The Little Animal Children Who Really Run — ASSHOLES.

There’s this website called  I’m not exactly sure but I think it’s a place where failing college kids from fukked up homes  kind of hang out and decide what is read-worthy on  the net.   

My experience with Reddit has been limited other than to say that a few of the links on have been posted to that site.  The feedback I got from the submitters was appalling.   The whole website seems to have been taken over by marauding little coksukkers who gang up on outsiders who they deem unworthy to participate in whatever Knights Templar circle jerk thing it is that they do over there.  My impression is that what they do best is bully peple who are not in with their ” in” crowd –and who the fuck would want to be?

The rudeness of many of the Reddit front guard — they mustlove that I call them that  — seems for the most part to be cliquish, childishly insecure and dopey-girlie-pretentious.   It’s like they’re all the pretty girls in the 7th grade class and you’re the hapless nerd who happened into their secret world. 

Woe to the poor slob who submits a link to Reddit and it does not meet with the left-wing, don’t know they’re fat and ugly teenagers and the mom’s-basement thirty-something misfits who patrol the Reddit website for incoming reconnaissance.  They tear you to pieces and insult you and harass you because it seems that the real purpose of Reddit is for the unschooled and ill-bred to fool themselves into believing they are neither of those things. 

It’s hard to explain but they’re the kind of assholes who like to think they find irony in things and then mock something by pointing out the irony.   Finding irony –or their version or irony — makes them feel emboldened.   Nobody has been hammered more than two of my fans. 

Anything from TheDamienZone is appallingly beneath Reddit’s  Chelsea Boy Liberal standards of journalistic integrity despite the fact that Reddit submissions  like, “I Think My Penis Is Shrinking From Drinking Smart Water” and “My Sister Thinks My Grilfriend is Hot” get lauded by the Reddit hooligans — it’s really that fukked up over there.

Hey, I don’t give a shit what anybody thinks of me.  If the little dicks over at Reddit don’t like me, they can go fuck themselves.  After reading some of the comments and insults they hurled at my readers, I consider it a badge of honor to not be liked by the pretentious and possibly queenish thugs over at Reddit — they can suck my ass for all I care.

The sad part is that there are probably a lot of nice people who belong to Reddit and they honestly look for interesting things to read — but they never get to see anything I write because the rugrats who guard the coastline over there are nasty little kunts.  

They will like that I call them vulgar names because their genius minds will find the irony — I told you they love irony — all ultra geeks in search of purpose or a sexual orientation do.   I hope that gives them some measure of satisfaction. 

Most of the kids over at the Reddit kiddy-land are stupid and only stupid people would be stupid enough to fall for their game.  Is Reddit even aware that the site is being ruined by these fuktards?   Oh, wait a sec, maybe Virgina Cunningham was right when she told Nurse Summerville that the sick people will rule the roost when there are more sick people than well ones.  

I wonder if the fuktards will get that esoteric reference?  Sure they will — one of the fuktards is already looking it up and will post it as though he knew it all along.  Now THAT’S the brand of hardcore fuktards I’m talking about.

Go ahead and comment and say whatever you want.  I never censor comments, but be prepared for what I say to you.

11 thoughts on “The Little Animal Children Who Really Run — ASSHOLES.

  1. A moron wouldn’t have the power I have. I don’t have to use somebody else’s website to voice my own college-kid seeking something opinion — you are a fucktard and a kunt and/or both. Blow me. You’re a bunch of cheap and disgusting and rude little assholes and you don’t desertve any respect or decorum — You’re a bunch of bullies and bitches.

  2. yeah, well past college

    Not seeking anything, just refuting your sour grapes for not getting votes on Reddit when people submit your weak site.

    fucktard should never leave 4chan and cunt is spelled with a ‘c’

    Show me your “power” superdude and show me one site that isn’t rife with morons. Shit changes and the more popular a site becomes the more morons it attracts. Be glad you will never have this problem.

  3. Past college or college passed you cause you certainly didn’t learn any manners or charm. I don’t even know what “votes on Reddit” means. I don’t even know what Reddit is supposed to be. I am only responding to letters my readers send me and everything I see makes you guys look like 7th grade mangirls — ergo KUNTS — K is for effect.
    Reddit is overly rife with some kind of border patrol elite little dickweeds, and when I wrote that piece I saw PLENTY of other bloggers venting contempt for Reddit for the very same reason I felt compelled to sound off. My site does very well — and one of my things went viral on Reddit before I even heard of Reddit. Go out an get your own blog and let me know when Network TV calls you and asks you to come on the morning shows — let me know when that happens to you. It won’t ever happen because you’re a little follower — a nothing!

  4. So only people who like your blog get to comment then?

    ‘Cause’ is not the word you were looking for. Try adding ‘be to the start.

    The only effect the letter K has is in comedy as in “words that start with the letter K are funny”(Sienfeld).

    Who cares what other bloggers say. 99% of blogs are crap.

    Morning shows are the bane of TV news/entertainment and rank slightly above Fox News for content. They feature a lot of useless nonsense because they have a lot of time to fill and can’t touch on any really hard news because it upsets their viewers. Next you’ll be touting your mention on the View or Wendy Williams’ show.

    You seem to know a lot about Reddit and their users for someone who doesn’t know what Reddit is. Try using Google.

    And yes, past college.

  5. I am going to put this out for public fun and consumption. I’ll address it line by line.

    1) So (he forgot the comma) only people who like your blog get to comment then?
    Normally I won’t correct speeling or grammar or punctuation but dickhead annoyed me with…
    2) ‘Cause is not the word you were looking for. Try adding ‘be to the start.
    That annoyed me cause It just did.
    3)I don’t even understand what he’s talking about regarding the letter K
    4) Who cares what bloggers say? HAHA! If you think that, cumrag, why do you prowl around Reddit? IRONY!!!!

    5) Morning shows — blah blah blah — oddball — lives in Texas and is a left winger — imagine what a misfit ….ugh!

    6) I still don’t understand Reddit, but you just keep on a’writin’ and I’ll keep on a’learnin’. Take all day if you have to. It’s not like you have anything else to do. I feel kinda bad cause maybe this guy is poor or sad — or maybe he’s nice but he’s confused or something. I’m not kidding. I don’t wish this reader any ill will.


  6. Such a thin skin you have.

    How easily you are annoyed by your own stupidity. I see you have done some research and were able to glean my state of origin and my political bent. Well done.

    Nice of you to actually look at the site you are damning rather than just going on hearsay. Enjoy your little world of reviewing Jersey Shore and the other giants of our age. I’m sure the Tweens love your schtick. I hear there might be a Twilight prequel so get those fingers warmed for the tappin.

  7. Well played — well played. Actually I assumed you were a liberal and after blogging for so long you get to know the Texas IP’s — fret not because I NEVER give out emails or locations — Texas is okay CAUSE it’s huge. I delete all that stuff. I play fair, but I am nasty and VERY thin-skinned. VERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if you were on my team, I would fight for you just as courageously as I am fighting for Frange and Gates.


  8. To the two users you mentioned….(at least one of which is reading this)

    People who only link to one blog site are often accused of blogspam however only the admins at Reddit can ban a user. Both of your accounts are still active which means that they, the admins, probably went out of their way to research your accounts. Individual users can say whatever they like but they only have the power of the vote(AKA upvote/downvote). Reddit is a highly modable site and there are subreddits galore to suit any taste. Worrying about what other people think, “karma points” and why your submission doesn’t reach the front page is like worrying about whether the schizophrenic bag lady likes your new haircut or not. Many Redditors wear negative karma like a badge of honor.

    Sorry about the ad but they should know there really is a place for everyone there…you just have to get to know the community in order to know what to ignore.

    It’s been fun. Glad to know I still have a little troll inside me after all these years.

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