countessWednesday  the Powerball Lottery numbers are going to pay out $1.4billion dollars to one or more lucky people.  If no one selects the lucky numbers,  the jackpot will get higher for the next drawing.

The goal is to pick the winners for YOURSELF and to not let the Jackpot go to someone else today or next week or next year.  You need the money and you should make your best attempt to select the right numbers.

Here is some advice from Countess Maria DeRenzatto. DeRenzatto’s Grandson bio link.  <—-You should click and read his very short bio as part of the channeling session even though his bio has nothing to do with lottery numbers.   There are no advertisements or gimmicks.   You want to be in good favour with the spirit of his long dead grandmother who wants nothing but good fortune for her family.


1)  Read the very short biography on this link here –  DeRenzatto’s Grandson bio link – because you want to be in good favour with this writer’s grandmother who died many years ago.   She knew how to anoint with oil and how to share her perceptual skills with the people around her.

2) After reading the bio, sit in a quiet place and picture the face of a deceased loved one in your mind and hold something that belongs to that person.  It’s helpful to have a photograph of the loved one.  It’s okay if you don’t have a photo or a piece of their belongings, as long as your love for them is and was so strong that even death cannot separate them from your heart.  You will know who to choose.

3) DO NOT BE GREEDY while you think!    The spirits who love you still have the same personalities they had when they were alive.  Yes, they are at peace, but if they were the kind of person who held onto money in life, they still retain the same qualities in death.   Spirits have no earthly needs.  The afterlife provides them with eternal bliss.  They are concerned and caring when a living loved one is in need, but they are also very aware when people have greedy ambition.  So, think only of all the good and honorable things you can do with the money..   Try not to think of personal wealth and houses and cars and trips around the world.  Those things push spirit guides away from you.

4 ) Picture that person in your mind – picture them sitting in a place where you would usually find them sitting.  Imagine them holding keys or some other small object.  In your  mind, ask them to look at you.  It might get confusing for a moment but within a moment or two you will be able to imagine them looking at you.

5) Ask them for the numbers.  At first you will see a lot of numbers running around in your head.  Ignore this and stop yourself from jotting down the first numbers you see or feel.   This is the huge mistake a lot of people make.  There is a lot of nasty noise in the universe and it gets in the way.  There are also negative voices who want you to make erroneous selections.    You need to sit calmly and quietly and wait for a firm affirmation that you hear in your mind’s eye — the voice of the loved one telling you a number.   It might take up to 15 minutes for you to get all the numbers, and you might have been fooled a few times by negative voices, but this is the best you can do on earth.

6) Pay particular attention to any gestures you might see while you are picturing the departed loved one in your mind.  Sometimes they might hold up fingers.  Remember that you are seeing a clouded image of them so you must be careful not jump to conclusions.

7) DO NOT PLAY A LOT OF NUMBERS!   Yes, you might get several combinations or different combinations, but playing a lot of numbers and spending a lot of money is a sign of greed.  Remember what we said about greed.  The dearly departed are annoyed by it and they don’t want you to spend your money unwisely.  They are aware  of the negative voices who have influenced your wrong choices.

8) Now that you have contacted the departed loved one as best as you can in your mind, be sure to play your usual numbers too.   Maybe you play birthdays or numbers that have a special meaning to you.  You should play them as you usually do because your spirits know those numbers.   In an attempt to get around the negative voices of the universe, the spirits might opt to choose numbers you have already chosen.  That will be the surest sign of all.

God Bless you


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