Dumb Bitchy Queens Throw Bruce Jenner Under a Bus.


The Bitchy Queens of the USA, (heretofore a distinct ethnic group unto themselves) are now living in a world where they despise Bruce Jenner.    Let me explain why.

A genuine, old school American hero, has announced that he is a transsexual.  How non-threatening and white bread can you get?.

You’d think that this would be an incredible way for the LGBT community to put a great and famous face on the issue of gender identity and transsexualism.   Right?   WRONG!

Bruce Jenner, after years of dealing with his “true inner self” has handed the LGBT community the gift of the century.   They could milk this until the cows come home, but regrettably,  the mostly moronic and vocal LGBT community town criers —  most of which are Bitchy Queens — are happy as  clams to throw Bruce under a big lavender bus because he is not a left wing Hollywood liberal Democrat.

Sorry, Bruce.  Only the best tasting tuna get to be star-kissed.

There will be no testimonials for Bruce at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, and he will not be feted by people like Susan Saran Wrap or Moral Streep.

Whaaaaaaaaaaat??  You mean, the LGBT community is not embracing the guy who went from Decathlon to D-cup — from Olympian to Olympia Dukakis — from hero to heroine?

Bruce Jenner, the ultimate all-American boy next door and Olympic Champion has finally come out in full corseted regalia to reveal  what many people suspected all along — that he is a transsexual and that he has decided to make the medical transition from living as an unhappy and unsettled man to living as a contented old biddy.

Good for him, and I am sure all rational, thinking people wish him all the best on his personal journey.  This could not have been an easy decision for Bruce to make, but he made it, and EVERYONE should support him…and anyone like him.

Bruce came out with all of this in an ABC interview conducted by the  “C-word-personified”  Diane Sawyer.

Miss Sawyer looks perpetually like she is trying to take a hard, scratchy dump.  She has that fake pained expression her face as if to say, “This is really gonna hurt, ” and it does.

For a moment the Bitchy Queens of the USA — and they are all over the media — were jumping for joy and doing fist pumps – if you’ll pardon the expression.

The average gay person is not a Bitchy Queen.  Bitchy Queens  are a distinct ethnic group.  Most gay people, being sound of mind and intellect, smiled happily for Bruce and wished him well during this life adventure.

Bruce then stated  — when questioned by the human C-word with 10 pounds of impacted fecal waste in her colon — that he was a registered Republican.

Of course there was no real reason for C-word Sawyer to ask this question, but she had to stick it Bruce.  She had to show how much she loves and embraces the gays and how gay-adjacent she is.   She is the champion of the constipated gay world.  She is also a phony piece of shit.

Anyway, at the moment Bruce announced that he was a Republican, if you had stuck your head out from a window,  you would have heard the Bitchy Queens screaming in tortured anguish like wispy little Fay Wrays in the clutches of a great Republican ape.

The average gay person, on the other hand,  is happy for Bruce.  They understand that he is a human being and that he has his opinions about things, and those things stand apart from his issues concerning his own gender identity.

Sadly, the Bitchy Queens only care about their own bitchy issues.  They’re unreal and uninformed knowledge of politics and policy is governed by the rantings of other Bitchy Queens and the insane things they read on sites like The Daily Kos or AddictingInfo — sites that spends 24 hours per day looking for any crazy Christian they can find in the hinterlands of the deep south to write about and turn into a front page left wing McCarthy hearing.

Sometimes it’s not so easy for unhappy people who troll the internet to find the easy Republican kooky targets.  For that reason the Bitchy Queens have taken to recycling the same old shit about Rick Santorum and Sarah Palin and a few other usual suspects.

Heck,  there is always some senile preacher in Bumfuk USA who preaches in a sermon that gay people will burn in hell or something like that.  If you look hard enough you can find anything for crying out loud.  But, the fuktards and misfits who get drunk and angry at 3am,  find this shit on The Daily Kos or Addicting Info, and post it on Facebook so they can have something wherein to discuss their outrage.  They don’t really know what they’re mad at, but they’re Bitchy Queens and that’s what they do.  Hey? Why do snakes bite?  It’s their nature, folks.  There’s nothing you can do but suck out the venom and pray.

So…because Bruce is a Republican, he is no longer worthy of the love and praise and support of the Bitchy Queens — proving of course that the Bitchy Queens never REALLY love and support anyone.  They are quite content to be mindless and allow straight Hollywood people to tell them how to behave towards one of their own.    If it weren’t so sad, it would be funny.

For the rest of the LGBT community — the normal people who don’t run around trying to imitate or denigrate heterosexuality and heterosexuals and their life rituals —  Bruce is a brave and semi-classy guy who is now a an old broad.

Good luck, Bruce.




3 thoughts on “Dumb Bitchy Queens Throw Bruce Jenner Under a Bus.

  1. my only issue with Bruce Jenner’s transition is that he’s a 65 year old man who’s not brave enough to transition to being a 65 year old woman … he ‘s trying to be a 35 year old woman. Good luck with that, old gal! It’s both ageist and impossible.

  2. Hope you all enjoy being gay and transsexual. What are you going to do when God flushes you and this whole rotten world down the toilet? Have fun while you can.

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