.

  43. Tragic, simply TRAGIC what TCM has become without our beloved Robert Osborne. Why on earth would they put no talent people in front of the camera? Tiffany Vazquez ??? WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? I couldn’t bear to watch anymore. TCM DROP THE POLITICS, refocus and get YOUR ACT TOGETHER!! Hire people who are camera and audience friendly, who know the subject matter inside out. People who have the intelligence and grace that Robert Osborne demonstrated. Hopefully it’s not too late. Don’t make your audience suffer through anymore bad decisions and management incompetence.

  44. TCM is a total car wreck. These people have political agendas that result in my grabbing my remote to silence them until the movie begins.

  45. Leave it to a typical stupid liberals to use a simple criticism as another excuse to spout their ignorance and turn an artistic discussion into another excuse to bash good and upstanding conservatives.
    What ever that is to them. Usually someone who got past a 3rd grade reading comprehension test, and I know because I got a gold star in 3rd grade reading.

    Mike Zinna ( mildly retarded)
    Miss Holly’s 3rd grade class
    Hooter Grammar School
    Hooterville, South Carolina.

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